This 27-Year-Old Will Become The First Woman To Visit Every Country In The World

Recently, we covered a story about a dude who managed to visit every country in the world before he turned 40 years old. It’s an amazing accomplishment and to think that he basically got his job on board with his decision and he chronicled that amazing journey is a feat in its own.

But there’s a saying and it goes a little something like “girls do it better,” but what are they talking about, exactly?

It could be visiting every country in the world in record time.

Because Cassandra De Pecol has almost visited every single country in the world and she’s only 27 years old. WHAT.


She’s on track to become the first female, American, youngest, and fastest traveler on the planet to visit all the world’s 196 countries.


She’s already hit up 181 countries and has 40 days to finish out the remaining 15, which the 27-year-old from Connecticut can easily accomplish.


She’s calling her trip around the globe Expedition 196. You might be wondering how in the hell she’s able to travel the world and hold down a job.


She’s employed as an ambassador for peace with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.


Her whole life centers around traveling and tourism, along with taking gorgeous photos and posting them to her Instagram account.


She also leverages her nearly 68,000 thousand followers for free stays in hotels all over the world.


She snaps photos of the exotic venues she stays in and that covers the cost of her rooms. Smart move.

She’s also a fitness enthusiast, triathlete, and entrepreneur.


Her trip has cost her almost $ 200,000 so far, but she’s gotten almost all of it covered by sponsors.


She’s been able to do some amazing things…like cuddle lion cubs. 

Go skiing in Colorado – without a coat!


Chilling on a beach in Kiribati.


And she visited Mostar bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The camera set-up she uses to snap her amazing photos from around the world is small yet powerful.


And of course, she has to bring her world map.


You can check out more of her adventures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her Website.

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'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Predicts Sansa Will Finally Become A Badass

The first five Game of Thrones books. And it was clear to see how Martin was incrementally prepping each of the surviving characters for a career in sheer badassery. Jon Snow with all the crazy sh*t going on in the north. Arya with her Batman training. Bran being on the run and developing his Warg powers. The one Stark kid’s development I was really upset with was Sansa’s, however.

It wasn’t until she started spending time with Littlefinger and chilling with Cersei in the court that I knew she was being primed for calculating badassery – Sansa’s going to be the main madame of the high courts.


And although I pretty much know it’s going to happen, that Sansa is going to be a consummate, calculating badass, it’s taking forever to finally happen.

But according to this Reddit user’s fan theory, Sansa might finally be getting her moment – and it all starts with the letter she sent to Littlefinger.


He basically said that Sansa’s letter to Littlefinger is all a ploy, she expects Ramsay to intercept her letter and send a bunch of his troops to take care of the knights of the vale. It’s a win-win for Sansa to see two men she absolutely hates warring against each other.

But how would a battle between the two pan out? Littlefinger’s forces are strong AF, but Ramsay’s also got Moat Cailin as a stronghold.


And we can’t forget about Reed’s crannogmen who would probably guerilla warfare the sh*t out of all of Ramsay’s peeps.


Whatever happens, Sansa has pretty much got Ramsay Bolton by the balls. If he intercepts the letter, then he’s going to send a good amount of his forces to fight the knights of the vale, giving Jon’s forces a tactical advantage. If he hasn’t, then Littlefinger’s troops will come in and give Ramsay’s army a little back-door special.

I think we’ve been waiting for this sicko to open himself up for a while now. Hopefully he gets what’s been coming to him.

But honestly, I’m just ready to see Sansa come into her own.


Hell. Yes.

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Could GM Become a Patent Troll?

Could GM Become a Patent Troll?
In a deal announced yesterday, auto giant General Motors acquired the assets, employees and intellectual property of defunct ridesharing company Sidecar. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Bloomberg reports that it was for less than the …
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Qualcomm…a "patent troll"?
#Patent reform stalled in Congress last year, but some solons are pushing hard for it this year. One bloc looking for reforms wants to rein in patent lawsuits. This reform would make it tougher for companies and individuals to file suits to block a patent.
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Trollbeads have become the fashion accessory of the moment

Trollbeads have become the fashion accessory of the moment, adorning the wrists of women everywhere, and with many celebrity fans such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Emma Watson jumping on the Trollbead train, they have never been more popular.

Originally invented by Copenhagen family the Aagaards in 1976, the Trollbead system is based on a silver or gold chain onto which individual beads can be threaded using a mechanism which stops the troll beads falling off once the chain is removed.

But just what makes these bracelets so special?  Well, for a start “individual” is a key word here.  It seems that everything, from adventof social network pages to the bars we choose to go to on a Saturday night, to what music we listen to all puts emphasis on individuality these days, and with Trollbeads each bead can be made from an almost limitless number of different materials, including glass and metal, so you can make up your own unique design to wear with pride on your wrist.  Trollbeads are also great because there are just so many ways you can wear them –wear colours to accent your outfit or mood, or choose beads which, like a traditional charm bracelet, celebrate particular aspects of your life in each troll bead.  Or take them all off and start all over again!

Original Troll beads were made from silver, glass and stone and each trollbead has it’s own story depicting mythology, flowers, animals and every day objects, and to this day many different varieties of trollbead are available, so you can build a bracelet of your very own choosing.

