Obama Surprises Biden With Medal of Freedom And Confirms Joebama 'Bromance'

Regardless of whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you have to admit that the memes that came out of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s bromance are pretty amazing.

After Obama-Biden memes blew up, it got people a bit cynical, saying that the heights of their love for each other were a bit exaggerated and that the internet was fueling the narrative of how good of friends they were just for the sake of memes.

And I would have been fine with that. When I look at the realities of life I tend to get a bit depressed, so I was totally cool with their bromance being overly celebrated, even if it wasn’t entirely the real deal.

But it turns out that magic does exist, ladies and gentleman, because even Obama threw a surprise send-off for Biden.

And what’s more is that he used the word “Bromance” to describe their relationship, joking that “This also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.”

Obama called Biden the “best Vice President” the US has ever had, and awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Which an emotional Joe accepted graciously. But of course, Biden being Biden, he had to lay some humor down with a classic Barack anecdote.

He concluded by telling Barack he has his back forever, because that’s what bromances are for.

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