This Woman Asked Her Boyfriend For A Paper Clip And Got A Lesson On Gender

Look, people are different, and there’s no need to make generalizations based on gender. But sometimes it’s fun to.

Like in this tweet about how men caption Instagram posts obscenely, while women seem to actually want to keep their partners:

Or this one, about how men are physically and psychically unprepared to pick out a simple pair of leggings:

But this tweet from Twitter user @CiaraTobin may be the simplest iteration of the genre ever. She shared text messages with her boyfriend Riley, in which she asks for a paper clip and ends up discovering more than she wants to know about his organizational habits:

I’m gonna be honest, this isn’t that far off from how I store my office supplies, but I still find Tobin’s loving exasperation with her man very funny.

And everyone else finds it extremely relatable, because they’ve lived it (both men and women):

At least one other person had a similar story saved and ready to go:

Wherever you are on the gender spectrum, you know if this is you.

Now, where are my paper clips?

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This Grandpa Sent The Best Burn To His Granddaughter Over Text

Grandparents and technology are a volatile mix. Some take to it immediately, some don’t, and some are good at it because they’re so bad at it. Like Twitter user @amielmchugh’s Granda. That’s Scottish for grandpa.

She shared a text from her dear old grandfather that is simultaneously a guilt trip and a denial of her very existence:

Someone who seems to know the old fella chimed in with more classics:

If you couldn’t tell, that message was about compost:

Don’t try telling @amielmchugh this convo is a fake:

It seems like her gramps is pretty exhausting, so enjoying his occasional texts is a nice highlight in the turmoil:

People definitely recognize this situation, if not with grandparents, then in their own lives:

But seriously, don’t come for Amie:

Because she is just as savage as Granda.

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This Wedding Venue Is 'Mortified' About Calling Bride-To-Be 'Cow' By Mistake

Life is full of moments where you want to stab yourself in the neck out of embarrassment.

Getting caught saying something behind someone’s back is one of them. Like when you’re talking smack about a person via text and accidentally sent that text to the person you’re talking smack about.

Not cool. But the good news is that since you’re talking with a friend you can hash that stuff out and go back to enabling each other’s bad behaviors or stop being friends entirely.

But if you get caught doing that and you’re a business in the customer service industry with client reputation on the line, then getting caught bad-mouthing people you shouldn’t be bad-mouthing can be a big, big problem.

Which is reportedly what happened with The Mulberry Tree restaurant when Jade Sharp checked the venue out while she was planning her wedding. 

Sharp posted about her experience with The Mulberry Tree on Trip Advisor. After getting drinks with her fiance one night to get a feel for the place, they scheduled a time to meet with a representative from the venue to discuss potentially booking their wedding there.

When they arrived at their scheduled appointment time, things reportedly went downhill. Apparently no one told the team about their appointment that day and the restaurant wasn’t open for business. The entire exchange after that was an awkward one that left a sour taste in Sharp’s mouth because the individual showing her the venue allegedly couldn’t answer her questions.

Her Trip Advisor review tells her side of the whole story.

After following up with the restaurant via email, Sharp was shocked to see a response in her inbox that seemingly was meant for a work colleague.

It starts off with Jade being called a “cow,” and the fact that she complained “pissed” her off.

The mix-up did little to improve Sharp’s opinion of the Mulberry Tree – it only further solidified Sharp’s belief that the staff there are “rude and unprofessional.”

The restaurant’s manager, Karen Walker responded on Trip Advisor, apologizing profusely to Sharp for her experience.

Before posting online, Walker also called Sharp privately to apologize.

As it stands now, The Mulberry Tree has a relatively good reputation online.

There’s an overwhelmingly positive and ‘very good’ number of reviews when compared to “poor” and “terrible” ones.

But Sharp wasn’t the only one to complain about the restaurant’s customer service.

There were several complaints about the overall attitude of the staff.

There were only a few complaints about the quality of the food, with lots of people saying it was yummy. However it just goes to show how much a poor wait staff can affect the dining experience.

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People Have Been Finding Racist Notes In Their Diaper Boxes Bought At Target

Since Trump entered the White House, there has been a rise in hate crimes, particularly from white supremacist groups. According to the non-profit  Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of neo-Nazi groups has risen from 99  to 121, as just one example. The thing about the neo-Nazis and other racist organizations, is that they’re comprised of ordinary people with regular jobs. 

Buzzfeed Newsreports that people have been tweeting about finding laminated racist note cards inside their boxes of Pamper diapers around Virginia. The cars read “It’s okay to be white,” on one side in capital letters.

