This Awkward Throwback Photo Of Margot Robbie Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

As a bitter millennial with stumpy legs and no stage presence, I harbor a lot of animosity towards beautiful and talented celebrities who have done absolutely nothing wrong. Number one on this list is Margot Robbie. Not only does she have the dreamiest Australian accent and a perfect body / face, she also happens to have my name. And I’m kind of a narcissist and wanted to be the most famous Margot of our generation. Based on where her career is going, and my number of Twitter followers, that’s not going to happen.

That’s why the most recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! made me feel a little better. And if you’re still resentful from your years as an awkward tween, it will make you feel better too. 

Much to Robbie’s surprise, Kimmel unveiled this amazingly awkward #tbt, thanks to one of Robbie’s friends.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.31.10 PM

“Literally the most embarrassing photo of my whole life,” the actress said woefully. “I bet this was Sophia [who sent the photo.]” …All we know is, we definitely wouldn’t want to be Sophia right now. 

Let’s just appreciate her reaction to seeing this less-than-fortunate-looking photo, which was taken on her thirteenth birthday. 

Yeah, girl. Been there. Except with every photo ever taken of me. Only feeling mildly sympathetic right now. 

There’s a lot to love about this photo. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.36.01 PM

First of all she’s reading a ‘Harry Potter’ book, so she truly is one of us mere mortals who dream about getting our Hogwarts letters. 

And then, well, she looks awkward AF. Even celebrities had it rough in middle school! “I was really into slicking my hair back, God knows why,” she said. “I’m wearing glasses I didn’t actually need. And I lied to get glasses… I went to the optometrist and said ‘No, I can’t see.'” Margot Robbie, queen of the personality glasses before they were cool. 

Her embarrassment is actually pretty endearing. 

See, she’s still perfect. 

You can watch the clip from the Interview below:

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4 Clever And Easy Do-It-Yourself 4th Of July Projects To Impress Your Guests With

July 4th weekend means friends, families, loved ones, all getting together to celebrate America’s independence from the British (dare I say we forced the Brexit in 1776?).

All jokes aside, Independence Day weekend is about celebrating our freedom and there aren’t many better at celebrating it than the Hometalk team. As the largest DIY community, boasting roughly 100,000 projects with over three million members and hundreds of thousands of contributors, Hometalk has four incredibly easy and cool projects for you to add a little pizzazz to your Fourth of July party.

1. Stars And Stripes Wine Glasses

You’re going to need painter’s tape, paintbrushes, multi-surface acrylic pants, and of course, wine glasses for this little project.



Think of how awesome you’re going to look sipping wine from a super-decked out patriotic glass. Cool, isn’t it?

Click here for the full instructions!

2. Star Lanterns From Dollar Store Glasses

Add a bit of class to your deck, or kitchen table, or somewhere on the patio (just make sure it’s not within reach of children!) with these beautiful stars and stripes lanterns. All you need are painter’s tape, Dollar Store glasses, frosted glass spray paint, star stickers, and if you’re feeling especially crafty, acrylic paint.

Follow the steps outlined here and you’ll end up with this!




3. Light-Up Patriotic Garland

Perfect for inside or outside, this super patriotic garland is really simple to make — it’s made from Christmas lights intertwined with mesh, tablecloth, and some fake flowers. Check out the instructions to make your own!



4. Mini Campfire S’mores Kit

You can have a mini campfire and have your s’mores too. Yeah, that’s right. This mini “campfire” can be lit indoors (if you like to live on the edge) or outdoors — just make sure to watch the little ones if you’re cooking up s’mores with kids! You can grab all of the necessary supplies at your local dollar store, so this is a cheap and fun project for the family. For the full instructions, check it out here, or check out Our Peaceful Planet for the original!

Our Peaceful Planet

Check out our interview with Hometalk here.

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People Are Sharing What It's Like Growing Up With A 'Weird' Name And It's Hilarious

I’m 30 years old. My name is Mustafa. Until before 1994 and the release of The Lion King, few people got my name wrong. Now, everyone calls me “Mufasa” before finally getting my name right. It’s fine, it doesn’t bother me. Not like my name existed over 1,400 years ago before the release of that children’s film.


