Ben Higgins Says Filming 'The Bachelor' Was 'Not Fun' At All

Ben Higgins Says Filming 'The Bachelor' Was 'Not Fun' At All
New 'Bachelor' hottie Ben Higgins is dishing all on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' about what life is like on the hit show. But believe it or not, he says that getting to choose from all those ladies was totally not a fun experience at all! Read on for more on …
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MTV's 'Shannara Chronicles' whips up plenty of fun millennial magic
MTV takes a big, bold step into youth-friendly post-apocalyptic supernatural medieval fantasy Tuesday with the premiere of "The Shannara Chronicles," adapted from the books of Terry Brooks. The series begins with Brooks' second book, "The Elfstones of …
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Kim Kardashian mocks her brother Rob's weight gain, says his tattoo now looks
Talk about a low blow. Kim Kardashian mocked her brother Rob's weight gain on Sunday's episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” while discussing his tattoos. The dig came during a family vacation in St. Barts while the mom-of-two was chatting with …
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Putting a Price on Fun

Putting a Price on Fun
“Over the years,” he said, “I've looked back carefully at the things we've done that have been the most fun for our family. Above all else has been our trampoline. It cost us considerably less per unit of fun than anything else I could think of. In …
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Matt Cullen having fun with new role on second line
It's fun to be out with them. You find a way to be effective. It's quite a different style of play.” Kessel tells a different story. “He's a very skilled player out there. He's played a long time, he understands the game well. He understands where to …
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