On the other side, the card features website information for white supremacist organizations like Blood and Soil. All the diaper boxes found with the message were reportedly purchased at Target:

The tweets have been coming since around mid-March, but it took awhile before Pampers and Target started responding.

Lots of people have chimed in to say they have found the cards; it’s not an isolated incident.

And they’re extremely disturbed.

Moms have been swapping stories about finding them offline as well.

And they’re trying to figure out where they’re coming from:

Popville spoke with an anonymous buyer who found one of the cards in an order. The person identified herself as a person of color, and says her child is biracial. She wrote in an message that she’d been frightened by the stories on the news about the rising violence in the U.S., but having it come into her home was another level of disturbing.

“The day I opened this and found it in the box, I started shaking. I was angry. I was disgusted. I was terrified. I have a small child in my house. She is half white. But to a Neo-Nazi that won’t count. they will hate her just the same. Friends asked me if I thought they targeted me because of my last name? They asked if my name or my husband’s name was on the label. Mine was. I don’t feel I was targeted.”

“I think someone put these in boxes at the warehouse hoping it would make its way into the right people’s hands. Calling the police or the FBI is ridiculous. Even though it is shitty, it’s protected speech. So they are allowed to do this. So what is the point of me sharing this? Making sure we all know it is happening everywhere and it can touch each and every one of us. No matter how benign it may seem to some of you. To a person of color and the white people that love them, it matters.”

It’s was also difficult to say if the person who did it worked at Target, though that’s where the cards were originating. An employee named Jenna told Buzzfeed that the box design made it accessible to anyone around.

“Based on the design of the diaper box, we also think that the laminated card must have been slipped in through the handles of the box, but we don’t have a way to identify where/when or who would have slipped it in there,” she explained. “Unfortunately this card wouldn’t be detected by our team member during the packing process, since we wouldn’t have opened the sealed diaper box to inspect the contents.”

However, an internal investigation did eventually identify the culprit, according to a new statement from Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas.

“After being made aware of the situation, we immediately launched a thorough investigation to address the concerns and put a stop to it,” said Thomas. “We have identified the source, and given this is a violation of our policies and our commitment to inclusivity, terminated the team member.”

They have not explained how they figured out who the employee was.

One of the people who found the cards, Tad Russell, says this is actually not the first time this almost exact scenario has played out in the area, in an interview with WRCB TV.

“It said ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and I looked on the back and it was just five or six websites that I recognized the language that was used from the Charlottsville incident late last year,” he said. 

Russell seems baffled by whoever this person is, and seems willing to set them straight if they want to talk.

“It’s really hard to understand why someone would hold these views that it’s okay to be one thing but not something else,” Russell said. “I really hope that they can know that there are good people out there that will care enough to talk with you.”

For some reason, it seems unlikely that someone who has been going to the trouble of laminating hate-greeting cards is open to reasonable discussion. But the offer is out there, if they get the message.

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This Guy Live-Tweeted His Little Brother's First Date And It's Too Pure

25-year-old Kinglsey Morgan has gone viral for his tweets about his 16-year-old brother Keneil’s date with his crush. It may be the most wholesome story of teen romance you’ve ever read, and it will also make you hungry. 

Morgan was interviewed by Blavity about this incredibly sweet story of brotherly love, telling them, “We have a very close relationship. He considers me his role model and we do everything together. I study with him, we swap stories, he teaches me the latest dance moves in Jamaica, we cook together, go to the movies together — like I said, everything. I’m literally his credible source for confirming or denying anything he sees on the internet; even something as simple as a prank, he seeks my affirmation that it was indeed a prank.” 

He also asked his brother to do the lion’s share of the work for his date with his crush. Morgan agreed to cook dinner for the family, and even made the girl’s favorite dish.

Which sounds absolutely delicious:

Even dad got in on the action, and put on some fun music for the pair as Morgan was working in the kitchen.

But Morgan finally caught a pic of the adorable couple:

And it went over well with the guest of honor:

Hi lil’ bro is taking things slow:

But it seems like his date likes that about him:

People are really impressed that Morgan went to so much trouble to help his brother out and support him:

And they’re wondering if Morgan might make them some curried chicken and rice:

Some people are imagining what their siblings would have done in his place, and it’s definitely not as nice:

Everyone is incredibly invested in this budding relationship, and Morgan has promised updates:

Look, even if it doesn’t work out between these two young lovebirds, Keneil is learning how to do romance right. Just cook them their favorite meal. Better yet, make your brother do it.

