3 Ways to Stop Trolls from Con-Trolling the Internet

Trolls have made the internet a no-go area for some people, especially social networking sites in which people have started to avoid joining in on the conversation just due to the fear involved in being insulted and embarrassed in front of a group of unknown users. Trolls might not actually realise it, but they have made public forums and discussion areas much less popular than they could actually be. It is common nowadays on the internet that if 100,000 people view a certain page, only 0.002% of those people actually participate in any actual conversation about it. The statistics were much higher before, but ever since trolls have started popping up everywhere, people are less comfortable in sharing their thoughts with others now.

1. Develop Software

Software which could block such comments from being posted should be used on websites where the common public can openly discuss. It would be much easier for other users if such software would be incorporated in the websites themselves. This step would cause immediate building in trust of the people and slowly giving them a feeling of welcoming into the virtual world.

2. Moderators

There are moderators in every forum, but they are still not enough to block the trolling onslaught these trolls attack with. The most common users of a forum should also be made into moderators to regulate conversations between the people, thus, less trolling almost immediately.

When common people will be given the arms to fight against trolls, these trollers do not stand a chance against them. It is only the will to survive that gives people a reason to fight, and attacking trolls is probably one of the most fun things to do when it really gets personal.

3. Apply Memberships

When people would have to pay a minimum monthly fee let’s say only as a refundable security as long as trolling is not done, than trolls would be cleared away like a tsunami clears a town. Trolls usually drop by any blog and forum, create an ID within seconds and start trolling away. If money would be needed (again full refundable), than these trolls would not dare come this way.

Here you will learn more about troll, trolls and internet trolls.

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What is an Internet Troll

Have you come across an offensive post on the internet? Do you know who posted it? The one who posted it is considered as an internet troll.

What is the definition of an internet troll then? An internet troll is actually someone who often posts offensive materials on an internet community or on the internet itself. If you are currently being bothered by an internet troll, the best way to fight it is to ignore it since internet trolls are attention-seekers; if they do not get the attention that they want, they will just disappear. So the next time that you encounter an internet troll, just ignore it.

To understand more clearly about internet trolling, here is one scenario.

You have opened your social networking account to check for notifications one day only to find out that there is someone who is talking bad about you. But what you did instead of confronting that person is just you ignored it. After that, you were not bothered again by that particular internet troll.

As we can see on the example, the internet troll has stopped after it did not get the attention that he wanted. Even if this is not always the case, ignoring an internet troll is actually one of the best ways on how to fight it.

There are actually several types of internet trolls and they can be classified based on the severity of their posts. Some internet trolls just want to annoy members of a discussion group. This often happens on internet forum websites wherein people are having discussion on a certain topic.

Often times, the goal of the internet troll is just to frustrate other members of the discussion group and not to actually participate in the discussion itself. Although he may present another view, he still would not entertain the comments of others.


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