This Woman With A Missing Limb Wrote The Best Tinder Bio Ever

The internet came across the best Tinder bio possibly ever this week, and, well—see for yourself. It was created by a woman who is missing one arm.

Of course, everyone fell in love with her.

But the real fun happened when Lauren—the creator of the profile—discovered that her Tinder profile had gone viral.

“I got home pretty drunk, and I don’t remember typing it up really,” she told BuzzFeed in an interview. “I just woke up to someone DM’ing me a Reddit post asking if it was me, and I was like damn, I guess it is.”

Lauren lost her arm in a moped accident, she told BuzzFeed, and has used social media to help cope with her disability. 

“For a while, I wasn’t okay with the jokes,” said Lauren. “But then I started telling the jokes, and it’s kind of helped.”

She’s basically out of everyone’s league. 

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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Viral Photo From NYC's Subway Captures America's Diversity In The Best Way

Viral Photo From NYC’s Subway Captures America’s Diversity In The Best Way

It’s easy to forget that the United States of America was a nation founded by Puritans fleeing religious persecution in Europe. And who, at least initially, were welcomed by and lived in relative peace with the native population. And it’s that mixing pot of people and ideas from all different backgrounds that catapulted the country into global superpower status.

And while calls from President Donald Trump to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and to stop accepting refugees from certain countries, have been incredibly worrying, they’ve not stopped Americans from all backgrounds living in peace together.  

While a Taoist, a Hasidic Jewish couple, and a nursing Muslim mother may sound like the start of a joke, it’s a pretty normal sight on New York City’s subway. Jackie Summers, a Brooklyn man, recently shared a photo he captured which sums up America pretty perfectly.

In a caption alongside the photo, Summers writes: 

“A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple could sit together. They scoot over so a Muslim mother could sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday. This is my America: people letting people be people.” 

A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple could sit together. They scoot over so a Muslim mother could sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday. This is my America: people letting people be people.

Posted by Jackie Summers on Sunday, April 16, 2017

And people seem to agree, with the post picking up some 57,000 shares and 75,000 likes since it was posted on Easter Sunday. 

Summers told The Independent that he didn’t really think much of the moment until something suddenly clicked and he decided to take the photo. 

“I did not think about giving up my seat for the couple; the couple did not think about moving along to make room for the mother with her child.” 

“We live in a time when race, sexuality and religion have become divisive…But we have more important things to worry about than the color of someone’s skin, or how they worship God.” 

Facebook commenters seemed to agree that the photo was a nice reminder of what America represents. 

“THIS, is what makes America great,” one commenter wrote. “And these days I’ve been struggling to find ways to feel good about America. We, the people… thank you for restoring a little of my faith in humanity today.”

While another added:

“Jackie’s photo and accompanying story made my day. Returning to this post in my feed and seeing folks work stuff out in the subsequent comments — in a civil and thoughtful fashion, mind you — gives me hope.”

Whatever color you are, religion you practice, or who you love, you all have one thing in common  — you’re all American.

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These Parents Did The Best Thing Ever After Their Daughter Got Her First Period

Periods have been stigmatized for all of modern history, and only recently have things started to slide back into the ‘hey this normal and has been happening for as long as we’ve been a species’ mindset. 

Heck, even commercials for period products still feature some weird mystery blue fluid in them, because showing even a hint of blood makes many uncomfortable. I mean imagine if they were done this way instead:

Today, when little girls become big girls, they usually get a talk and go shopping for overpriced feminine hygiene products. One family took a different approach.

period cake 1

period cake 2

period cake 3

For Brooke, crossing into womanhood came with cake. Because her big sister posted it online and because this is the internet, it became hugely popular with the masses, to no one’s surprise.

Plenty of folks are warning her of what’s to come, but for now, Brooke seems to be enjoying the temporary internet fame.

Congratulations Brooke’s parents. You’ve just set the bar.

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Marine's Response To Daughter Asking For Pride Flag Is Best Thing Ever

This Christmas, Twitter user Dakotah from Ohio decided to add something special to the gift list that she gave out to family — a gay pride flag. And this morning, she got it. Along with a pretty touching letter from her father, a retired marine.

Dakotah took to Twitter to share the letter…


People were touched by the response, with Dakotah’s tweet acquiring some 15,000 retweets and 45,000 likes. 

She explained further…

And people were pretty touched by the whole thing.

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Best Buy Employees Buy WiiU For Boy Who Played Theirs Every Day For Two Months

The employees at the Best Buy in Valley Stream, New York, deserve a raise after they all decided to pitch in and buy a WiiU for a boy who came into the store every day for two months to play on their demo console. 