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Woman Orders 'Puffer' Jacket Online And It Wasn't What She Expected

You don’t always get what you want when you order something online. Just ask these people. And Twitter user Becky Latham from the United Kingdom may be the latest victim of inaccurate photos, after she decided to order an Urban Outfitters jacket. 

Here’s the jacket in question, which looked like a bargain considering it was on sale for £55 ($ 77). 

Actually, maybe not. Here’s what she got…

Though some people saw it as an investment. 

Others thought it was pretty retro. 

This isn’t the first time someone has regretted buying something online. This woman fell into the same trap as Latham. 

While others didn’t seem to take much notice of the dimensions. 

At least it fits the cat. 

This is just not accurate at all. 

Always read before you buy. 

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Petsmart Employee Helps Dog Owner Find Discontinued Toy For Picky Dog

Everyone’s dog has a favorite toy that they just won’t put down. Every other toy pales in comparison and just won’t live up to their high standards. Unfortunately, those toys tend to get destroyed over time, and if they get discontinued, it can be hard to find a suitable replacement if your pup is particularly picky.

Twitter user Kelli Brown’s 12-year-old dog Jaxon is one of those pups. He’s spent most of his life in love with a green dinosaur designed by Top Paw that Petsmart no longer sells. And while he’s only small, it’s slowly getting destroyed. 

Back in January, Brown put out a call to see if they might have any sitting around in a warehouse. 

People suggested similar looking toys, but apparently, Jaxon is smart enough to know the difference. 

Thankfully, a Petsmart employee was able to find some in their clearance section.  

A month later and Jaxon is a very happy boy. 

Playing with so many toys is exhausting work. 

Judging by Ken’s response, it was worth all the effort. 

And people were very appreciative. 

The Internet can be great at times. 

Jaxon has enough dinosaurs to last him a while. 

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22 Times 'The Simpsons' Accurately Predicted The Future

If you’ve been a longtime viewer of The Simpsons, then you know that the writers they pick for the show are basically clairvoyant.

Now maybe you can just chalk it up to humanity being predictably ridiculous, or the fact that the show’s been around forever, so the writers are bound to cover everything that’s going to happen in the scope of past, present, and future history, but there are some seriously impressive social phenomenons that the show’s got right on the nose. 

Here are some of the craziest ones. 


Siegfried and Roy being attacked by their tigers.

S05E10: “$ pringfield” aired in 1993, in 2003 the garish entertainment duo encountered called it quits after Roy was mauled by the tiger and left part-paralyzed


Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show.

S23E22: “Lisa Goes Gaga” in 2012 predicted the pop sensation would be rocking the Super Bowl festivities mid-game. In 2017, she did just that


Trump getting elected President.

S11E17: “Bart to the Future” made a joke of a dystopian future where Donald Trump somehow was elected President. 16 years later and that ridiculousness actually came to pass. 


Mutant tomatoes.

S11E5: “E-I-E-I-D’oh!” debuted in 1999, and 14 years later, mutant tomatoes started popping up in Japan in wake of the Fukushima disaster


Autocorrect frustrations.

S6E19: “Lisa’s Wedding” came out way back in 1995. In the episode, Lisa and Marge talk with a phone that has video capabilities and lo and behold, an annoying autocorrect feature. Sound familiar? 


Broken voter machine.

S20E4: “Treehouse of Horror XIX” came out in 2008. Then in 2012, the exact same thing happened


The discovery of “The God Particle”.

S10E2: “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” came out in 1998 and it features Homer at a blackboard with an equation written on it. That equation predicted the mass of an undiscovered particle: the Higgs Boson, or “God Particle” that ended up being a huge scientific breakthrough


The inexplicable theft of a lemon tree.

S6E24: “Lemon of Troy” aired in 1995. The episode featured residents of rival town, Shelbyville, stealing a lemon tree from Springfield. Life imitated art when a lemon tree was uprooted, for no reason, in the same exact fashion, in 2013


The NSA Spying Scandal.

The Simpsons Movie in 2007 depicted the NSA as this huge organization spying on all American citizens. Now it might’ve seemed like hyperbole back then, but it turns out they got it pretty much right


Lisa’s fiance from the future talking into his watch.


S6E19: “Lisa’s Wedding” debuted in 1995, and now we’ve got a wave of smartwatches that do all sorts of crazy stuff


TV Evangelists worshipping money.


S7E12: “Team Homer” shows TV preachers being obsessed with worshipping money. Then Pope Francis said this in 2013


America’s Ebola “outbreak”.

