The Best Moment Of 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Is A Cat Meme Now

Look, you can keep your zombie dragons. For me, the coolest part of Game of Thrones season 7 was Lady Olenna’s deathbed speech in which she confesses to Jaime that she killed Joffrey, his son. 

The matriarch of House Tyrell, played by absolute legend Diana Rigg, was the coolest cucumber in Westeros and my favorite character in the entire series. So, of course, the internet has been paying its respects to the fallen Lady of Highgarden in the only way it knows: cat memes.

It’s a very simple meme, and yet it inspires delight in me every time I see it.

Maybe because cats always do look like they will poison your firstborn if you put stuff on their head.

But you might be wondering—does this meme work with dogs, too?

I am happy to report the answer is YES.

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The New 'Carpool Karaoke' Featuring 'Game Of Thrones' Stars Is Everything You Want

James Corden’s video segment on the The Late Late Show with James Corden, “Carpool Karaoke” is now Carpool Karaoke: The Series. This is obviously pretty exciting news, because the videos of everyone’s favorite celebrities singing along to their own music are wildly popular, but sadly short. Apple Music has taken the concept and turned it into a full show, so you get more of your beloved TV, music, and movie stars driving around than ever.

And look who they’re teasing you with:

Entertainment Weeklyreports that Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner filmed their episode during a visit to Austin, Texas, at the South by Southwest festival in March. Their episode premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m., but if you’re wondering how they’ll fill a half hour program about karaoke with the antics of two actors who don’t sing, a new teaser is very illuminating.

In this clip, Williams and Turner play a game they claim was popular on set the first season of GoT: just take an ordinary sentence and try to say it like Ned Stark. I know, he died so long ago, but the girl’s impressions will bring it all right back:

They do tie it into music by featuring popular music quotes, like, “Becky, look at her butt.” It’s amazing, you really can hear Ned Stark asking you to look at a woman’s butt!

Hard to wait for the rest of the episode, but enjoy this clip of the girls singing Hakuna Matata to the Game of Thrones theme song to get you through:

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Bronn's Mailman Stopped Talking To Him Because Of What He Did On 'Game Of Thrones'

Things are starting to heat up on Game of Thrones and yes, that is a reference to dragon fire, baby! On Sunday’s episode, people’s favorite characters who they have been following as they traverse all the regions of Westeros are finally meeting—and they’re clashing. That means you may start seeing one character you love killing another character you love, like when Bronn viciously attacked Drogon, because Drogon was for sure killing lots and lots of people.

Twitter was conflicted:

Apparently, this emotional conflict has spilled over to real life and started to disrupt the real life of actor Jerome Flynn, who brings Bronn to life for us every week. BuzzFeedreports that in an interview for Making Game of Thrones, Flynn claims that even his mailman turned against him when he took action against Drogon:

He also gives a coded answer for how worried you should be about Bronn. Is this a spoiler?

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'Game Of Thrones' Finally Showed A Dragon In Battle And It Was Well Worth The Wait

‘Game Of Thrones’ Finally Showed A Dragon In Battle And It Was Well Worth The Wait

A few months back, Game of Thrones show runner David Benioff announced that season 7 would only be seven episodes long, opposed to the usual ten. But they’re making up for the short season with extra action. Last night’s episode featured a massive battle between the Dothraki horde and Lannister army while Daenerys rained fire from above on the back of Drogon.

Social media users were on the edge of their seats for a solid 15 minutes…

At first, people were naive enough to think that Jaime actually stood a chance.

And then Drogon happened.

As soon as it became apparent that things were going down, no one knew who they were rooting for.

But some people were pretty clear with their allegiances.

Others remembered Olenna Tyrell’s advice to Daenerys.

And as much as people love Jaime, they were screaming at their television screens.


And once it was all over, this realization hit everyone like a truck…

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Pornhub Took A Huge Traffic Hit During The 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere

Game of Thrones took over the airwaves on Sunday, and also destroyed everyone’s timelines with jokes and complaints about Ed Sheeran. Yes, the long anticipated season 7 premiere was finally here and you know what that means: time to take a brief break from masturbating.