Some of the responses to my name aren’t as innocuous. Years ago, while waiting in Port Authority watching a movie on my phone, someone tapped me on my shoulder. I took my headphones out because it was a pleasant looking young woman with a smile on her face. She asked me what I was watching, how I was able to watch movies on a phone (this was when the Netflix beta app was still a relatively new thing) and when it got to the bit where she asked me my name and I told her, her face completely changed. She got belligerent, asked me where my parents were from, and when I told her Albania, she said with a challenge, “Well I’m Serbian.” Which didn’t really bother me, but she was horrified and got up and left.

In case you don’t know the bad blood between the two countries, here’s a photograph from their Eurocup 2016 qualifier match.


I’m not the only person with a “weird” name, though, so I can’t act like no one else in the world has experienced some unusual social situations for a decision their parents made.

Now, with Twitter sharing their own #GrowingUpWithMyName stories, I can feel like less of a freak.

Roll call was a nightmare.

Celebrities ruin everything.

This is why I drink Pepsi.

Pretty much my life in a nutshell.


A for effort.

No words.

Goddamn, Disney.

And Pixar.

His music isn’t all that anyway, bro.

The madness.

Don’t feel too bad, they f*ck up “John” half the time too.


School was the worst.

My man.

But there’s always a shining star.

And that just makes your day that, much, better.

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J.K. Rowling Told Us Everything We Need To Know About The American Wizarding School

In anticipation for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts, J.K. Rowling has written some background to the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ilvermorny.

The houses for Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are each named after the favorite magical creature of the family members who founded the school. While we don’t yet know the complete personality profiles of each house, here they are: 

Wampus, which “favors warriors.”


One of two sons, Webster Boot, chose Wampus, because he was “argumentative but fiercely loyal.”


Horned Serpent, which “favors scholars.”


Mother to the family Isolt Sayre chose the Horned Serpent because she felt a kinship with the creature.

Pukwudgie, which “favors healers.”


The father of the family, James Steward, chose the Pukwudgie because Isolt made a joke about one once. Classic dad move. 

And Thunderbird, which “favors adventurers.”


The second brother, Chadwick Boot, chose Thunderbird, because they were “intelligent but often temperamental.”

The complete history of the school is here, but summarized the best snippets below:

Isolt was born in around 1603 and fled Ireland for America to escape her abusive aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt. The Gaunts are ancestors of Voldemort. 

In America she met James Steward, a muggle who saw her using magic. She had planned to kill Steward, but they instead fell in love and adopted two orphaned magical boys, Chadwick and Webster.

Isolt set up Ilvermorny for magical children and named it after her childhood home in Ireland. 

Ilvermorny runs in a similar fashion to Hogwarts because Isolt had read about the school in England. 

At one point, Isolt discovers that her wand belonged to Salazar Slytherin and contained basilisk horn. They buried the wand, but it soon sprouted a snakewood tree.

The robes of the school are blue and cranberry because Isolt wanted to be in Ravenclaw as a child and James loved cranberry pie. 

And yes, you can get sorted into your own Ilvermorny house if you don’t fancy going to Hogwarts after Brexit. 

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This One-Eyed Fish Got A Makeover After Getting Bullied By His Tank Mates

Despite well-meaning campaigns, and perhaps a little social progress, bullying is rampant in schools (and unfortunately, well into adulthood). It would be nice to write this behavior off as a result of hormones and middle school simply sucking. But there may be more to it than that… And as much as we hate to make biological arguments for anything, there must be some natural selection at play. Even fish, who have never experienced the torture of having braces at a middle school dance, get bullied. Such was the case Kiwi, a lime green saltwater fish who had to have his eye removed after a cataract surgery. But, thanks to his dedicated owner and vet, Kiwi got a special makeover. 

Kiwi’s owner told KTVI that after Kiwi lost his eye, the other fish in his tank began to attack him. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.27.57 PM

“They figured out which eye was not working,”  Julie Morgan said. “They’d go up behind him, biting his tail. He had chunks of his tail taken out.” Morgan admitted that Kiwi was her favorite fish, so she quarantined him for safety. 

