20 'I'm Just Not Having It' Moments That Are All Too Relatable


20 ‘I’m Just Not Having It’ Moments That Are All Too Relatable

We’ve all had one of those days where we just don’t feel like interacting with humanity.

But, we are social creatures and have to ultimately find a life by functioning in society, with other people. Otherwise, why waste your time? Just go and become a hermit.

Although that’s a tad on the extreme side, and most of us aren’t going to do that, that doesn’t mean we have to like all of our human interactions of put up with them. Just ask these people and animals how they deal with the days that just can’t be dealt with.

1. Did the dog roll up the window?

2. Not interested in baths.


3. Blue steel, dude, not “You’re-gonna-get-murdered-steel”.


4. Merriam-Webster don’t play.


5. Kitty just wants to play 🙁

When you express your feelings to your crush and they are not having it

6. “Nah, I’m good.”


7. Called. Out.


8. No. Brush. Teeth.

9. This mom who found out her son was rioting in Baltimore.

Baltimore Mom Found Her Son Participating in Riots. She is NOT Having it.

10. This horse.


11. Someone’s not in the Christmas spirit.


12. This creeptacular dalmatian pic.


13. So over picture day.


14. “Nice cosplay, now please leave.”


15. “Take your picture and get away from me.”


16. “No booties, please.”


17. I got your fun right here.


18. I take it he’s not a fan.

Security Guard is not having it

19. This Russian woman who has no time for stick-ups.

20. This woman who stood up to a man who told her to “Go back to Mexico.”

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like entertaining anyone’s nonsense.

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