Troll beads became widely available in a wide range

Trollbeads came into being in 1976 when a young silversmith, Søren Nielsen fashioned the first ever handcrafted Troll bead from silver.  Named “The Mask” because it had six faces, each with a different expression.  The beads soon gained popularity after being sold in a small jewelers shop owned by Nielsen’s father, and soon requests were being made for the beads to be sold in various styles, shapes and colours.

The beads were later sold in the jewellery shop owned by Svend Nielsen, Søren’s father, and a longstanding and highly successful family business was born.  Trollbeads eventually became so popular that Lise Aagaard, Søren Nielsen’s sister in charge of distribution and export, began exporting Trollbeads overseas so that they could be enjoyed by wearers across the world.

Soon after, Troll beads became widely available in a wide range of materials including gold, precious and semi precious stone and pearls, as well as Italian glass.  As a nod to the traditional charm bracelet, many purchase “themed” beads on a starter chain which provide the wearer with a reminder of an achievement made, a chance for celebration or simply to remind the wearer of a fond memory.  They can also be used to refer to a passion the wearer might have, as many beads are available covering almost everything from music to mythology.

The bracelets themselves are available in gold, silver or the original material the bracelets were made from –leather.  The first Troll beads were originally made from silver, but this went on to include pearl, gold, silver and stone as well as precious and semi-precious stones.  The glass beads, which Lise Aagard introduced, are made from molten glass which is turned in an 800 degree flame by skilled glassmakers.

Not unlike traditional charm bracelets, Trollbeads are available in a variety of different themes, can be used to signify something special to the wearer.  This could be an interest in science or music, a particular memory of a holiday or an important day, to celebrate special occasions such as births, birthdays or anniversaries, or to mark an achievement or a milestone for the wearer.

Troll beads have made a resurgence since their beginnings in the 1970s, and celebrities have also been seen wearing them including Jessica Simpson, Emma Watson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  A taste for individuality (Due to the individual beads and the idea that no two bracelets look the same), as well as their retro-kitsch style has made Troll bead bracelets popular once more. The bracelets originally produced and worn in the 1970s are now being worn by a new generation of Troll bead fans, who are now able to continue with their own Troll bead stories, each in some way having developed from Søren Nielsen’s The Mask, two generations ago.

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Troll beads have now become incredibly popular,

The first ever Troll bead was made by silversmith Søren Nielsen in 1976, when he designed and crafted a silver bead called “The Mask”, so called because the bead had six different faces, each with a different expression.

The original beads were silver and threaded onto pieces of leather.  After going on sale in the Copenhagen jewellers belonging to Søren and his sister Lise’s father, Svend Nielsen, they became popular very quickly and soon requests were being made for Trollbeads to be produced in a variety of different shapes, colours, sizes and materials.  In 1987, Lise Aagard opened a second store in Lyngby.  Today Trollbeads is still very much a family business, with the brand having been developed by the Nielsen/Aagaard family, and each family member with his or her own role.

By the 1980s Troll beads developed a lock for their bracelets which the wearer could then remove and re-attach to the chain, allowing the beads to be interchanged.  This new twist on an already very popular original design was to become one of the most recognisable traits of the Troll bead bracelet.  Towards the close of the 1990s, Lise Aagaard began to export and distribute Trollbeads outside of Denmark with her parent company, Lise Aagaard Copenhagen, and the following year introduced glass beads to the collection, which are made by turning the molten glass in a flame heated to 800 degrees.

Trollbeads are now available in a wide variety of materials, including pearl, silver, gold, and semi-precious and precious stones and are threaded on to a bracelet which can either be made from silver, leather or gold.  Other components include the removable lock and stoppers or spacer beads, which can either be used to prevent the Troll beads from falling off the bracelet or simply to space out a few of the beads in a pattern.

Trollbeads have now become incredibly popular, not only because of their versatility and the fact that the wearer can interchange the beads, but for other reasons too.  A Troll bead can be purely decorative; however there are many Trollbeads which can be used to signify an important event, memory or interest in the wearer’s life –much in the same way as traditional charm bracelets.  Some beads symbolize mythology, others are of plants and animals and others even make reference to science.  The Troll beads can then be arranged onto the bracelet as a reminder to the wearer of an anniversary, an achievement that they are proud of, or even as a memento of a holiday or to remind them of a friend.

Trollbeads make ideal gifts for loved ones, particularly as they are so very personal in nature.  A simple bracelet with a couple of starter beads makes a beautiful and original Christmas or birthday present, and allows the wearer to make the bracelet his or her very own by choosing different beads to continue the bracelet with.

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Bullies are a fact of life. Often there are hidden benefits to your interactions with a bully that you might miss because they are so effective at “finding your buttons.”

Try to think of the bully as serving a purpose in your life that might be subtle. For example, what if he’s bad to you? He wants credit for your work, he wants to sabotage your project, and he is prepared to say bad things about you to important people.

Don’t get mad.

Assume that this person is your hero. Granted, he or she still looks like a Troll.