The Independent reports that popular pornography site Pornhub shared their statistics from the hour on Sunday night that HBO was airing GoT. They found that during that time period, traffic to Pornhub dipped by 4.5 percent, saying that shows a “considerable change in visitors as Sunday night is one of the most popular times for people to visit Pornhub.”

I know what you’re thinking. That’s not such a huge dip. But when you actually look at the graph, it’s pretty hilarious:

The question is, are people so in love with Game of Thrones that they’re willing to stop pleasuring themselves for an hour to enjoy it, or are they just finding their pleasure…elsewhere?

When season 6 premiered, Pornhub says they had a drop as well, but only by 4.1 percent. People have gotten even more excited for this show than ever before, perhaps even too excited in ways we don’t want to contemplate. But the site says their biggest dip ever was during the finale of season 6, when they experienced a 5.2 percent traffic dip. People always get worked up when you leave them wanting more.

Pornhub seems more amused by the loss of customers than angry, as does everybody else.

And it’s not the first time someone has made the connection that they’re more or less the same thing:

We’ll see whether porn or Jon Snow can keep our attention longer this season.

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'Game Of Thrones' Might Have Revealed The Cure For Greyscale Last Night

(Spoilers ahead, obviously!)

If you watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones last night, you know that Sam Tarly is currently studying to be a maester, though most of his duties involve taking care of people with greyscale and cleaning up feces.

You also would have noticed that Jorah Mormont is one of Sam’s patients.

But possibly what you didn’t notice is that Sam might have totally found a way to cure Jorah’s greyscale in one of the books he was reading about dragonglass. 

REALLY. Reddit user Beastmodekait took a screenshot of one of Sam’s books at just the right moment to capture half a page about the medicinal uses of dragonglass.

Obviously, the screenshot doesn’t reveal the entire passage, but it does appear that the page talks about ingesting (presumably ground) dragonglass as cures for diseases. The author apparently dismisses this claim, saying that it could hurt “gullible” people by having them waste time and money eating dragonglass instead of  using “practical treatments.”

As Beastmodekait pointed out, Shireen’s greyscale was restricted just to her face (though not cured entirely), and she grew up in Dragonstone—which we now know has large stores of dragonglass with which she could have come into contact. It fits! And it also happens to be a great excuse to get Jon and Dany to finally have a Targaryen family reunion.

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There's Now A Pop-Up 'Game Of Thrones' Bar So You Can Get As Drunk As Cersei

A Game of Thrones-inspired bar is coming to Washington, D.C., which is great news for everyone who has ever wanted to sip wine as menacingly as Cersei does.

The bar, which will serve cocktails with names like “Dracarys” and “Dothraquiri,” will be slinging drinks through August 27.  “We began by thinking about what these fictional characters from Game of Thrones would drink, what cocktails would epitomize them and what moments should be represented,” says Bar Manager Paul Taylor. “We want our guests to connect the cocktails to elements of the show through name, ingredients, garnish, and glassware.”

For instance, The North Remembers ($ 15)—a yummy-sounding scotch drink—is served in a horn tankard. A tequila and grapefruit tonic, meanwhile, gets you shamed—seriously. The drink is called Shame ($ 13) and it apparently comes with a little bell to ring so everyone can see your disgrace.

The pub, officially opened for business June 21, is decorated with Weirwood trees, dragons, and, of course, the Iron Throne itself. 

The bar will specifically not be open on Sunday nights after July 16, however. “To watch it, of course,” said Angie Fetherston, who heads the group running the pub, in a statement.

“To quote the great George R.R. Martin, ‘there has to be a level of joy of what you’re doing’ and we believe Game of Thrones is the seminal show of this decade,” Fetherston said. “We didn’t have a choice; the three-eyed raven picked us. This PUB is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms and we cannot wait to share it with fellow fans.” 

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The Season 6 'Game Of Thrones' Blooper Reel Is Here To Keep You Sane Until Next Summer

As it turns out, there’s more to San Diego Comic Con than updates on the complex and intertwined worlds of Marvel comics. It’s also the place to be for bonus material from pretty much any T.V. show you’re binging. At this year’s convention, the powers that be released a Season Six ‘Game Of Thrones’ blooper reel— and it’s everything we hoped for and more. 

