The Internet Is Talking About #LoudBlackGirls, And We're Listening

When #LoudBlackGirls started trending on Twitter, it was easy to assume the worst because, well…it’s the internet.

Clicking through and finding the source of the hashtag revealed something else all together.

Erica Garner, daughter of the late Eric Garner, said in a recent town hall meeting with President Obama that she had to be belligerent to be heard.

When social activist Femenista Jones heard the details, she decided to take to Twitter to comment:

And here, the hashtag was born:

Femenista Jones kept tweeting, listing offences that famous African American women throughout history had to stay silent in front of,  including her own personal account.  

She then invited others to chime in:

And they did:

I would post the tweets that trolls made using the hashtag while their wifi connection was still up and running, but they quickly fell to the bottom of the barrel as other tweets were liked and retweeted to the top.

You can follow (and join) the conversation on Twitter by using #LoudBlackGirls.

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This Awkward Throwback Photo Of Margot Robbie Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

As a bitter millennial with stumpy legs and no stage presence, I harbor a lot of animosity towards beautiful and talented celebrities who have done absolutely nothing wrong. Number one on this list is Margot Robbie. Not only does she have the dreamiest Australian accent and a perfect body / face, she also happens to have my name. And I’m kind of a narcissist and wanted to be the most famous Margot of our generation. Based on where her career is going, and my number of Twitter followers, that’s not going to happen.

That’s why the most recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! made me feel a little better. And if you’re still resentful from your years as an awkward tween, it will make you feel better too. 

Much to Robbie’s surprise, Kimmel unveiled this amazingly awkward #tbt, thanks to one of Robbie’s friends.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.31.10 PM

“Literally the most embarrassing photo of my whole life,” the actress said woefully. “I bet this was Sophia [who sent the photo.]” …All we know is, we definitely wouldn’t want to be Sophia right now. 

Let’s just appreciate her reaction to seeing this less-than-fortunate-looking photo, which was taken on her thirteenth birthday. 

Yeah, girl. Been there. Except with every photo ever taken of me. Only feeling mildly sympathetic right now. 

There’s a lot to love about this photo. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.36.01 PM

First of all she’s reading a ‘Harry Potter’ book, so she truly is one of us mere mortals who dream about getting our Hogwarts letters. 

And then, well, she looks awkward AF. Even celebrities had it rough in middle school! “I was really into slicking my hair back, God knows why,” she said. “I’m wearing glasses I didn’t actually need. And I lied to get glasses… I went to the optometrist and said ‘No, I can’t see.'” Margot Robbie, queen of the personality glasses before they were cool. 

Her embarrassment is actually pretty endearing. 

See, she’s still perfect. 

You can watch the clip from the Interview below:

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J.K. Rowling Told Us Everything We Need To Know About The American Wizarding School

In anticipation for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts, J.K. Rowling has written some background to the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ilvermorny.

The houses for Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are each named after the favorite magical creature of the family members who founded the school. While we don’t yet know the complete personality profiles of each house, here they are: 

Wampus, which “favors warriors.”


One of two sons, Webster Boot, chose Wampus, because he was “argumentative but fiercely loyal.”


Horned Serpent, which “favors scholars.”


Mother to the family Isolt Sayre chose the Horned Serpent because she felt a kinship with the creature.

Pukwudgie, which “favors healers.”


The father of the family, James Steward, chose the Pukwudgie because Isolt made a joke about one once. Classic dad move. 

And Thunderbird, which “favors adventurers.”


The second brother, Chadwick Boot, chose Thunderbird, because they were “intelligent but often temperamental.”

The complete history of the school is here, but summarized the best snippets below:

Isolt was born in around 1603 and fled Ireland for America to escape her abusive aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt. The Gaunts are ancestors of Voldemort. 

In America she met James Steward, a muggle who saw her using magic. She had planned to kill Steward, but they instead fell in love and adopted two orphaned magical boys, Chadwick and Webster.

