Friendlies: Omni, the Funny Guy

Friendlies: Omni, the Funny Guy
Friendlies: Omni, the Funny Guy. Now known for his humorous videos, Omni has a special relationship with Smash: it saved his life. Why You Still Suck at Smash © InfernoOmni. By Barrett Womack on 27 January 2016. One of the harsh realities of …
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REVIEW: She's Funny That Way
She's Funny That Way is written and directed by Peter Bogdanovich. The story follows the rise of Izzy Glowstick (Imogen Poots), a call girl who makes her dreams come true to become a Broadway actress. In many ways, this film feels like a homage to …
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Funny polls
Polls are funny things. When Democratic voters are polled, Sanders and Clinton are very close. But when voters are asked if they think Sanders will be the nominee, only 13% think it is “very likely”.
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The Funny Thing People Are Shouting at 'American Crime Story' Star Cuba
Gooding told Strahan and Kelly Ripa, “The funniest thing, last night I was at the bar and I heard somebody yell out, 'Hey, O.J.!' He goes, 'Show me the money!' I was like, 'Really? Really? Really?' I was like, 'What?!'” As the laughter died down …
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Nick Cannon Reacts to Mariah Carey's Engagement With Funny Meme

Nick Cannon Reacts to Mariah Carey's Engagement With Funny Meme
The 35-year-old comedian took to Instagram on Saturday to congratulate his ex-wife and her new beau, Australian billionaire businessman James Packer, on their engagement in a "hilarious" way. WATCH: Mariah Carey Is Engaged to Billionaire James …
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58 funny things to ask Siri on iOS
Siri, Apple's voice assistant for iPhone and iPad that was first introduced with the iPhone 4S in 2011, is one funny virtual guy (or gal, depending on which Voice Gender you've chosen). Here, we bring you a list of 58 questions that you should try …
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Who told Robert De Niro he was funny?
Hearing De Niro humming along to Peter, Paul and Mary is funny to start with, largely because he doesn't overplay it. Then Greg attempts to make small talk by bringing up the song's supposed drug references – and De Niro's increasingly appalled …

Troll 2, semi-sequel of a semi-movie is a semi-masterpiece

Troll 2, semi-sequel of a semi-movie is a semi-masterpiece
I'm not sure what exactly he was talking about, but he could very well have been attempting to describe the experience of watching "Troll 2," an almost offensively shoddy horror film made 26 entire years ago. "Troll 2," which features no trolls (but …
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Trailer alert! They made a movie about those troll dolls from the 90s
Remember those troll dolls? With the hair? And the butts? They were, like, a big fad in the 90s (and the 60s). Well, Dreamworks Animation went and made a movie about them and got some fairly big names to lend their voices to the main characters, and …
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Umphrey's McGee Probably Didn't Troll Cleveland with a “Dump City” Opener, But
One of the finer troll jobs happened last night as Umphrey's McGee dropped a mega truth bomb on the dumpster fire that is the city of Cleveland. Have you ever been to Cleveland? No? Well let me put it in perspective for you: Imagine having to go to the …
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how social media is changing politics

how social media is changing politics
Hundreds of Russians plug away at keyboards, spreading pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media sites and masterminding online hoaxes every day. They work in what have come to be known as “troll farms”, named after the derogatory nickname used for …
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Appeals court orders confirms patent troll must pay costs
Following a 2014 verdict, courts may now punish patent trolls with the defense costs that their litigation incurs. An appeals court has now upheld an attorney fees ruling handed to Lumen View, a company that makes nothing of value, yet behaved as if it …
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Nebraska trolls Michigan, Jim Harbaugh with tight ends tweet
Nebraska and Michigan, two of three finalists for three-star tight end Chase Allen, traded blows on Wednesday after Allen told SB Nation that Jim Harbaugh tried to downplay the Huskers' use of their tight ends during an in-home visit this week. "They …

Latest Funny News

Bachelor Alum Sean Lowe Shares A Funny Pic Of His 'Freeloading' Baby-To-Be!
The funny post comes on the heels of Sean and Catherine's wedding anniversary on January 26. We still can't believe its been TWO YEARS since the couple tied the knot on television! Also, how nuts is it that the gorgeous momma-to-be is already sporting …

DON'T TRY ANY FUNNY STUFF, ZAHID: Apandi ordered to meet Swiss AG over Najib
KUALA LUMPUR – Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has been asked to meet his Swiss counterpart to get details on the latter's investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi …
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Robert Reich's Seriously Funny Crusade to Save Capitalism
Robert Reich's Seriously Funny Crusade to Save Capitalism and America's Middle Class, Part One. With friends and critics on both sides of the ideological divide, the former labor secretary has become a crusader for knocking America's powerful down a …

Samsung Studio At Sundance To Feature Funny Or Die VR + Film Panels, Supper Clubs
Chief among them: the first ever VR comedy short from Funny or Die, starring Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. This looks like the next step toward virtual reality's entertainment market takeover of 2016, following the premiere of The Martian VR spinoff that …
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