19 People Fess Up To Having Sex In Beds They Shouldn't Have

Boundaries are a really important thing to have.  There’s a line in your relationship with those in your life that really shouldn’t be crossed if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Unfortunately, some people cross those lines…repeatedly.  Despite having access to many other beds for sex, these people seem to be hooked on hooking up in someone else’s bedroom.

Some recognize how lucky they were to not get caught, and others literally stopped caring, even looking forward to the next opportunity to do so.  

Here are 19 confessions from people that can’t seem to get it on unless they’re in someone else’s bed, and we’re not talking about the person they’re hooking up with’s.

  1. Fun Fact: They were doing the same

  2. At least buy her new sheets

  3. Someone isn’t telling the whole story with this one

  4. Translation: Once

  5. Probably the same reason they enjoy doing it there too

  6. That’s just disrespectful

  7. I guess we know why he’s her ex now

  8. You’re the reason why people wrap their furniture in plastic

  9. Plot Twist: They feel the same way about having sex on yours whenever you’re out of the house

  10. They fixed it a few times before, you just did a bad job of it

  11. Condumb

  12. Lifehack: Use the bedpost

  13. Rude

  14. Doesn’t she have her own room?

  15. That’s a sales pitch if I’ve ever heard one

  16. You’re supposed to have a chair in your room designated for that

  17. That’s one way to earn a sibling’s resentment

  18. And this is clearly another

  19. I’m sure he would’ve been OK literally anywhere else, but whatever

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