15 People Revealed The Juicy Details Of Their Sexcapades In Cars

If things are getting a little stale in the bedroom, a change of location never hurts. But romantic beach encounters or hotel getaways are a little difficult to organize, so, sometimes, you have to go a little high school — car sex. 

We’ve all done it at one point or another. Maybe we didn’t have an empty room available or just liked the thrill of possibly getting caught. Ahh, memories. 

Well, the people of Whisper are no different. They confessed to their juiciest and naughtiest car activities and it’s giving us major nostalgia: 

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23 People On Tumblr Who Are Asking The Tough Questions

If you want honesty, comedy, drama, or whatever it is you’re looking for, then you don’t need to look further than real life. Sure, your life may be “boring” but who’s fault is that? Our minds are infinite, and we can come up a billion different ideas, scenarios, games, or just thoughts to dwell on.

And even if for some reason we don’t feel like sitting alone with ourselves, then we’ve got an entire world filled with people to interact with, and the best part: you don’t even need to leave your house to do it. There are plenty of social sites where you can interact with others entire for free and get as weird, introspective, or totally silly as you want.

Or you could just creep on other people’s statuses and see the hilarious stuff they come up with, like these Tumblr users.

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Anna Kendrick Came To Gigi Hadid's Defense On Twitter In The Most Anna Kendrick Way

Far too often in Hollywood, we witness celebrities tearing one another down, which is a pretty bad strategy, given that fellow stars are the only ones who can actually understand each other’s lives of luxury (and endless harassment and violation of privacy). 

We mere mortals (and the media) have no problem judging them and their life choices, as we’ve never lived in the public eye. Frankly, we even enjoy feasting on their drama. But, in the face of our endless judgment, Hollywood needs to stick together. That’s why we’re loving how Anna Kendrick supported Gigi Hadid’s spurt of #GirlPower this week. 

Disturbing footage surfaced yesterday of model / Instagram phenom Gigi Hadid being harassed and lifted off the ground by a man in Milan. 

When security somehow failed to get involved, Hadid put her elbow (and boxing skills) to good use.  

Creeps don’t get away with touching this model badass. 

Headlines covering the footage, however, slammed Hadid for the incident rather than the man involved. 

google news

Several tabloids described her “lashing out” and described her attacked as a “serial prankster” — as if randomly man-handling a woman on the street is an acceptable ‘prank.’ SMH, world. 

However, Twitter was quick to come to her defense, as, you know, she was completely justified in defending herself from physical street harassment. 

And Queen of Twitter Anna Kendrick even got involved to her support for Hadid. 

As always, she knows exactly how we feel. Resentful of naturally gorgeous women, but totally proud of Gigi and her quick reflexes. 

You tell ’em, Anna. 

And Gigi just empowered the hell out of us with her tweet addressing the incident. 

Yaas, Gigi. Props to you and your elbow. 

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Donald Trump Is Going To Win According To Professor Who's Correctly Predicted Last 8 Elections

A year or so ago, most people thought that Donald Trump didn’t have any chance of being nominated as the Republican presidential nominee. Fast forward to the present day, and he’s giving Hillary Clinton a hard time in the polls, with a recent McClatchy-Marist poll putting Clinton just 7% ahead. In August, she had a 15% lead with registered voters. 

And now, Allan Lichtman, professor of History at American University, says that Trump is probably going to win come November. Why is this important news? Lichtman has correctly predicted the result of every presidential election since 1984. And he’s got a pretty solid method by which he chooses his bet. 


Lichtman uses 13 true or false questions, which he calls “keys” for his prediction. He derived these key issues by which the general public make their decision by looking at every American presidential election from 1860 to 1980. 

Lichtman told The Fix that “the keys are phrased to reflect the basic theory that elections are primarily judgments on the performance of the party holding the White House. And if six or more of the 13 keys are false — that is, they go against the party in power — they lose. If fewer than six are false, the party in power gets four more years.”

The professor went on to explain that Obama’s relatively healthy approval rating of 58% won’t help Clinton because he deems her to be less charismatic. He also believes that many millennials will defy Clinton’s establishment politics and vote for candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. In fact, Lichtman laid out all the “keys” that the Democrats have lost to Donald Trump. 