It’s your job to figure out why.

Think hard about the role this person is playing. In what way could the very existence of this ugly personality being serving your life’s purpose?

Perhaps this person is actually offering an alternative target for others. By stepping in to get the credit, he or she actually assumes the blame if anything goes wrong. That allows you to fly under the radar. Unless you are absolutely certain that all will go perfectly, this “cover” may be the best thing that could happen to you.

Are you worried that the other person will get ahead at your expense? Try to be just a little philosophical. Perhaps he or she will get ahead, temporarily, but if the person really did take the credit without doing the work, at some point the Troll will have to perform. If the person has never done the work, it is only a matter of time before that becomes clear to others as well. Remember what they say, “He will get his.”

Are you afraid that this person is going to hurt your reputation?

Get clear about your priorities. You will never be able to control what others think of you. Stop trying to do so. Worry about your work, what is going well (and what is not) and take your mind off your popularity. It is not really relevant in the long run.

If this person is able to sway others against you, ask yourself if that serves some purpose for you. Assume that whatever influence the Troll has is pushing you in a direction you would not otherwise go. If you are seeking some recognition, tangible or intangible, perhaps you are not so ready for whatever it is you think he or she is taking away.

This Troll is keeping you from being accountable for getting ahead of yourself. Don’t let fear or impatience spoil your ability to recognize when you are being protected from yourself!

Toni Lynn Chinoy has written multiple texts on leadership, bullies, power games and more. She is the founder of Harlan-Evans, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in effective organizational change and coaches senior leaders on how to respond to crisis. Her book, Handling Critical Moments with Grace which takes the reader through many examples of how to handle critical, life defining moments with GRACE, can be found, along with her other books on the Harlan-Evans, Inc. web site leadership books.

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Forum trolls…every forum has them. It is a fact of life that you’re not going to get away from. It’s kind of like death and taxes. However, just because they are a fact of life doesn’t mean you have to lie down and do nothing about them. There are things you can do about forum trolls. The main thing, however, is not to become one yourself. This article will explain what trolls are and what you can do about them.

A forum troll is essentially somebody who comes to a forum for the express purpose of causing trouble. That is their main function in life. They will, many times, make an off color remark, usually one that is totally ludicrous, and then sit back and watch the ensuing chaos. They live for this. Well, as a responsible forum member, aside from not becoming one of these yourself, there is something you can do about these trolls.

For starters, don’t feed them. In other words, when one starts a thread for the purpose of causing trouble, ignore them. Don’t respond to their ranting. If everybody would do this, the thread itself would have just one post…the troll’s. Eventually, the troll will get bored and leave. Yes, I know this is hard to do. You just want to take a club and bat these idiots over the head, but ignoring them is the best solution.

Next, report the troll to the forum admin. This will alert them to the problem and they’ll then be able to take care of them by deleting their account. Trust me, most administrators have absolutely no tolerance for forum trolls. As soon as you spot one and report it, it shouldn’t be more than minutes before the pest is out of your hair for good.

I don’t envy people who run forums. There are a lot of problems to contend with, forum trolls being one of them. But if we all do our part, ignoring them and then reporting them to the forum admin, we can help keep our favorite forum from turning into a house of vermin.

To YOUR Success,

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Troll Beads – New Or Retired – A Collecting Phenomenon

Troll beads are unparalleled in the jewelry universe. The thing that is most identifiable about Trollbeads, apart from the daring design, is the utilization and combining of attractive materials.

Every bead has a history, taking its creation from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, beasts, flora, cultural variety, and drawn from the usual things of commonplace life. They are made employing a combination of exquisite materials including sterling silver, 18 karat gold, Italian Murano Glass, natural pearls and precious stones. The line of Trollbeads charms was produced over the past 2 1/2 decades. Now, 18 Danish and world famous jewelry designers create the beads. There are over 200 unusual representations of Trollbeads. The numerous extraordinary symbols, flowers, animals, zodiac houses, colors and materials offer you unlimited variants and combinations, allowing the jewelry to be both different and personal. You can start up with a singular bead or be emboldened and start up with a collection. The beads can be worn on a silver or gold chain, as a bracelet or necklace.

Troll beads have been available for the previous 30 years. From the beginning Trollbeads were the brain child of Danish gold worker Svend Nielsen. At first they were a unparalleled jewelry gift for acquaintances and family back in 1976. Nowadays Trollbeads are unmatched as one of the quickest selling jewelry innovations not only in Denmark but international. In the 1980s Lise Aagaard began an apprenticeship making Troll beads, she began trying out materials and produced the first glass bead which became widely accessible in 2002. As technology develops, more beads of extraordinary forms, colors and sizes can be worked and there are now beads for every occasion and persona with new inventions appearing every day. The beads can be made into bracelets and necklaces and arranged by you or you can buy complete bracelets and necklaces to start your collecting. The perpetual modification and development has made Trollbeads legendary and has imparted the company a massive devotee base across the world.

