Disappointing Photos Of Crowd At Dallas Cowboys Game Emerge Online–And People Aren't Impressed

I’m from Jersey and over here, pretty much everybody’s a Giants fan. Sure you have the occasional Jets fan who swears their team is the best, but they’re a rarity.

But even up here in the dirty-Jers, you’ll drive by a few houses flying flags that rep the Cowboys. I mean, I never knew we had such a sizable demographic of Dallas lovers in the tri-state area, so much so that people have even written about this strange phenomenon, but it turns out that Cowboys fans are everywhere.

Everywhere except this recent primetime game they had against the Redskins.

The teams’ middling records probably had something to do with the fact that there weren’t many people in attendance, but some people on Twitter had different theories.

But it was enough of a disparity from the other games that people definitely took notice. Surely traffic couldn’t have been that bad?

And this Eagles fan couldn’t help but gloat.

It just wasn’t a good look for the mighty franchise.

Fans were saying that they’ve been to high school football games with higher turnouts and honestly, I have too.

Are fair weather fans to blame?

Is there honor in standing by a losing team? Probably. I mean, think about how happy you’ll be once your franchise actually wins the championship.

Remember Bill Murray’s face when the Cubs finally took home the pennant after so many decades?

I’d say it’s worth having some loyalty. So you’ll see me ecstatic when the Raiders win the Super Bowl. The Steelers would be nice, too.

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Trump Supporters Are Angrily Tweeting At The Wrong Black Man–And We Aren't Surprised

This is LeVar Burton. You might recognize him from your childhood from the awesome show, Reading Rainbow.

This is LaVar Ball, a media personality, businessman, and father to three basketball players.

Recently, Donald Trump helped get Ball’s son LiAngelo and two of his teammates from UCLA out of shoplifting charges in China. Something that Ball didn’t thank Trump for, and a fact that the Donald was very, very upset about and went on a Twitter rant as a result.

The President went so far as to say he should’ve left the basketball players in a Chinese jail.

This is what Ball said that upset Trump so much.

In an ironic twist of events, Trump supporters started attacking LeVar Burton, you know, the man I previously mentioned who helped teach millions of kids across America how to read, instead of LaVar Ball. 

Probably because it’s too confusing to know more than one person of color with the same name (even though they’re spelled differently)??

Burton himself tweeted about the mistakes, finding humor in the entire situation.

Which is probably easy for him, considering he’s such a proven talent with tons of awards to back that up.

Soon, the rest of Twitter noticed the hilarious mix-ups and started getting in on the joke.

Trump supporters started getting roasted hardcore.

Pretty much, Kurt. Pretty much.

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Britain's New Bank Note Contains Animal Fat And Vegans Aren't Happy

The United Kingdom recently released a new £5 note with new security measures to try and put a stop to counterfeiters. But recently, a rumor started that the polymer of the note contained traces of tallow, a hard fatty substance made from rendered animal fat, often used in candles and soap. 

The Bank of England, the UK’s central bank, confirmed the suspicions on Twitter when asked by a vegan if the claims were accurate. 

And this realization hasn’t gone down well with the vegans of Twitter.

While others were quick to criticize those that were outraged.

A petition calling on the Bank of England to come up with a new design that doesn’t contain tallow has so far attracted 55,000 signatures.


The petition, started by Doug Maw, reads:

“The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the U.K.” 

“We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use.” 

What do you think should happen? 

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Sweet Potatoes Aren't Just Delicious, They're Also Super Healthy For You

I’ve been a longtime fan of sweet potatoes, because their moist, mushiness and awesome flavor go well with pretty much any protein. Plus you don’t need to add anything to them: butter? No need. Sugar? Honey? Keep that crap away. You can just toss a bunch of sweet potatoes in the oven and then keep the cooked ones in your fridge and they’re a perfect addition to pretty much any savory meal.

Not to mention, they’re healthy, and a way better alternative to regular old potatoes.

Sure, sweet potato french fries are probably not that much healthier than regular old fries, or are they? Calorically there might not be much of a difference, but it turns out that the orange cousin to the standard potato comes with a boat load of other health benefits.

Like helping to lower ones blood sugar, which is great news for people with type 2 diabetes.


The natural sugar found in sweet potatoes are slowly let into the bloodstream, which reduces the spikes in sugar levels that other sugary foods provide. This results in sustained energy being provided to the body over the course of several hours, rather than minutes.

The soluble fiber in sweet potatoes also helps to keep you feeling fuller longer, so you won’t be hungry in another hour.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes; The Neelys
food network

And if you’re looking for a ton of vitamins and minerals, than look no further than these bad boys. We’re talking Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and B6 – super food status.

Immunal functions are improved by downing these orange tots, as well as mitigating the effects of aging.


Nutritionists also believe that consumption of sweet potatoes help to put you at a lowered risk of cancer, so there are tons of benefits to downing this naturally delicious food.

And when you look at all the amazingly healthy recipes for sweet potatoes, it’s hard to deny just how great they are.


Not to mention they adhered to nearly every diet out there, whether you’re gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, sweet potatoes are pretty much the perfect food. Just like any food though, remember to eat them in moderation.

Definitely getting my mashed sweet potato on this Thanksgiving. (h/t daily trust)

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30 Things That Sound Helpful But Aren't

Here’s some advice. When it is time to do a thing, you should do that aforementioned thing. Unless circumstances arise where doing that thing would no longer be the best outcome, in which case do not do that thing. That is unless of course, the negative outcome is the most desired one. 