Key 1 is the party mandate — how well they did in the midterms. They got crushed.

Key number 3 is, the sitting president is not running.

Key number 7, no major policy change in Obama’s second term like the Affordable Care Act.

Key number 11, no major smashing foreign policy success.

Key number 12, Hillary Clinton is not a Franklin Roosevelt.

Key number 13, Gary Johnson is expected to get more than 5% of the popular vote. 

Lichtman called Trump “a serial fabricator,” but added that this trait seems to be working in his favor. “Even when he tells the truth, such as, ‘Barack Obama really was born in the U.S.,’ he adds two lines, that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement,” he continued. 

He added that Trump is likely to break “patterns of history that have held since 1860.” Lichtman says it was that unpredictability that made this year’s prediction so difficult. “We’ve never had a candidate before who not just once, but twice in a thinly disguised way, has incited violence against an opponent,” he said. “We’ve never had a candidate before who’s invited a hostile foreign power to meddle in American elections.”

It’s for that reason, that although he predicts Trump will win, Lichtman does suggest the possibility of Trump shooting himself in the foot somehow. “Nobody should be complacent, no matter who you’re for, you gotta get out and vote,” he pleaded. 

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We Desperately Need This Magical Charger That Makes Your Phone Levitate

Every year, we witness another groundbreaking update in smartphones — and the ridiculous lengths that people will go to to obtain said smartphones. 

While the phone technology itself upgrades year to year, putting the last generation phone to shame, the actual charger technology has made very few leaps. So far, no one’s done much to impress us… Until now. 

We can thank startup AR Designs for OvRcharge, a phone charger that makes your phone float and rotate in space. 

You know, if you’re sick of balancing your phone on a windowsill because it’s as far as the apple charger will reach from the outlet on the wall. So, this new invention gets points for convenience and style. Your phone LEVITATES. 

The wonderfully trippy device looks like something straight from J.K. Rowling’s imagination.  

If Hermione had an iPhone, it would certainly levitate. 

Although she probably wouldn’t need the help of the wireless induction technology that allows the phone to charge while spinning mid-air. 

Unfortunately, you’ll have to ditch your current grimy phone case to get the full OvRcharge experience. Users will need to invest in a special case with an electricity receiver and magnet to go with the charger. 

Oh, and in case it wasn’t enough for your phone levitate, the device also works with tablets. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 4.49.29 PM
OvRcharge / youtube

No word yet on when when we might be able to add our laptops to the mix. We can’t wait to ditch those annoying charger cords. 

The magical charger is out of its crowdfunding and development stages, so it won’t be long before your phone will be floating its way to 100% battery. 

OvRcharge / youtube

After successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns raised over $ 60,000 this summer, mass production of the chargers began. 

While they’re only available for order by early adopters, they’ll be on the market for all aspiring wizards soon enough. 

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19 People Reveal Their Experiences Hiring An Escort

Most people are sexual beings, and we all get needs from time to time. And thanks for the internet and a little site called Backpage, hiring an escort is pretty easy. Now getting the actual person in the ad is always touch and go. You think you’re calling over a George Clooney looking dude and you end up with George Clooney if he was addicted to meth and ripped all his glorious hair out.

All of the politics of escorts aside (human trafficking is a disgusting business), if you’ve ever thought of hiring a prostitute to help you take care of your urges, you may want to hear these confessions from these people who’ve already enlisted the services of hired help.

  1. I had sex with a prostitute yesterday and it was the best sex I
  2. first time with an escort.. paid up front but was too nervous and couldnt finish... fml
  3. I hired an escort and we had sex. Afterwards she gave me my money back and her phone number, then told me "do me more often, and it
  4. I just had sex with a hooker now I feel really bad :( felt good though :)
  5. I hired a hooker to go out with me for valentine
  6. I paid for time with an escort even though I really can
  7. I slept with a prostitute and Im not sure if I should tell my girlfriend :/
  8. I hired an escort. After we had sex I didn
  9. I slept with a prostitute again today. So disgusting! So disappointing :(
  10. I slept with a prostitute... my wife chose her
  11. I had sex with a hooker then had sex with my best friend after
  12. I once hired an escort only to find out it was a friend of mine. We still had sex.
  13. My first kiss and sex was with an escort. That will be forever in my mind.
  14. Years ago when I was in Amsterdam I paid for a prostitute. I was so creeped out by what I was doing I couldn
  15. I spend a wonderful hour with an escort today. Judge me but it
  16. Last night, I had sex with a prostitute before coming home to my wife. I kissed my wife with the hooker still on my lips.
  17. I hired an escort. I thought I would regret it but I don
  18. I hired a prostitute to have a three way with me and my wife.... on our wedding night.
  19. Just had sex with an escort for the first time. Least erotic orgasms I

