Woman Has Perfect Response After Boyfriend Cancels A Booty Call

Preparing for a date can take hours. There’s a lot of shaving and exfoliation that needs to be done. So when someone suddenly cancels on you, it seems like a lot of wasted time.

Imgur user  recently shared the text conversation she had with her boyfriend when he cancelled plans with her. It’s pretty damn hilarious. 





We give them two more weeks, tops. That face did seem to remind one commenter of someone, though…


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Can You Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test?

Attention, drunk and proud patriots. Despite all the American flag beer koozies and patriotic swimwear you’re breaking out for the Fourth Of July weekend, you may not be the most informed U.S. citizen. In fact, it’s likely that recently-naturalized citizens know more U.S. trivia than you do, since they actually had to take a test on it…. And you probably haven’t been quizzed about the three branches of government since middle school. So, proud Americans, give it a shot. And please get at least a 20/24. These are embarrassingly easy. 

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19 Confessions From Women Who Caught Their Partner Cheating

I was technically never cheated on; but during the last days of a past relationship when I could feel my SO slipping away and losing interest in me, I found out that she was meeting guys off Plenty of Fish and it made me feel like total crap.

Going through her phone while she was drunk and seeing her call guys “babe” and texting photos of herself was like getting kicked in the nuts over and over again, and even though she didn’t “technically” do anything with them, I felt so betrayed. The memory of it now still bothers me and I can deeply recall that pain.

The sad reality is, usually, its guys who do the cheating. And I only went through a fraction of what girls probably worry that their male partners are doing every day.

  1. I caught my boyfriend cheating. He had no idea and I slowly ripped his heart to shreds
  2. I just burned all my boyfriends left shoes because I caught him cheating last night
  3. I caught my boyfriend cheating just when I was gonna tell him I
  4. When I caught my husband cheating, I met the girl and we found out he was lying to us both. So now we are friends and he hates us.
  5. After years of being faithful, I caught my fiancé cheating. I
  6. My boyfriend didn
  7. Ever since I caught my boyfriend cheating on me , he
  8. My boyfriend is getting my name tattooed on his neck with my lips. All because I caught him cheating
  9. Caught my fiancé cheating on me. Kept the ring to sell.
  10. I caught my boyfriend cheating with my friend
  11. I
  12. I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. So I egged his car and put him on a gay dating website.
  13. I caught my fiance cheating again today. I
  14. 2 weeks ago i caught my boyfriend cheating on me. I took a picture. I just now showed it to him. He called me a creep. I guess i am.
  15. I caught my boyfriend cheating. He has no idea I know. I am going to his house later tonight just to punch him in the face and leave. The funny thing is, his dad gave me permission.
  16. I caught my husband cheating. when I looked through the messages leading up to it the girl knew he was married and he said "let
  17. I caught my husband cheating on me, so my 6 year old daughter started drawing all over his car... I joined
  18. I caught my husband cheating so many times. I finally broke things off and I feel so free and happy.
  19. I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me.. But he doesn

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Chrissy Teigen Shared Her Horrifying 'Half-Naked' Hotel Employee Story And It's Hilarious

My fondest memory ever of a hotel is when I convinced my wife to smoke weed for the first time and we hotboxed the shower at the Borgata, got insanely high, had crazy sex for an hour straight, and then went and destroyed the buffet downstairs.

Good times was an understatement.

It wasn’t good times for whoever had to clean up the room afterwards, and even though hotels are “supposed” to be places where you go all out, that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel bad and a little embarrassed for the hotel employees faced with cleaning up after us.

But as humiliated as I was, I don’t think I can top Chrissy Teigen’s embarrassing story – because she had to face it in real time.

And although Teigen gets half-naked for a living, it’s kind of different when you’re carrying your baby and fearing for your life during a hectic fire drill.

During the fire drill debacle, Teigen’s mother (@pepperthai2) had some very serious concerns as well.

The whole thing was very disconcerting for Chrissy.

Thankfully, she uploaded a video for her followers, letting them know her and her mom were OK.

Even supermodels don’t like fire drills.

