These Are The Hilarious Emergencies A Dog Would Have If They Could Dial 911

Sometimes dogs have emergencies, like when they can’t find a good place to hide their treats and walk around the house crying. Twitter user Reverend Scott believes that they have so many problems that they need their own 911 service. Here’s an idea of what that would look like… 

Man’s best friend in action. 

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'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Predicts Sansa Will Finally Become A Badass

The first five Game of Thrones books. And it was clear to see how Martin was incrementally prepping each of the surviving characters for a career in sheer badassery. Jon Snow with all the crazy sh*t going on in the north. Arya with her Batman training. Bran being on the run and developing his Warg powers. The one Stark kid’s development I was really upset with was Sansa’s, however.

It wasn’t until she started spending time with Littlefinger and chilling with Cersei in the court that I knew she was being primed for calculating badassery – Sansa’s going to be the main madame of the high courts.


And although I pretty much know it’s going to happen, that Sansa is going to be a consummate, calculating badass, it’s taking forever to finally happen.

But according to this Reddit user’s fan theory, Sansa might finally be getting her moment – and it all starts with the letter she sent to Littlefinger.


He basically said that Sansa’s letter to Littlefinger is all a ploy, she expects Ramsay to intercept her letter and send a bunch of his troops to take care of the knights of the vale. It’s a win-win for Sansa to see two men she absolutely hates warring against each other.

But how would a battle between the two pan out? Littlefinger’s forces are strong AF, but Ramsay’s also got Moat Cailin as a stronghold.


And we can’t forget about Reed’s crannogmen who would probably guerilla warfare the sh*t out of all of Ramsay’s peeps.


Whatever happens, Sansa has pretty much got Ramsay Bolton by the balls. If he intercepts the letter, then he’s going to send a good amount of his forces to fight the knights of the vale, giving Jon’s forces a tactical advantage. If he hasn’t, then Littlefinger’s troops will come in and give Ramsay’s army a little back-door special.

I think we’ve been waiting for this sicko to open himself up for a while now. Hopefully he gets what’s been coming to him.

But honestly, I’m just ready to see Sansa come into her own.


Hell. Yes.

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Boxer Destroys Two Guys Who Threw A Cigarette At This Girlfriend

My father always taught me not to pick fights with people that can hit harder than you. Or their loves ones for that matter. These two guys casually hanging out in a tunnel could probably do with the same lesson. CCTV footage posted to LiveLeak yesterday shows one of the men lobbing what seems to be a cigarette stub at a woman’s hair as she passes.

She just happens to be walking with her boyfriend, who’s reportedly a boxer. And if he isn’t actually a boxer, he sure should be…

Sweet, sweet justice.

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Reddit users were pretty inspired too.

Some users have said that the clip could be fake, but we truly hope it isn’t. 

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This Harry Potter Tattoo Can Only Be Seen If You Know The Magic Secret

There is an epic collection of Harry Potter tattoos in the world. The genre is like fan fiction that people permanently etch on their skin. Most are pretty beautiful, but still a lot to carry around with you forever. Like, Emma Watson is gorgeous, but do you want to be the canvas for her face?

Some of these tattoos are just simple and elegant nods to the popular series:

Some are…some are frightening. I’m just going to say that these scare me, though I fully support the right to do whatever you want with your bod:

Having seen the full gamut of what people can do, I didn’t expect to be surprised by anything new in the world of fan tattoos. Reddit user Littlefart (tee hee) has change that with this post:

Reddit: LittleFart

If you can’t tell from the picture, the only way to read the sentence, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” is by putting the tattoo under a blacklight. Then they magically glow. It’s really a Marauder’s Map with a secret code.

There is some back-and-forth argument in the comments about whether or not luminescent inks are safe for tattoos, but one commenter sums up my feelings about it:

Life is risk, baby! Get the goofy tattoo you want today, especially if you’re already up to no good. [h/t Someecards]

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Colorblind Teen's Birthday Gift Finally Lets Him See What He's Been Missing All His Life

I have a younger brother who is color blind. Now I don’t know what that’s like, but I can imagine it must’ve been pretty frustrating for him growing up thinking that the flag was red white and green or that the Ninja Turtles were all brown, especially when the theme song says otherwise.

And if Paul Dano’s character in Little Miss Sunshine was any indication, not being able to see color is a deal-breaker for some careers and there really isn’t any way to rectify it.

Well, it turns out there is. With this nifty new invention called enchroma glasses.


Imgur user Brammerz got them as a surprise for his 17th birthday, courtesy of his awesome parents. When he put them on, he was introduced to an entirely new world filled with exciting colors.


The best part was the longer he kept the glasses on, the stronger the colors appeared to him. It was obvious he was super stoked.


“Oh my god this is so amazing.”

Now, Brammerz is able to see the 6 in the middle of this colored circle. Before, it all looked like a bunch of similarly-colored smaller circles.


Brammerz gave an example of what his particular color-blindness looks like by comparing these two images of that adorable floating house from the heartrending film, Up.


He was absolutely floored when he looked down at his own t-shirt and saw it in a different color.


Brammerz isn’t the only one enjoying the benefits of wearing the glasses, there are tons of people who can now see all colors in their true vivid glory thanks to these magical spectacles, courtesy of motherf*cking science, baby. Like these two brothers.

To learn more about color blindness and these shades, click here. The cheapest pair costs $ 349, which isn’t that much considering they give people the ability to do something they were biologically incapable of doing before.

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17 Virgins With High Sex Drives

Back when I was a good Muslim boy I denied myself the pleasures of the flesh. Meaning I waited until I was 22 years old to lose my virginity. Unbelievable, right? I mean who wouldn’t want to f*ck the brains outta this stud muffin in high school?


All joking aside, my ugly, brace-faced ass still was super horny, especially since I wasn’t getting any and would deny the very few chances I ever had to do anything remotely sexual with members of the opposite sex.

It was a special kind of misery, but because I was doing it all for God, I kept my mouth shut. Unfortunately, virgins with high sex drives aren’t uncommon, just ask these people.

  1. I
  2. I really don
  3. I
  4. As a virgin I think that if I had sex once I
  5. I
  6. Being a virgin, all I do is think about sex. I can
  7. I
  8. I think I have a sex addiction, even though I
  9. I
  10. I have a huge sex drive but I
  11. I have such a high sex drive and I
  12. I
  13. As a virgin, I already know that I
  14. Honestly the only reason why I haven
  15. As a virgin, I think about sex way too often. Craving yet fearing that touch.
  16. I have a very high sex drive. Mentally I have sex at least five times a day. It
  17. It

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