Kiwi’s vet, Megan Baebler of Kersting Veterinary Hospital, decided to craft him a fake eye… Which we suppose is the fish equivalent of Invisalign for middle schoolers. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.28.16 PM

Turns out, making the eye was no small task. “I actually hand-painted the eye myself,” she told KTVI. “I used a mixture of some nail polish and some eye shadow pigments, actually, to give it some iridescence.” Sometimes, a little makeup really does the trick. 

Kiwi underwent a surgery to have the eye implanted, and his quality of life has drastically improved. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.28.44 PM

A little anesthesia and thirty minutes later, the little bullied fish had a shiny new eye. And confidence (we hope). And before you scoff at Morgan’s attempt to help her fish’s social situation, have a heart. “A lot of other people would say, ‘Yes, put him down. Go ahead, it’s just a fish,'” she said. “Well, my opinion is nothing is just a something. And if I could give him quality of life, why not?” Amen to that. 

And, thanks to Morgan’s efforts, Kiwi will be rejoining his tank soon. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.30.14 PM

We can all relate, Kiwi. Best of luck. (h/t buzzfeed)

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Spike Lee Showed Up To The BET Awards Looking Like Willy Wonka And Twitter Had A Field Day

Last night’s 2016 BET awards were pretty legendary. The event, which was held at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, included a stunning performance by Beyoncé, a mind-blowing Prince tribute by Jennifer Hudson, and some hilarious hosting by Black-ish stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Perhaps most notably, Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams gave an acceptance speech about the state of race in America that left most of the audience in tears. After thanking his family and friends and fans, Williams paid tribute to black women (as they are arguably the most marginalized members of society and the least appreciated), discussed the rampant violence against people of color, and addressed the appropriation of black culture in the entertainment industry. 

But, of course, Twitter was only interested in talking about the fact that Spike Lee showed up dressed like Willy Wonka. 


The famed filmmaker donned a purple top hat, jacket, and tie that would have made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl proud. 

There was the obvious question of who rocked the Wonka suit better.

…There’s really no contest. Spike Lee, all the way. 

Frankly, the look suited him. 

Was he hinting at a new career move?

And, we must admit, the title of the book / movie would sound a lot better with Lee’s name in it. 

And all the songs sound better, too. 

…Fingers crossed for a remake!

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19 Absurd Headlines That Should Not Have Happened This Week

The truth isn’t always stranger than fiction, but in these cases, it totally is.

1. ‘Like a scene from Hot Fuzz’: Police swoop on ‘illegal’ rubber duck race in the Cotswolds


“Rubber ducky, you’re the one, you make pond crime so much fun…”

2. America Curates The First Official Cheetos Museum

It suddenly makes sense how Donald Trump might become our first President.

3. Bear attacks woman running marathon in New Mexico


I’ve been saying it for years, sprinting is a better form of cardio. Happy to see that bears agree.

4. Woman who allegedly stole 95 cents from mall fountain charged, cops say


Oh, I’m so happy that maniac’s off the streets.

5. ‘What is the EU?’ trends on Google in the UK as the country votes for Brexit

WTF is up with the US and the UK?!

6. Man Named Gambles Wins Lottery for Second Time Using Same Numbers


I’m investing in this dude, is that possible? Can he get on the Dow Jones or something?

7. Mom Who Killed Kids in Reincarnation Case Gets Life


F*ck this b*tch.

8. Ronald McDonald gunned down at Sonic restaurant in NC


That’s what happens when you step on another fast food joint’s turf.

9. In deadly mistake, ankle monitor put on man’s fake leg

Parole Raids

Looks like he got a LEG up over the police!

10. Lindsay Lohan is live-tweeting the EU referendum results


Lindsay. Stop. No. Why.

11. Man ticketed again for hiding under cars, touching women’s feet


Thanks for giving me yet another thing to be paranoid about, internet.

12. ‘Why not Texit?’: Texas nationalists look to the Brexit vote for inspiration


How is this a problem? It’s not like the last time this happened there was a civil war or anything.

13. David Cameron reportedly says ‘Why should I do the hard s**t?’ following Brexit resignation


Me as a politician^.