Isolt set up Ilvermorny for magical children and named it after her childhood home in Ireland. 

Ilvermorny runs in a similar fashion to Hogwarts because Isolt had read about the school in England. 

At one point, Isolt discovers that her wand belonged to Salazar Slytherin and contained basilisk horn. They buried the wand, but it soon sprouted a snakewood tree.

The robes of the school are blue and cranberry because Isolt wanted to be in Ravenclaw as a child and James loved cranberry pie. 

And yes, you can get sorted into your own Ilvermorny house if you don’t fancy going to Hogwarts after Brexit. 

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What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes

What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes
Turns out, his family and friends are as guilty of it as the rest of us. Yes, especially when it comes to what he considers appropriate airport attire. "I swear I do not put or apply as much thought into what I'm going to wear, as much as it gets …
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It have been comatose for just about any prolonged time wow gold?

It have been comatose for just about any prolonged time wow gold?
Like a account primer for players, the brand new character introductions hold out an improtant role, which could hold as an ideal offer as market Wow Gold for the gatherings from the genuine WoW in add-on to the two expansions. Recently, goblin, worgen, bloodstream elf, troll, dwarf and tauren transcripts are available. I will introduce some new character to palyers.
ForsakenThough Lady Sylvanas in add-on to the Forsaken safe wow gold last but not very least took vengeance on their hated enemy, The Lich King, their dim crusade in Northrend proved costly. Betrayed by Grand Apothecary Putress in the combat from the US Wow Gold, the Forsakens devious plague of passing away was unleashed on equally the Alliance and Horde to calamitous event. zyYPPHSj0 Unbeknownst to Sylvanas, Putress and his demonic ally Varimathras experienced used look after from the Undercity. getting a result, the Forsaken experienced been wrongfully blamed for that traitorous atrocities. even although the Undercity was last but not very least retaken, Sylvanas and Wow Gold purchase even now bear the pounds of Putresss sins. Mistrusted from one other people from the Horde, the Forsaken should prove their loyalty for that cause and redeem by themselves from their intended treachery.
In the end, Sylvanas has bolstered her defenses within of the Tirisfal Glades and readied her undead forces for just about any contingency. As between the Wow Gold Paypal, it is best to create utilization of your cunning and viciousness to slay any who would pose a risk to Sylvanass rule. Be it undead, human, or otherwise

Rogues undoubtedly are a school lending by itself excellently nicely to market Wow Gold. largely as a end result of the ability, rogues is totally completely different from other courses
Rogues often get lots of goodies for PvP. even although it is acknowledged getting a producer new game, the stunlock as we know is gone. It have been comatose for just about any prolonged time, but shared diminishing US Wow Gold arranged a last toenail stunlocks coffin. There are capabilities that steer the rogue to undertake much more fanciful things. extended combat not merely implies much more probabilities to create utilization of all people cooldowns wow items  rogues but phone call for much more time to turn into better, largely because blowing all readily available Wow Gold purchase for one large burst does not necessarily translate to kill an opponent.
This rogue spec specializes in poisons, which has some fascinating implications for PvP. It implies you continually should preserve poisons applied, that is not merely a challenging job at all, but you will also should be much more mindful toward courses that could remove poisons referred to as druids and paladins. using an ideal offer from the Wow Gold Paypal, assassination is no extended the PvP powerhouse it employed to acquire but gains lots of PvE sustainability. frequently speaking, it is acknowledged getting an ideal alter that spreads adore around. game fanatics can quite an ideal offer choose any spec for PvP; theoretically, it will require to only be considered a create a difference of preference. if you actually like making up for large bursts in add-on to the appeal of poisons, assassination must acquire an ideal choice.

Wow Gold for the gatherings from the genuine WoW in add-on to the two expansions. Recently, goblin, worgen, bloodstream elf, troll, dwarf and tauren transcripts are available. I will introduce some new character to palyers.

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