21 People Anonymously Share The Secrets They're Taking To The Grave

If you’ve ever played the original Tomb Raider you’ll know that the game had a pretty stupid saving function: you could save at any point in time in the game. 

Like right before Lara Croft was tumbling in a pit towards her very doom. The Playstation version of the game didn’t have an auto-save function either, so wherever you saved it, that’s where you had to pick the game up at.

So a friend of mine, let’s call him Jack, decided to play his older brother’s (John) file of Tomb Raider where he had made it to the game’s final dungeon, because Jack couldn’t be bothered of going through all of the trouble of making it to the end himself. Jack heard the twist of the front door and John’s voice, so, in a panic, he mashed a bunch of buttons and accidentally saved the game as he was falling into a pit. This was some 19 years ago and John still has no idea Jack ruined Tomb Raider for him.

It’s a story Jack will take to the grave, as are these tales a bunch of Redditors decided to share online.

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