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18 Scandalous Confessions From People Who've Slept With Customers At Work

I’ve never slept with a customer. Mostly because of the caliber of people who visited the small town grocery store where I used to work. But apparently sleeping with customers is a pretty common deed, these people took to Whisper to confess what they’ve done…

  1. I had sex with a customer from work.. and I would totally do it again.
  2. I
  3. I slept with a client at work today in the bathroom. Now I
  4. I had sex with my client to achieve my sales target and get a promotion
  5. Long time ago I slept with a customer from my cafe, she was much older than me and to this day im hooked on older women!!
  6. At my last job, I slept with a customer...he
  7. I
  8. I had sex with a potential client on my desk at work..after I refused business with his company bc I didn
  9. I had sex with a customer at my work in the dressing room. nobody knows and I don
  10. I had sex with a customer of a store that I work at, I
  11. I slept with a customer who didn
  12. I work with customers and about a year ago I started having sex with them. A lucky guy or girl says the right thing and we go in the back.
  13. Just had sex with a customer in my office, I
  14. I had sex with a customer at the gas station i work at. And she liked it, she said will cone for more but we will see. Hope my boss didn
  15. I have had sex with a customer. Not on the clock or at the store but I went to his house after my shift
  16. I slept with a customer on the clock one day. We snuck into the dressing room, most thrilling 10 minutes of my life
  17. A customer came to me to complain about something but we ended up having sex, and I didn
  18. I know going into work tomorrow is going to be awkward because I slept with a customer who comes in everyday

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This Tribute To A 7-Year-Old-Girl Who Died Of Brain Cancer Is Beautifully Heartbreaking

Pediatric brain cancer gets basically zero funding – with most of its research grants coming from private donors. Unfortunately, this means that many children who are afflicted with his illness aren’t able to recover.

One such child is 7-year-old Katherine King. She succumbed to her battle with pediatric brain cancer on June 6th of this year at 7:34pm. Her family are honoring her memory and hoping to bring more awareness to her disease.

This is the heartwarming tribute Imgur user, Taisce, made for her dearly departed niece.

Goodbye Katherine King.


You left us too early.


Way before your time.


There was still much to do and experience.


You had your entire life before you.


April 12th, 2015 (Last picture uploaded before diagnosis)

You should have been able to go to high school.


June 2nd 2015 (Day of Diagnosis; it was discovered she had an inoperable tumor on her brain stem. Her diagnosis was D.I.P.G. and she was given 9 months to live.)

She should have had a boyfriend (Or girlfriend)


June 3rd 2015

Gotten married


June 4th 2015

Had her 2.5 children


June 4th 2015

And had all her dreams fulfilled.


June 28th 2015

Instead you were given an hour glass


July 28th 2015

With the time you were given you raised awareness


December 1st 2015

Raised money for charity


Worried more about others than yourself


You wanted everyone to be happy


March 3rd 2016

To not worry about you, you even were sure that it was your fault you were sick


March 19th 2016

You were kind when you could have lashed out


You were brave even though you had every reason to be afraid


April 28th 2016

You were strong even though you were allowed to be weak


April 29th 2016

Even as you slipped away you never wanted others to worry


March 21st 2016

In a time when you could be selfish, you were selfless


March 23rd 2016

You were loved by everyone who met you


March 31st 2016

You touched the lives of everyone you knew, you made them better through your own strength and love


Your tumor made you a prisoner inside your own body


May 22nd 2016

You couldn’t sing, you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t tell your family that you loved them


June 6th 2016

Worst of all you couldn’t eat rainbow sherbert anymore


June 6th 2016

Or tell people that your favorite color was rainbow.


June 6th 2016

You were told it was okay to let go, to not suffer, to not be in pain


June 6th 2016

And you did, and you will be missed by so many people


June 6th 2016 7:34pm rest in peace

You were loved by more than you’ll ever realize


June 6th 2016 7:34pm rest in peace

But, you will live forever within our hearts and memories


“You are loved Katherine King, and you will be missed. Your impact will continue to ripple far beyond the 7 years that you were with us and you will never be forgotten.”

To learn more about Katherine’s journey and the work her family is doing to raise awareness for Pediatric Brain Cancer, you can check out their Facebook page here.

If you want to donate to, you can make contributions to the McKenna Claire Foundation to raise awareness and provide grants to research Pediatric Brain Cancer.

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