Rahiem Storr, the store’s manager, recorded the moment they surprised the boy with a WiiU that they’d purchased with their own money. Uploading the video to YouTube, he explained that the boy “has two very loving parents at home,” but that they couldn’t afford the console. 

Storr explained in the comments of the YouTube video that the child lived in a sketch area, so an employee drove him home with his new console and walked him to the door. 

“After purchasing the WiiU for him they actually drove him home where his parents were beyond welcoming.”

“Whilst people have some horrible opinions about Best Buy associates I can not begin to express how wrong they actually are. I posted this to show otherwise, can’t tell you how often I give people discounts or children that save money to buy items and come up a few dollars short.”

“We are here to complete people’s lives not take away from it. Been with the company for 10 years now and what our store did is why I continue to stay.”

He also took the opportunity to call out trolls who had been hateful in the comments. 

“The trolls I see on here make it hard sometimes as I deal with them in the store on a daily basis however it is what I signed up for and we all work through it.”

“Thank you again everyone. Continue to shop at Best Buy and keep us all employed so that we can continue to do things like this for people day in and out.” 

“I know the trolls will eat this comment up and probably say some racist things like I saw on my YouTube however let me say this here it does not bother me one bit. I love everyone even the trolls hope that upsets you even more.”

One commenter went on to explain the boy’s reaction as one “of a young man who hasn’t had a huge amount of good things happen to him.”

Storr also says that any ad revenue raised will be going to refund the employees for their generosity and buy him more games and attachments.

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The 20 Best Mannequin Challenges You Didn't Know You Needed

As you may have noticed over the last few days, the #MannequinChallenge has taken over the Internet. 

High schools, sports teams, celebrities, friends groups, and even cats are staging freeze-frame scenes that make for some epic short videos. 

Granted, it began as another weird high school trend that we didn’t understand, but people have come up with pretty impressive videos since. 

Here are some of the best Mannequin Challenge videos that you never asked for, but desperately need, in your life:

  1. Destiny’s Child even reunited to bring us this gem.


    A video posted by kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) on

  2. This cheerleading squad dominated the challenge with their upper body strength.

  3. The St. Louis Blues showed off their impressive balance.

    The Blues’ mannequin challenge though…

  4. The New York Giants celebrated their big win.

  5. TCU football also did a victory challenge.

  6. Kevin Hart and his gym buddies slayed.

  7. And this very dedicated cat even took part in the fun.

  8. West Point’s gymnastics team dominated.

  9. And these volunteers made us hungry.

  10. These guys took the challenge to a whole new level.

  11. The Dallas Cowboys got in on the fun on their plane flight home.

  12. And an entire concert managed to keep still.

  13. One video needed a little musical improvisation.

  14. And one didn’t even need people at all.

  15. This entire high school participated.

  16. And this badass pole dancing class rocked it.

  17. This art class had no problem getting creative.

  18. Diplo’s attempt was pretty epic.

  19. This dance class was a real crowd pleaser.

  20. And an entire arena of fans pulled it off.

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The World's Best Dad Passed Out Candy On A Plane So His 3-Year-Old Could Trick-Or-Treat

Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year — especially when you’re under the age of 15 and don’t know what the word ‘metabolism’ means. You get to dress up and run from house to house demanding candy, and then you get to eat as much as you want! It’s a child’s dream come true. 

But one adorable 3-year-old named Molly was missing out on the first year when she was really old enough to enjoy the tradition, all because she was stuck on an evening flight with her dad from Boston’s Logan Airport to San Francisco International Airport. 

But, according to Twitter user Stephanie Kahan, the “Dad of the year” wasn’t about to let his little girl miss out on the trick-or-treating fun — so he passed out candy to everyone on the flight to give her as she walked down the aisle. 

The candy came with a note that read:

Happy Halloween!

My 3-year-old daughter, Molly, was bummed that she wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating this year due to this flight… so I decided to bring trick-or-treating to her. If you are willing, when my little donut comes down the aisle, please drop this in her basket. You’ll be making her Halloween! If you’re unwilling, no worries, just pass the treat back to me. Thanks so much!


Has your heart exploded yet?

If not, let us remind you MOLLY WAS A DONUT FOR HALLOWEEN. 

The photos have been retweeted nearly 60,000 times in less than 24 hours — and Twitter can’t handle all the cuteness. 

Moral of the story: good is still out there. Even with presidential election anxiety looming over us, we have this reminder that there exist the kind of people who help their kids trick-or-treat on planes. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 9.08.58 AM

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Someone Ranked The World's Best Melting Cheeses In The World And I'm Salivating

Hey, you like, cheese, right? And if you’re lactose intolerant, like me, then I’m so so sorry. (Not like it stops me from eating it, though.)