14. Airbnb Hosts Offer “Authentic Refugee Experience” in Greek Tent City


No thanks, I’ll take the Howard Johnson.

15. Michigan baseball team holds a Bring Your Guns to the Ballpark night


What could go wrong?

16. Utah gets first porn-detecting dog


By the time the pup realized people weren’t eating their meat, but beating it, it was too late to back out.

17. Man marries smartphone at Las Vegas chapel



18. Glenn Lazarus drives tank over car to highlight poor-quality vehicle imports


Something tells me that this isn’t the best way to test a car’s quality.

19. Wisconsin couple ‘held hostage’ by cat call 911


“Listen to my demands right MEOW!”

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This Is What 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Would Look Like If Tim Burton Created Them

Tim Burton films hold a special place in my childhood. I remember crying at the end of Edward Scissorhands and loving Batman Returns to death, especially when The Penguin bit that dude’s nose at a gala and when Michelle Pfeifer gets shot but doesn’t die because she has nine lives from magical cat powers, or something. I dunno, it was Tim Burton’s sh*t so it was pretty awesome.

Burton hasn’t put out the most stellar sh*t as of late, with his last really awesome movie being Sweeney Todd, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love the guy’s aesthetic, which is undeniable. 

And although I wouldn’t necessarily think that a Game Of Thrones series directed by Burton would be anywhere near as amazing as the brilliant production they’ve currently got on the air, I do wonder what Burton’s vision would be like if applied to these characters.

Which is why it’s so awesome that artist Xenia Rassolova decided to take popular GOT characters and give them the old Burton treatment for Obsev.


Here we’ve got Bran chilling with the three-eyed crow.

An animation student in Canada, Xenia definitely captured Tim Burton with these fan favorite characters: like Cersei and a pre-handless Jaime.


The mother of dragon’s here in full effect too.


No character list would be complete without Jon Snow, with his trust Ghost by his side.


Margaery Tyrell, looking exceptionally Corpse Bride-ish.


Samwell Tarly, gripping a book, as always.


And all-of-a-sudden-awesome Sansa, who’s probably watching you-know-who getting their face ripped off.


Oh yeah and the halfman himself, Tyrion.


This scary White Walker too.


And then the whole cast, posing for a group portrait.


They look pretty dour, even for Game Of Thrones characters, right? (h/t obsev)

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Mom With Hospitalized 6-Week-Old Shares Distressing Photos To Get Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids

Annie Braiden, a new mom from Canada, is urging parents to vaccinate their kids after her daughter Isabelle was hospitalized with whooping cough at six 6 weeks old. She’s spent the last month by her side in the ICU and shared these photos on Facebook…

She writes:

So I wasn’t going to do this, but I think people need to see what not vaccinating their kids do to the OTHER kids, like my 6 week old daughter. Isabelle has been in the PEDS ICU since she was 6 weeks old (now 10 weeks) with whooping cough.

She was on a ventilator for 3 weeks and CPAP for 3 days (she was the lucky baby, the other ones have been ventilated for months) and we’re still facing another 2 months in the hospital.

She has to learn how to eat all over again, she’s going through major withdrawals from the morphine and sedative she was on when she was ventilated, do you know how hard it is to watch your 10 week old go through withdrawals??!!

We were hours away from losing her, the nurse picked her up and ran her down the hall to the ICU to get her ventilated because we were losing her.

What you do with your kids is your choice but do not tell me that not vaccinating your kids isn’t hurting anyone but your own kids, Isabelle is proof that it harms the other little babes who aren’t old enough to get their vaccines yet.

My son is vaccinated to protect himself and the other kids he’s around. It never crossed my mind to not vaccinate, I want to protect my children and other children.

Please vaccinate your kids, it’s not fair that my little girl is in the PICU coughing and not being able to breath from a disease that shouldn’t be around in this day an age?

Please share so other people can see what happens when you don’t vaccinate!

And yes I understand some kids can’t be vaccinated and I’m not talking about those babes.

The Facebook post has been shared 33,000 times since it was first posted. Commenters seemed to support Braiden’s message. 


At the start of the month, a mother from Australia shared photos of her baby who had been hospitalized with chicken pox, begging parents to take a free vaccine. 

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