And with Christmas coming, what better gift to give your mum, grandma, auntie, niece, friend (You get the general idea!) than by buying them a gorgeous Trollbead bracelet?  Whether it’s a starter bracelet with just one or two beads symbolizing the things you love best about them or a couple of new trollbeads to add to an existing bracelet, troll beads make the perfect festive gift, or for that matter a gift for birthdays, anniversaries… here are a few ideas. Retired Trollbeads are beads which have become rare as they are no longer made, so get your mitts on one of these and you could have a very precious addition to a bracelet. Troll beads really do come in all different shapes, colours and sizes too, so make sure you know whether your trollbead wearer prefers gold to silver; purple to green, and so on. If it’s a special occasion such as a birthday or celebrating a new arrival, why not use a themed Trollbead bracelet?  One or two charms amongst a few Italian glassTrollbeads is a great way to show your friend or relative that you think that they are of course, simply charming too –in their own special way.

A reputable company that offers troll beads One of the leading online trollbead in the UK. Experts in trollbeads and industry for over 5 years and has thousands of satisfied customers


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Troll beads have now become incredibly popular,

The first ever Troll bead was made by silversmith Søren Nielsen in 1976, when he designed and crafted a silver bead called “The Mask”, so called because the bead had six different faces, each with a different expression.

The original beads were silver and threaded onto pieces of leather.  After going on sale in the Copenhagen jewellers belonging to Søren and his sister Lise’s father, Svend Nielsen, they became popular very quickly and soon requests were being made for Trollbeads to be produced in a variety of different shapes, colours, sizes and materials.  In 1987, Lise Aagard opened a second store in Lyngby.  Today Trollbeads is still very much a family business, with the brand having been developed by the Nielsen/Aagaard family, and each family member with his or her own role.

By the 1980s Troll beads developed a lock for their bracelets which the wearer could then remove and re-attach to the chain, allowing the beads to be interchanged.  This new twist on an already very popular original design was to become one of the most recognisable traits of the Troll bead bracelet.  Towards the close of the 1990s, Lise Aagaard began to export and distribute Trollbeads outside of Denmark with her parent company, Lise Aagaard Copenhagen, and the following year introduced glass beads to the collection, which are made by turning the molten glass in a flame heated to 800 degrees.

Trollbeads are now available in a wide variety of materials, including pearl, silver, gold, and semi-precious and precious stones and are threaded on to a bracelet which can either be made from silver, leather or gold.  Other components include the removable lock and stoppers or spacer beads, which can either be used to prevent the Troll beads from falling off the bracelet or simply to space out a few of the beads in a pattern.

Trollbeads have now become incredibly popular, not only because of their versatility and the fact that the wearer can interchange the beads, but for other reasons too.  A Troll bead can be purely decorative; however there are many Trollbeads which can be used to signify an important event, memory or interest in the wearer’s life –much in the same way as traditional charm bracelets.  Some beads symbolize mythology, others are of plants and animals and others even make reference to science.  The Troll beads can then be arranged onto the bracelet as a reminder to the wearer of an anniversary, an achievement that they are proud of, or even as a memento of a holiday or to remind them of a friend.

Trollbeads make ideal gifts for loved ones, particularly as they are so very personal in nature.  A simple bracelet with a couple of starter beads makes a beautiful and original Christmas or birthday present, and allows the wearer to make the bracelet his or her very own by choosing different beads to continue the bracelet with.

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How to Become an Internet Troll

In today’s world where there are so many problems and nobody has or will ever have a simple and non-problematic point in their lives, people look to escape from all the tensions and participate in a fun and energetic conversations from different people all around the world. Trolling should not be wrong in term of the definition acquired by its rigorous use in the virtual world. It can also be a fun process keeping everyone’s feelings and thoughts in mind. This might be one of the most unexpected discussions, but how to become a troll is actually a very simple process which does not require much thinking at all.

A troll in the internet world might be one of the most annoying and disturbing things that could happen to a person because of the lack of respect and understanding these trolls are known to be associated for. Some trolls can be very fun and just there for the time pass to get away from the challenging world of today. You could also become a troll if a few things are kept in mind to ensure that no feelings are hurt and everyone stays happy while you stay happy.

To become a successful and well know troll in the virtual world where there are billions of users, the first thing to know is what sort of audience you are targeting. Not knowing this would allow for ethnic taints that if made could create a bad situation for everyone which we are certainly not looking for. Another basic aspect of becoming a good troll is to stay away from the topics or religion and politics because everyone has their own views on both and if approached in the wrong way will surely turn into something ugly.

Becoming a troll does not have to be a bad thing, but as everything should be kept in a balance, so should the trolling. It can be a great way to relieve stress and let others enjoy and if used wrongly could hurt a lot of feeling of people who already have it tough.

If you want to, indeed, become an internet troll, you will have to immediately start sharing the jokes and absurd comments with the others while web surfing. As a result, you will be surely able to become a popular internet troll within a limited period of time.

Here you will learn more about troll, trolls and internet trolls.

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