Barack Obama And The Dos Equis Man Are Now Friends, And People Love It

Jonathan Goldsmith, aka “The World’s Most Interesting Man” from the Dos Equis commercials, just got even more interesting.

In his memoir, Stay Interesting: I Don’t Always Tell Stories About My Life, But When I Do They’re True and Amazing, the actor gives his reader a glimpse into his world. One that includes a friendship with former president Barack Obama. 

In an excerpt from the memoir published by Politico, Goldsmith talks about his struggles early on as an actor in Hollywood, and how he eventually left Tinseltown in his 50s, even starting a  multimillion-dollar marketing company.

When that company  eventually went under, Goldsmith, now in his late 60s, headed back to Hollywood, eventually scoring the commercial role that would come to define him.

Despite run-ins with Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lawrence, his unlikely friendship with Obama was a “dream,” according to Goldsmith. The two met in Vermont during Obama’s reelection campaign, when Goldsmith was part of a welcoming committee. He writes:

“He was just starting his second run for the presidency, and we were invited to be in a greeting line of about 200 people. Barbara, my agent who is now my wife, was right when she predicted he would recognize me. Obama is a huge sports fan, especially the NBA. At the time, the Dos Equis commercials were all over ESPN. Our 10-second photo-op turned into a several-minute conversation.”

That friendship blossomed when Goldsmith was invited to be a surprise guest at Obama’s 50th birthday celebration. The two talked for a long time, even getting to a first-name basis with one another. And thus, a friendship was forged.

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Mayor Of Austin Roasts Guy Who Complained About Women-Only Screening Of 'Wonder Woman'

Last month, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced that they’ll be hosting one women-only screening of the new Wonder Woman film. Unsurprisingly, this created a stir on social media with some men complaining that the screening was “sexist.”

One such person was Richard Ameduri, who sent Mayor of Austin Steve Adler an email complaining about the screening and asking Adler to “name something invented by a woman.” His email read in full… 

Unfortunately for Ameduri, the mayor decided to respond. Adler posted his retort on his website, and it’s a zinger.  

That’s got to hurt. And social media users seemed to love the mayor’s response.  

Keep it up, Mayor Adler.  

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Trump Had Some Specific Backstage Demands When He Was On SNL

Way back in 2015, Saturday Night Live invited presidential candidate Donald Trump to host the show. Nobody was particularly excited about the idea, including the cast and even Donald himself. It turns out, during his time working with the program’s creative team, everyone got pretty excited about a sketch idea that he absolutely hated and refused to be a part of!

Taran Killam, a cast member at the time, has commented on how little fun President Trump was to work with:

Donald Trump appeared in eight sketches during his time on the show, including this particularly cringe-worthy parody of Hotline Bling:

In a recent interview with Huffiest, SNL writer Bryan Tucker told the story of one sketch Trump absolutely hated:

Apparently Trump was also a bit unconventional in how he arrived at the show:

Perhaps in a happier alternate universe, Donald Trump took part in the Giving Tree sketch and America got the laughs it truly deserves. Until then, we’ll always wonder what the world may have been like.

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This Rocket-Powered Fidget Spinner Is Every 13-Year-Old's Dream

Every kid in middle school probably has about three fidget spinners by now, but please do not let them do to their fidget spinners what YouTuber The Backyard Scientist did to his: power it by freakin’ rockets.  

It’s all truly dangerous fun: again, if you were considering trying this at home, note that this professional maker of cool stuff accidentally shot one of the rockets at his car!

He even manages to get a drone in there, filming it all, in case the 12-year-old child in your life needs to be further convinced of this YouTuber’s prime coolness.

For me, an adult, the whole thing is all a little terrifying, but this guy isn’t a stranger to working with flaming devices. Here he is shooting a propane rifle.

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Nerd Hero Wants To Use Science To Make A Real-Life Wizarding Pub In London

Many Harry Potter-inspired venues—and by now, there really is quite a handful—end up being a little disappointing because they don’t actually feature real magic. But The Cauldron—a proposed London-based “wizarding pub”—might end up coming closest, by using existing technology to mimic the magic of fantasy novels.

Designer Matthew Cortland’s proposed pub would feature floating candles, magic wands that can turn on fireplaces and pour drafts of beer, cocktails that resemble potions, and a menu featuring food from the world of fantasy novels. Patrons are even encouraged to read while they’re having a pint—the pub will be filled to the brim with books, Cortland promises. And that might be the most magical part of all.

Though yes, those floating candles are wicked cool.

“I kept coming back to the idea of the Weasley Clock — you know, the one that displays the location of the Weasley family members instead of the time,” Cortland said in an interview with Mashable. “That clock is completely possible to make with our current technology, and after designing prototypes I began wondering about what else from fantasy books is actually possible to make. What else has already been made? What could be adapted?”

“I found that many magical elements already exist in some form, and with some alteration and great design, I could bring them together in an authentic and interactive experience that adult fans like me would love,” he added.

And, as a former educator, he’s hoping that the pub will be a spot for school trips and classroom experiences, in order to share with students his love of reading and technology. Cortland’s pub is also partnering with the Harry Potter Alliance’s Accio Book campaign, which gives beloved children’s books to classrooms in need. 

Cortland is crowdfunding the pub in a Kickstarter campaign, with a $ 500,000 goal to conjure the Cauldron into existence. “Our ability to reach our target of $ 500,000 now rests in the capable hands of the fandom,” he told Mashable. “It’s an ambitious sum of money, but not unheard of for Kickstarter and is the minimum that we need to make the Cauldron a reality.” 

Plus the rewards are awesome—one of them includes getting your face in one of the moving wizard photos hanging on the Cauldron’s wall.

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