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Guy Accidentally Gets Added To Bachelorette Party Group Message And Plans The Entire Thing

Luke Price, a 26-year-old from London, recently got added to a group chat called ‘Nikki’s Hen Party’ after one of the mothers entered in a wrong number.

Instead of letting them know their mistake, he decided to see how much he could get away with while they thought he was ‘Anna the Slamma.’ Anna just wanted to go to the spa and get wasted.







Luke told Metro that he managed to keep the charade up for two days before one of the girls called his number and heard his voicemail. 

“My intention was to keep going in the hope I could get the ladies something for their hen party. But I’ve messaged the group admin, she was sweet and saw the funny side.”

Looks like Anna the Slamma won’t be able to tag along. 

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5th Grade Girl Wrote A Hilarious Warning Note To A Boy Who Had A Crush On Her

Growing up is amazing. It’s a wonderful time in a person’s life when your mind is opening up and you’re making your transition from childhood to grown-up land. It’s intense, weird, and strangely beautiful.

And one of the best things about being a child is not having a filter — you feel compelled to say and do whatever you need to do in any situation. There’s an honesty in childhood that kind of gets lost on most people when they become adults.

But with that honesty comes a lot of brutal/hilarious situations.

Like this note a 5th grade teacher found one of her students, Zoe, wrote to a boy who likes her, Noah. And it’s a doozy.

It’s amazing to see that a child is capable of so much shade. Here are her full rules below:

  1. Do not touch my shoulder.

  2. Do not get behind me with all that playing + foolishness. (Don’t get behind me at all.)

  3. Do not speak to me unless it is a greeting, which will be never.

  4. Stop playing with me on the bus.

  5. I have a short temper with people and you ruin my day because you play 2 much. 

  6. Reread 500 times 

  7. You like me (as a gf) but I don’t like you (as a bf) I’m 2 young!

If you break any of these rules I’m calling my dad, my mom’s friend, my fake mom, and a janitor I know!

Shade level: infinity.

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23 Culinary Abominations That Need To Stay Off Instagram

Whenever you’re under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, the dumbest, most mundane things all of a sudden become magical. This is especially true of food. McDonald’s suddenly becomes palatable. Regular, broken up Lay’s Potato Chips become tiny pieces of rare filet mignon – everything just tastes so absolutely delicious.

The problem is, being under the influence clouts your judgment. And there’s probably plenty of meals you consumed while you were drunk or high that would absolutely horrify you if you were sober.

And these are some of those unappetizing meals.

  1. The world’s saddest chicken and waffles.


  2. This “lovely” hot dog and french fry and egg platter.


  3. I am become death, destroyer of worlds.


  4. This sad, deflated Burger King meal.


  5. Cinnamon toast crunch is great, but not when you add marshmallow charms.


  6. This just makes me mad and also wanna barf.


  7. Literally just ramen with a slice of American Cheese.


  8. This mom’s attempt at a fun/terrifying dish.


  9. Ramen noodles, sour cream, leftover carnitas.


  10. This sad attempt at a Mexican-style dish…with a blueberry bagel on the side.


  11. This bacon and mayonnaise sandwich.


  12. This attempt at fancy looking cuisine.


  13. These Doritos someone took a dump of condiments on.


  14. Quite possibly the saddest breakfast in the world.


  15. Would you like some burger with your onion?


  16. Leftover Thai jammed into plain toast.


  17. Dry ass chicken sandwich with some stupid pasta.


  18. Literally just cheese and salsa.


  19. Vomitey-looking leftover meatballs on toast and American cheese.


  20. This billion calorie abomination.


  21. Leftover spaghetti and tortilla chips.


  22. Cringe-inducing 9/15 cake.


  23. Stuffing mixture-topped toast. And Ketchup.


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