TBH, there’s nothing more fun than watching actors break character… And watching Peter Dinklage wage a war on the English language.  

We have Peter Dinklage struggling to say the word “benevolent.”

…Some unintended indecent exposure…

The ‘unintended’ part being very rare for this show.

…More of Peter Dinklage trying to say “benevolent…”

…Prop malfunctions…

…And, again, Peter Dinklage epically failing to say the word “benevolent.”

Personal favorite: some priceless footage of Dinklage finding out that he has to say the word again in another scene. 

Watch all the magic below. 

This is definitely just as good as the show. We thank the ~benevolent~ HBO people for bestowing upon us this gem. 

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You Can Channel Your Inner Khaleesi With This 'Game Of Thrones' Jewelry Line

There are few people, either fictional or real, who even approach the level of badass reached by Daenerys Targaryen. She has dragons (which she flies around on gracefully without getting third degree burns) and an army. Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, you probably know all about her, thanks to the Internet’s obsession with The Breaker Of Chains and Mother Of Dragons. And even the slightest glance at an HBO promotional picture tells you she’s fierce AF. 

So, if you feel like channeling your inner Queen / Mother of Dragons, you can order a new line of jewelry from the Game of Thrones costume designer. 

Michele Claption, who’s responsible for the looks from the first five seasons of the show, decided to bestow upon us some Westeros – style jewelry. She worked with famed jewelry designers Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom to launch MEY Designs— with a specific GoT line. 

Dressing like Khaleesi doesn’t come cheap. 

Turns out, you’ll have to shell out over $ 2,000 to have a dragon wrapped around your neck, but smaller items cost significantly less (meaning, somewhere in the low hundreds…) Hey, no one said being that fierce came for free. 

The line includes dragon-themed cuffs and arm wraps…

mey designs

You can expect a fourteen-week wait for the pieces after ordering, but you’ll have dragon jewelry and bragging rights for all eternity. 

You can rock pendants or “neck sculptures” (because that’s a thing). 

mey designs

It’s also worth mentioning that the line is called “Game of Thrones 2016.” Perhaps there will be more GoT lines in years to come?

And, for those of you who want to give a subtle shoutout to your favorite HBO drma, there are some delicate earrings


mey designs

Hopefully, with the help of her dragon jewelry, we’ll be able to make an entrance just like our girl. 

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This Is What 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Would Look Like If Tim Burton Created Them

Tim Burton films hold a special place in my childhood. I remember crying at the end of Edward Scissorhands and loving Batman Returns to death, especially when The Penguin bit that dude’s nose at a gala and when Michelle Pfeifer gets shot but doesn’t die because she has nine lives from magical cat powers, or something. I dunno, it was Tim Burton’s sh*t so it was pretty awesome.

Burton hasn’t put out the most stellar sh*t as of late, with his last really awesome movie being Sweeney Todd, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love the guy’s aesthetic, which is undeniable. 

And although I wouldn’t necessarily think that a Game Of Thrones series directed by Burton would be anywhere near as amazing as the brilliant production they’ve currently got on the air, I do wonder what Burton’s vision would be like if applied to these characters.

Which is why it’s so awesome that artist Xenia Rassolova decided to take popular GOT characters and give them the old Burton treatment for Obsev.


Here we’ve got Bran chilling with the three-eyed crow.

An animation student in Canada, Xenia definitely captured Tim Burton with these fan favorite characters: like Cersei and a pre-handless Jaime.


The mother of dragon’s here in full effect too.


No character list would be complete without Jon Snow, with his trust Ghost by his side.


Margaery Tyrell, looking exceptionally Corpse Bride-ish.


Samwell Tarly, gripping a book, as always.


And all-of-a-sudden-awesome Sansa, who’s probably watching you-know-who getting their face ripped off.


Oh yeah and the halfman himself, Tyrion.


This scary White Walker too.


And then the whole cast, posing for a group portrait.


They look pretty dour, even for Game Of Thrones characters, right? (h/t obsev)

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