Self Admitted 'Game That Isn't Fun' Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Self Admitted 'Game That Isn't Fun' Smashes Kickstarter Goal
Derek Henkels, the developer behind []this game isn't fun[] is sure to be a happy man. Having surpassed his campaign goal of $ 20, the game has raised almost eight times that initial target with more than ten days remaining. Following the recent trend …
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GBPUSD traders just having some fun
The GBPUSD has ripped higher after breaking above the lows from earlier in the week and held on a final corrective look (the low just before the last move higher stalled at 1.4133 – see chart below)). Intraday traders are having some fun (see prior post).
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Key & Peele have fun, pack guns in trailer for 'Keanu' movie
The red-band trailer for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's movie “Keanu” is here, and we never could have predicted they could get this much comedy in one trailer. And that there would be a kitten involved. Yes the titular kitten (no relation to …
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Rihanna trolls fans on Twitter, but could ANTI arrive on Friday?

Rihanna trolls fans on Twitter, but could ANTI arrive on Friday?
We would like to start this article off by asking Rihanna one thing: “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS YOUR NEW ALBUM?” Now we've got that out of the way, it looks like Rihanna may just be trolling us all, and it really isn't funny.
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Try again: JJ Watt sacks Twitter troll with A+ burn
College football mascots are supposed to represent their schools in a fun, positive light — which doesn't typically include picking fights. Here, the University of Oregon's duck slams the University of Houston's cougar. Bonus points for the sick elbow …
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Could GM Become a Patent Troll?

Could GM Become a Patent Troll?
In a deal announced yesterday, auto giant General Motors acquired the assets, employees and intellectual property of defunct ridesharing company Sidecar. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Bloomberg reports that it was for less than the …
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Qualcomm…a "patent troll"?
#Patent reform stalled in Congress last year, but some solons are pushing hard for it this year. One bloc looking for reforms wants to rein in patent lawsuits. This reform would make it tougher for companies and individuals to file suits to block a patent.
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How funny women are moving into the spotlight in Hollywood

How funny women are moving into the spotlight in Hollywood
These days, not only do we now have a greater number of funny women on our screens, but they are also bold, sexy and their approach has changed. More than just making us giggle, they are forcing women — and men — to push invisible cultural …

Author sheds light on opera's funny side
“One of the things that's funny about opera is that people take it so seriously,” she said. “The average person, when they think of opera, thinks of a fat lady on stage with the horns making these big loud sounds and trying to be very serious, and …
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Funny guys, funny, funny gals
Knowledge of one's audience, certainly. Good timing and relevance. But probably all truly funny people would say the most important thing is simply hard work, honing their humor until it's no longer work, but second nature. Funny people like Buster …
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Welcome to the age of tech startup trolls

Welcome to the age of tech startup trolls
Unfortunately and inevitably, every so often comes along a troll — someone who throws flames onto an Internet topic fire, just for the fun of it. Trolls have many mutations, but for this post, we shall focus on the ones who lurk and prowl in the dark …
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What's happening: Snowmobile fun run; Hit Men concert at Mother Lode
The Wise River Jackpine Savages will host the 2016 Fun Run in the Pioneer Mountains starting from the Wise River Community Center Saturday. Registration is from 9 to 11 a.m. Riders must be back by 5 p.m. Cost is $ 6 per poker hand and you can purchase …
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Oregon brothers troll Ammon Bundy militia with fundraiser for gun control

Oregon brothers troll Ammon Bundy militia with fundraiser for gun control
Oregon brothers troll Ammon Bundy militia with fundraiser for gun control group and other occupier foes. Tom Boggioni · 17 Jan 2016 at 15:36 ET. Go home Bundy sign in Oregon via G.O.H.O.M.E.. Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story!
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Crooks troll online; don't leave your valuable data out there
If I were a modern and intelligent burglar, I would be able to deduct the cost of my Internet service as a business expense. Without really trying to do it, my time browsing the Web often tells me when my neighbors are going on vacation leaving these …
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Carolina Panthers troll Rainn Wilson
After the game, the Panthers decided to troll some naysayers that didn't give them any chance before the game on Sunday. One of those naysayers is huge Seattle Seahawks fan Rainn Wilson, who played the famous character Dwight Schrute on The Office.
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Latest Fun Troll News

Clemson Fans Expertly Troll Alabama
… of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, stop reading immediately. For those of you who like good old fashioned trash talk before the biggest game of the college football season, you've found a happy place. Some Clemson fans think poking fun at …
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Learn circus skills during week of Big Top-related fun at Watermans in Brentford
The fun continues the following Sunday, with The Billy Goats Gruff, by Garlic Theatre, a show for 3-6 year-olds in which the fairy tale gets an ecological twist with a flying troll and loads of rubbish. There's plenty more children's theatre lined up …
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The Minnesota Wild tried to troll Jordie Benn by comparing him to Yukon Cornelius
The Minnesota Wild were up 2-0 on the Dallas Stars in the second period of Monday night's game and someone manning the scorboard probably thought, 'Hey, this looks like a solid lead. Now is a good time to have some fun with the Stars bench.' So they …
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A laugh-riot with 'Funny Side Up'

A laugh-riot with 'Funny Side Up'
It's 8 p.m. and 'Funny Side Up' when a talented youthful comedians take turns ensuring the small book café reverberates with laughter for a good one-and-a-half hours. Apart from taking a humorous and sarcastic look on our everyday lives, communities, …
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Martha Kelly in 'Baskets': Funny, if You're OK With That
I thought it would be funny if the character had just accidentally sat on her own hand and broke it. A lot of Zach's humor is instinctive — knowing something's going to be funny without overthinking it. The cast makes my character seem more vulnerable …
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From FUNNY GIRL to SOMETHING ROTTEN!- BWW Readers Pick the Best Shows About
What can we relate to more than a show about our own people and the experiences that we go through regularly? There's nothing like seeing a show about theatre and thinking to yourself, "Yes! I've been there. I've worked with that kind of person.
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Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp troll Thierry Henry – by recreating THAT

Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp troll Thierry Henry – by recreating THAT
Remember when Brendan Rodgers got sacked by Liverpool, in early October? Seems like ages ago now, doesn't it? So long ago, in fact, that you probably don't remember much about the details. Oddly, however, if you were watching Sky Sports when the …

Superhero Bits: Deadpool Romance Trailer, Jessica Jones Ratings, Batmobiles & More
AAAND you saved me from having to troll the troll further. My thanks. … You suck the fun out of enjoyable things for no other reason than your own insecurities and what I assume is dissatisfaction in yourself and your ability to create and impress …
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Do Phillies fans "owe" deference to players like Ryan Howard?
It's still funny to me. I can take criticism — one of the things I am most certain of here is that if I write something without thinking it through carefully, all of you will call me out on it within 3 comments. So I thought about the gist of the …
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