Two Of Mueller's Russia Probe Investigators Caught Referring To President Trump As An 'Idiot'

Donald Trump is currently in lukewarm water that is hopefully coming to a slow boil as he’s investigated for colluding with Russia during his election campaign. The probe into Trump and his cohorts dealings is being conducted by Robert Mueller and FBI agents. Even special agents are people, and it turns out some of them have the same opinion of Donald Trump as most of America: They think he’s an idiot.

FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were reported on by the New York Times when text exchanges about Trump surfaced. Politico has shared some of the texts and they’re actually pretty relatable.

It’s actually almost like rereading text convos I had with friends after almost every single debate and campaign speech:

Page also commented on Trump’s racism, calling some of his speeches “full of dog whistles,” and writing, “The racism is barely even veiled anymore.”

Page also mentioned Watergate, and her assurance that Trump would be brought down by scandal.

To all of this, much of the Internet is saying, “So?”

But to more conservative entities, having FBI agents investigating Trump who have said how much they hate him is problematic. So did Mueller. He pulled Strzok off the case in July when he discovered the text’s existence, though Page had already finished her assignment. 

Technically, they didn’t actually do anything wrong, as FBI agents are allowed “as an individual privately and publicly on political subjects and candidates,” according to the NYT. But, better safe than accused of conspiracy, I guess?

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Rand Paul Caught Making Faces When Trump Entered Room–And We Can't Even

Though they share the same political party, it’s no secret that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and President Donald Trump have a bit of a complicated history, and an at times contentious relationship.

So when President Trump walked into a press conference on Thursday and greeted seemingly everyone around Senator Paul but ignored him, the awkward close-up of Paul’s reaction was priceless. 

Watch for yourself:

Well that’s uncomfortable.

While the cameras were rolling to capture the press conference, Senator Paul inadvertently stole the spotlight and Twitter was LIVING for it!

There were gifs…

It’s kind of like…

Take deep breaths Rand, and call Oprah. She can soothe the soul.

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Instagram Star Caught Photoshopping Phony Pictures Of Herself In Exotic Locales

Amelia Liana is what we like to call a “social media influencer.” That means she’s internet famous, mostly for being internet famous. Her Instagram account alone has over 472,000 followers. She lists herself as a “Fashion, beauty & travel blogger” and posts glossy, brightly-colored images of herself in exotic locations. 

Essentially, Amelia lives a “dream life” and posts pictures about it online.

Those glossy magazine-style photos may have been what drew her followers to her initially, but they’re also the thing that’s garnering her some unwanted attention and criticism lately. 

People have decided there’s a little bit too much Photoshop happening in Amelia’s pics and they’re calling her out. 

For example, this post of her at the Taj Mahal has people crying foul. We don’t know if you’ve ever actually been to the Taj Mahal, but it’sneverthis empty.

And as one commenter put it: “You can see this is photoshopped because the reflection on the water, notice how the Taj Mahal seems compressed to fit inside the pool… this is not how reflections work.”

And then there’s this pic. Look closely at the top of Amelia’s head.

We hope it’s not painful.

Amelia took to her social media to explain that sometimes she creates an image rather than actually taking it since it’s visually more appealing, but she’s always actually at the location she’s posting about. 

“Inauthentic” is one way to put it.

Even news outlets have started pointing out some of the more blatant incidents of image manipulation.

People started to question her directly about her images and her image principles.

Not everyone is bothered by the image manipulation, though. Some people seem to see it as par for the course and part of selling the “fantasy life.” 

Katja straight up doesn’t care if the pictures are Photoshopped.

And Sophie thinks we’d all do it if we could.

Do you think Amelia is being dishonest or just padding the truth in a harmless way? Let us know! 

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This Aunt Caught Her Niece Sleeping On Her Head And People Are Freaking Out

Halloween is fast approaching, and people are pretty easily spooked this time of year. Twitter user Mikaela Long recently babysat her niece and was understandably concerned for her own safety when she looked at the monitor to see the baby sleeping on her head. 

Remind you of anything?

People were pretty terrified by the whole thing.

While others saw an opportunity.

The child’s mother told Buzzfeed that the girl has been doing this a lot lately, so there’s probably nothing to be worried about. “She’s been quite acrobatic lately,” she said. But said that like us, she has no idea why she actually sleeps on her head. “I think it’s just her settling down and getting comfortable,” she said.

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19 Confessions From Women Who Caught Their Partner Cheating

I was technically never cheated on; but during the last days of a past relationship when I could feel my SO slipping away and losing interest in me, I found out that she was meeting guys off Plenty of Fish and it made me feel like total crap.

Going through her phone while she was drunk and seeing her call guys “babe” and texting photos of herself was like getting kicked in the nuts over and over again, and even though she didn’t “technically” do anything with them, I felt so betrayed. The memory of it now still bothers me and I can deeply recall that pain.

The sad reality is, usually, its guys who do the cheating. And I only went through a fraction of what girls probably worry that their male partners are doing every day.

  1. I caught my boyfriend cheating. He had no idea and I slowly ripped his heart to shreds
  2. I just burned all my boyfriends left shoes because I caught him cheating last night
  3. I caught my boyfriend cheating just when I was gonna tell him I
  4. When I caught my husband cheating, I met the girl and we found out he was lying to us both. So now we are friends and he hates us.
  5. After years of being faithful, I caught my fiancé cheating. I
  6. My boyfriend didn
  7. Ever since I caught my boyfriend cheating on me , he
  8. My boyfriend is getting my name tattooed on his neck with my lips. All because I caught him cheating
  9. Caught my fiancé cheating on me. Kept the ring to sell.
  10. I caught my boyfriend cheating with my friend
  11. I
  12. I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. So I egged his car and put him on a gay dating website.
  13. I caught my fiance cheating again today. I
  14. 2 weeks ago i caught my boyfriend cheating on me. I took a picture. I just now showed it to him. He called me a creep. I guess i am.
  15. I caught my boyfriend cheating. He has no idea I know. I am going to his house later tonight just to punch him in the face and leave. The funny thing is, his dad gave me permission.
  16. I caught my husband cheating. when I looked through the messages leading up to it the girl knew he was married and he said "let
  17. I caught my husband cheating on me, so my 6 year old daughter started drawing all over his car... I joined
  18. I caught my husband cheating so many times. I finally broke things off and I feel so free and happy.
  19. I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me.. But he doesn

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