S9E3: “Lisa’s Sax” shows Marge reading Curious George and the Ebola Virus in 1997. In 2014, America was very, very afraid of Ebola


Horse meat as a “secret” ingredient.


S5E19: “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song” aired in 1994, featuring the lunch lady putting horse meat in children’s lunches. In 2013, a bunch of popular food products were found to have horse meat in them.  


FIFA’s corruption.

 S25E16: “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee” aired in 2014 featuring a character who bore an eerie resemblance to the same officials arrested on corruption charges


Hamburger earmuffs.


S10E2: “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” featured this weird fashion trend in 1998 well before this product hit the market in 2010


Greece’s economic collapse.

S23E10: “Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson” aired in 2012 and cracked a joke about Greece being put up on eBay. In 2015, Greece went into default


Ringo taking 20 years to write back to his fans.

S2E18: “Brush with Greatness” had Ringo say he’ll write back to each and every one of his fans, even if takes him “20 years”. In 2013, Paul McCartney of the Beatles responded to a fan’s mail 50 years later. 


Predicting someone would win the nobel prize six years before they did.

S22E1: “Elementary School Music” aired in 2010, saying that an MIT Professor would win a Nobel prize, which he did, in 2016. 


Future Lisa’s college librarian was a robot.

S6E19: “Lisa’s Wedding” debuted in 1995. Her college’s librarian was a robot, and, well, we now have robotic libraries. So there


Baby translator.

S3E24: “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?” came out in 1992. The episode featured a baby translator that could let you know what your infant is saying. Now, there’s an app that recognizes the type of cry your baby is giving you


Disney buys out Fox.

 S10E5: “When You Dish Upon A Star”, nearly 20 years before Disney bought out Fox, predicted the animation studio giant would own 20th Century Fox in 1998. In 2017, Disney purchased Fox for $ 66.1 billion. 


Homer sells cooking grease for money.

S10E1: “Lard of the Dance” came out in 1998 where Homer has a get-rich-quick scheme stealing and selling grease. In 2013, thieves were found smuggling grease for pretty much the exact same reason

What I want to know is why the writers of The Simpsons aren’t using their future prediction powers for good. Or maybe there’s a secret organization that’s forcing them to deliver their message in cartoon-joke form, so no one takes it seriously? Illuminati. 

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This Guy Is Tracking All The Most Miserable Places In The World According To Their Names

Damien Rudd runs an Instagram account called “Sad Topographies” which has recently been turned into a book. Rudd’s genius idea, according to Bored Panda, is to simply look up sad words on Google Maps and snap a screenshot.

Apparently, all of America was settled by extremely depressed, anxious, and lonely people. There are lakes, highways, mountains and peninsulas everywhere dedicated to humanity’s most painful emotion.

Like sadness:

Lots of mistakes and disappointment were made, and then commemorated on the map:

Just general bad feelings all around:

The grimness kind of starts funny, gets sad, and then comes around to funny again. Sort of like walking the loop around Lonely Lake. Beautiful in summer!

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20 'I'm Just Not Having It' Moments That Are All Too Relatable


20 ‘I’m Just Not Having It’ Moments That Are All Too Relatable

We’ve all had one of those days where we just don’t feel like interacting with humanity.

But, we are social creatures and have to ultimately find a life by functioning in society, with other people. Otherwise, why waste your time? Just go and become a hermit.

Although that’s a tad on the extreme side, and most of us aren’t going to do that, that doesn’t mean we have to like all of our human interactions of put up with them. Just ask these people and animals how they deal with the days that just can’t be dealt with.

1. Did the dog roll up the window?

2. Not interested in baths.


3. Blue steel, dude, not “You’re-gonna-get-murdered-steel”.


4. Merriam-Webster don’t play.


5. Kitty just wants to play 🙁

When you express your feelings to your crush and they are not having it

6. “Nah, I’m good.”


7. Called. Out.


8. No. Brush. Teeth.

9. This mom who found out her son was rioting in Baltimore.

Baltimore Mom Found Her Son Participating in Riots. She is NOT Having it.

10. This horse.


11. Someone’s not in the Christmas spirit.


12. This creeptacular dalmatian pic.


13. So over picture day.


14. “Nice cosplay, now please leave.”


15. “Take your picture and get away from me.”


16. “No booties, please.”


17. I got your fun right here.


18. I take it he’s not a fan.

Security Guard is not having it

19. This Russian woman who has no time for stick-ups.

20. This woman who stood up to a man who told her to “Go back to Mexico.”

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like entertaining anyone’s nonsense.

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