I’m real good at giving advice, you guys. 

  1. Let’s meet about this

    Having a meeting to discuss an issue that could be done by 1 person in less time than it takes to have the meeting, but somehow now involves a team that will meet several times a week for the foreseeable future to further discuss doing the thing.


  2. Bro, do you even lift?

    Giving out a friends information as a referal to the gym you just joined without asking first. Bobby, I know you get a kickback for anyone you can get signed up and you want me to be more in shape but those fuckers at your gym call me everyday and I’m not driving 10 miles to go to your same gym


  3. I have some notes…

    Micromanaging people. Telling you things you already know, while you’re already in the process of doing them


  4. Clock has ticked

    People telling my wife it is about time to have a baby, because soon it will be too late.
    She is infertile.


  5. Now hear me out

    One thing I have had to really work on is not offering people advice/telling them what to do when people complain about things. As it turns out, most of the time they just want someone to listen.


  6. Ugh. You have no idea.

    Telling you why their situation is worse than yours


  7. No! Fundamentally untrue.

    “Everything happens for a reason.”


  8. Never be nice

    Give you the go ahead while driving when they clearly have the right of way. We’re not fucking animals! We live in a society!


  9. Have you tried saying it louder?

    Saying “relax” or “calm down” or something to someone who’s upset or agitated. Like, has that ever actually worked in the history of human interaction?


  10. You filthy hypocrite

    Holding a door open when you’re pretty far behind them, so you need to do that awkward jog to the door so as not to keep them waiting. Still nice of them to think of me, though.

    Also, I accept that I have also been the door-holder in this situation.


  11. This place looks good. Now let me make it great.

    The in-laws try to “help” decorate the house by rearranging the furniture and artwork on the walls while they’re “cat-sitting” for us when we’re away on vacation.

    They don’t ask, they just do it – and they think they’ve been helpful with “giving the place a new look.”


  12. You realize that’s what caused this problem in the first place, right?

    Give you shitty advice like “just be yourself.”


  13. This is a conversation about failure, not failure to try.

    Saying “you just need to get out more!” when the conversation as to why I’m single inevitably gets to that point

    I’m well aware of that fact, I’ve tried on several occasions and always failed miserably, which every time left me feeling worse and less confident than before.


  14. Oh. You don’t say.

    “You have a pimple on Your face, You know?”


  15. But all kids the are same, right?

    Offering advice on parenting


  16. Messy people of the world unite!

    “Organizing” my stuff. I make art, my workstation might look messy but everything is exactly where I need it. I hate sitting down to start a project and realizing that nothing is where I left it, or that something’s been thrown away “because it looked like garbage!” Don’t touch my fucking stuff >:[


  17. Sorry but I don’t trust you

    Cooking for me. I have a food allergy and the only people I fully trust to make my food safely are my parents. I also feel badly when someone cooks for me because I end up interrogating them about the ingredients and might end up passing the dish on to someone else if I don’t feel comfortable with it.


  18. You have agency

    When there’s a fight or altercation and that one lady who just screams “OH MY GOD, CALL THE COPS!!! STOP IT!!!”

    Instead of actually calling the cops or seeking help she would rather stand there and just scream at the top of her lungs.


  19. Yeah, but what if the dog is really cute?

    When I’m telling my puppy not to jump when they come in, and they say “noooo it’s fine I love dogs” and pat their hands on their belly signaling my dog to jump more. No thanks, I’m trying to train him.


  20. But it sounds like it could be true

    Post memes that support their political candidate without fact checking.


  21. Hey! Ugly!

    pointing out facial blemishes. If you’re telling me something wrong about my appearance that I can’t change in 5 minutes, don’t say it, I’ll be stressed the rest of the day


  22. Everyone’s a doctor

    Give you medical advice


  23. No more presents

    Give you shit they think you need but you never asked for and don’t have any god damn room for and will never use and end up either throwing it away (and feeling guilty) or donating it (and feeling aggravated b/c of the extra time it takes in your already busy life to deal with) or passing it on to another unsuspecting dupe (and feeling like an ass b/c you just did the same thing that the original person did to you). Please people, stop giving shit to people without them asking for it.


  24. Trust the system

    I don’t know if I have a touch of autism, OCD, or just become annoyed but if I am working on something, whether it be at work or home or whatever, and it seems like I have a LOT to get done, trust me, I am fine and I have a system. I will get it done on time without issues. I generally don’t need help. If you ask me once, I will say no thanks, I am good. If you ask twice, I will become quite angry. Leave me to my system.


  25. It’ll reach you eventually

    Sending prayers.


  26. You and I have different understandings of “Help out

    Coming to “help out” after a baby is born. What they really mean is “I want to come to your home after you’ve given birth and be entertained as a guest while I hoard your new baby as much as possible.”


  27. Mmm. No.

    “Happiness is a choice”


  28. This is not a real answer.

    Not specifying what they want. Eg. “What would you like to drink?” “Oh whatever, I’m not fussed”. NOT. HELPFUL.


  29. What does this do?

    “Bless you” after every sneeze to comfort me. It makes me uncomfortable instead.


  30. He’s fallen and can get up

    I’m a spastic diplegic.

    I sometimes stumble and fall in public.

    People always rush in to help. It’s nice, I know they’re trying to be friendly, and I appreciate it. I really do. Thing is, I have my own weird little technique of getting back on my feet. I have practiced it a lot and now I am extremely good with it. Helping hands only complicate matters.


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