The beads are marketed world wide both on the web and also from jewelry and gift shops. What is it that causes Trollbeads to be so attractive is in the premise that Svend Nielsen had when he made the initial Trollbeads. He was inspired by of the historic success of the traditional charm bracelet with gold and silver charms that are commonly fixed to a conventional bangle. This established style of jewelry had been successful for years because buyers could collect charms and individualize their bracelet, however once the charms were attached, the band is static and only a extensive effort and expense would modify the style of the bracelet. Svend Nielsens thought was to generate a charm bracelet that could be individualized like the established charm bracelet but would be able to be adjusted instantly with no technical experience demanded. His innovation was Trollbeads using a fox tail bracelet, Murano glass, cast silver and gold beads that slip on and off rapidly.

Every bead has a history, every story has a bead. Its true and Trollbeads have been cited as the “New Age” charm bracelet. Mostly Trollbeads owners are special from other bead collectors and are made up of many varieties of people. Trollbeads attract a more sophisticated client than the Chamelia or Pandora lines. The motto for Trollbeads is “Every Story has a Bead”. The Trollbeads artisans endeavor to make fine intricate sculptures. The beauty and uniqueness is evident in every last bead. Trollbeads are unique from other beads as it was the first interchangeable bead line on the market in Europe. One of the most beneficial features of the Trollbeads jewelry is that beads can be exchanged without the involvement of a jeweler. You can wear your beads in a necklace one day and the next day wear them on a bracelet, or mix and match your beads to fit your temper or style. Their long 30 plus years of maturation and design has positioned them as the best selling collectible and interchangeable bead jewelry line on the market.

The constant change and evolution has created Trollbeads renown and given the line a large following world wide. Trollbeads have been designed around popular subjects. From the mythical Pegasus and even mermaids to dragons and unicorns, Trollbeads are very fashionable for tweens as well as those that are more mature. Trollbeads jewelry has gone main stream with the new Troll Bead line that contains the softer elements of fantasy jewelry with various types of beads, rings and pendants that are a bit less edgy than some of the more traditional pieces. Their history in the U.S.A. is just six years long and its been an exciting and interesting course for Trollbeads U.S.

Allen loves Trollbeads and wants them all, but since that’s not possible she collects pictures of as many different Trollbeads, especially retired Troll beads, as possible. Check out more pics and Trollbeads info at

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Let’s start with a brief history; originally, Trolls will not put their allegiance to any faction, but on a special circumstance the Darkspear Tribe join Warchief Thrall during the events of Warcraft 3 and since then they have became a part of the Horde. Although they practice Voodo magic, shamanism, and priest magic, they also have strong warriors who make an excellent Hunter. Their racial mount is the raptor, which you can purchase from Zjolnir in Sen’jin Village.

Trolls Abilities and the Best Class to Use It

As a Troll, you can choose to play as a Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman or Priest. Hunter, Warrior, Rogue, and Shaman are the most recommended class for Trolls because these classes are using its potential to the max; these are the useful abilities as a Troll:

Regeneration – passive; it will increase your regeneration by 10% permanently. This ability will be useful no matter what class you choose.
Bow Specialization – passive; your best friend if you choose the path of a Hunter as it will increase the chance to do critical strike with bows by 1%.
Throwing Specialization – passive; you will not need this one unless are a Rogue, it will increase the chance to critically strike with throwing weapons by 1%.
Beast Slaying – passive; a useful skill whatever class you choose for grinding beast; it will increase the damage you dealt to beasts by 5% which is very useful in a long battle. A Hunter can make very good use of this skill since they can track beasts.
Da Voodoo Shuffle – passive; reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. A Hunter can use this ability for kiting and PvP while a Rogue can use it to approach their enemies since they require proximity to the target. Shamans can use it while they flee from battle and a Warrior can use it in PvP.
Berserking; it will increase your attack speed for ten seconds, if you have played Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne you must remember this skill. On WoW, it will increase your attack speed with more damage taken. At full health the speed bonus is 10% and the range bonus is 30%. As a Rogue you can coupled this ability with Slice and Dice for a nice attack speed and damage bonus. If you choose to be a Warrior, you can use this ability while wielding a slow weapon to increase speed and damage. It is also a great tool for a melee and casting Shamans. Berserking is a great damage boost, so if you plan to use it don’t forget to tell your group mates first so they don’t heal you when you are in berserking state.

As you can see, Hunter class gain the most boost from Trolls abilities, so it is the best class if you play Troll; just remember to keep your distance, Da Voodo Shuffle will be a great helps in this matter, and don’t forget to use Berserking when you have the chance. Rogue, Warrior, and Shaman can also take good advantages of Trolls abilities.

As a common WoW player, Vincent Gottfried find that using a guide can help him to enjoy the game more without worrying about any complicated stuffs. Visit his blog and learn about the best World of Warcraft Leveling Guide to boost your leveling speed; the gold guide section will answer your question about How to Make WoW Gold. Having these two alone will solve almost all your problem in WoW.

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