Trump Supporters Tried To Boycott Stephen King’s ‘IT’—It Didn’t Work Out So Well

Famed horror author Stephen King has had a shaky relationship with President Trump and his supporters for some time now.

Unafraid of tackling Trump’s policies, King even managed to get himself blocked on Twitter by the President in August, prompting him to “ban” Trump from seeing two of his then-upcoming movies: ITandMr. Mercedes:

In retaliation, Trump supporters took to Reddit to organize a boycott ofIT:

Many users were down for the boycott:

Although others wanted to see it as long as no money went to King:

In the end, though, their boycott attempt was a total bust. IT has become a runaway smash hit, opening with a massive $ 123 million haul over the weekend in the U.S., according to Variety, and is expected to rake in an additional $ 62 million in foreign markets.

In fact, it’s on track to become the biggest opening weekend ever for a supernatural or horror film.

But that didn’t stop King fans from trolling Trump and his followers:

Given the horrors the country has already seen, perhaps there’s a certain clown that could step in for Trump:

Next time, don’t mess with King:

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People Want To Boycott 'Hamilton' After Mike Pence Was Booed When He Walked In

On Friday night, vice-president elect Mike Pence was booed by a theater audience during a showing of Hamilton in New York. As you probably expect, the city voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump in the presidential election. 

The cast even had something to say to Pence…

President-elect Donald Trump was quick to accuse theatre-goers of harassing his VP and demanded an apology.

Trump supporters were quick to start the hashtag #BoycottHamilton, calling on people to boycott the musical. 

While others used it as an oppurtunity to thank Trump supporters for finally freeing up some tickets.

While others saw it as an oppurtunity to take a quick jab at Trump and Pence.

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