And there’s something especially amazing about melted cheese. Seriously, almost every savory dish in the world can be improved by adding gobs of melted cheese to it. My stomach may not agree with it, but I can tell you, my heart definitely does.

But when it comes to melting, not all cheeses are created equal. Insider had the opportunity to speak with the manager of Murray’s Cheese at NYC’s Grand Central Station, and here’s his definitive rankings of the worst and best cheeses for melty, delicious goodness.

Sheep’s milk cheese kinda suck for melting purposes.


Cheeses like Manchego, roquefort, and feta aren’t the best when it comes to melting, due to their higher protein and butter fat contents. They tend to just release oil and “sweat”, rather than spreading their cheesy love all over your food.

High moisture cheeses are pretty damn good for melting.


Cheddar and gouda, due to their high moisture content, make them prime candidates for melting. REAL American cheese, not those crappy Kraft Singles, are a good pick, as are red wax and smoked gouda cheeses. Yum.

Soft cheeses made from cow’s milk.


Greensward. Brie. Harbison. Yeah, they sound all like the super fancy cheeses put adjacent to figs, dried fruit, and grapes on a wooden cutting board during a cocktail hour, but they’re also amazing cheeses for melting. You just need to put them in the oven for a few minutes and then you can start dunking whatever you want in the melted goodness before you.

Alpine cheeses are the best melting cheeses, hands down. Game over. Nothing else to see here, people.


Gruyere, emmental, comte, challherhocker; pretty much any cheese that comes from the Alps are known as the “foundations of cooking”. Which is kinda crazy once you consider that they achieved their delicious flavor and texture accidentally.

Because it was difficult for people to transport large quantities of salt up to the Swiss Alps, the cheeses had to be made in copper kettles with much less salt, resulting in the superior meltiness that we enjoy in Alpine cheeses.

Aren’t you happy you’re that much more knowledgeable about cheese now?

the more you know psa public service announcement the mo you know

The more you know, people. (h/t insider)

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Here Are The 17 Best Tweet Reactions To Last Night's Commander In Chief Forum

Last night, far too many weary Americans tuned in to NBC’s Commander In Chief Forum— a dry run for the debates beginning in just three weeks. 

It seemed as good an opportunity as any to get some clarity on the candidates’ policies and to partake in political-themed drinking games. There seemed to be more drinking than clarity, though. 

Luckily, this was Twitter’s time to shine. So, here are the tweet reactions you’ve been waiting for:

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Weed Bed Walleye Fishing Secrets – Best Baits

Walleye fishing secrets for weed beds include using baits that will put more and bigger fish on your hook. Weed beds are perfect hiding spots for Walleye, and knowing which baits and presentations work best can really help boost your walleye fishing success rate. During the daytime one of the best techniques to use for weed beds is to troll slowly using a live bait rig, with a fat crawler or an active leech attached. This method will allow you to cover a large surface of water faster and easier, with a better chance of a successful bite.

Another presentation that can work very effectively in weeds that are clumped together is a weedless jig that weighs between one eighth and one sixteenth of an ounce. The bait to use with this is a crawler or other worm type, and this presentation works very well in calm weather conditions. Troll with this bait in a slow but steady pace over the weed beds, without any stops and starts which can startle the fish and chase them out of the area. Once the sun goes down, the Walleye may move even further into the weed beds. Troll over the entire weed bed with a crankbait that runs shallow, and then work on the inside edge of the weeds. This can be a good way to catch a trophy Walleye.

One preferred crankbait in this situation is the Rattlin Rogue, which is very effective for trolling the top surface and outside edges of the weed beds. If you are trolling the deeper edges of the bed then a Wally Diver or other bait that dives deep may be needed to reach the Walleye on the bottom. Once the sun goes down and the feeding frenzy starts with the Walleye, the bait and presentation may not be as important as it is during the day. Understanding the depth of the weeds and how compact they are can help determine which baits and presentations to use: If the weeds are extremely thick, some baits and presentations may result in a lot of aggravation and time lost clearing weeds from your line.

One presentation that seems to work well for most weed beds is to continuously switch from the shallow edges to the deeper center of the weed bed, trolling back and forth, to find out where the fish are located in the weed beds. At times the Walleye may be on the outer edges, and at other times the fish may move in towards the center. Paying attention to the amount and thickness of the weeds can determine whether the your presentations should go through the weeds or above and around them instead.

Andrew Martinsen is a walleye fishing fanatic. His Walleye Fishing Secrets course has helped anglers across North America catch more walleye and bigger walleye. Find out more about Andrew Martinsen’s Walleye Fishing Secrets program right now while it’s still available.

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