National Lipstick Day Is Coming — And MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick to Celebrate

National Lipstick Day Is Coming — And MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick to Celebrate

Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that makeup — while an exciting and creative hobby — is undoubtedly an expensive one. With constant new releases, and endless options, there’s a lot of money to be spent in the beauty industry. Which is why we could not be more excited about news that MAC is giving away makeup for free. 

Yes… You read that right! 

As you may or may not know, July 29 happens to be National Lipstick Day — an important holiday if we’ve ever heard of one! And MAC is celebrating by giving away free lipstick — and for what it’s worth, they’re not the only ones! Keep reading to find out how to get free lipstick at MAC this weekend and learn about some other brands celebrating this oh-so-holy day. 

MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick — And You Don’t Have to Buy Anything

To get in on the action at MAC, pretty much all you have to do is show up. No purchase necessary! 

Before you ask what the catch is, we should warn you that there is one (though it’s minor). On National Lipstick Day, they are only giving away certain shades — more specifically, they are giving away nine colors from the Artists Favorites collection. The available shades include Aloof, Delish, Dare You, Moxie, Florabundi, Epic, Mixed Media, Chintz, and Tararama. 

We suggest you get there early, as the promotion only runs while supplies last and — as you can imagine — things tend to go quickly! If waiting in line with rabid beauty fans isn’t exactly your thing, you can also take advantage of the offer online, though they do require you make a $ 25 purchase in order to get the free shade. 

It’s worth mentioning, this isn’t the only day you can get free makeup at the cult favorite brand! The company runs their Back-to-MAC recycling program year-round, and all you have to do is bring in your used-up makeup in exchange for something new.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Going BOGO 

Anastasia Beverly Hills — the makeup brand founded by eyebrow wizard Anastasia Soare — has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas on the market. And this year, you’ll be able to get your hands on many different shades, as they’re doing buy one, get one free on their website

To sweeten the deal, you’ll be able to mix and match their lip products (which includes liquid lipstick, bullet lipstick, and lipgloss) so you can get your hands on every formula the brand has to offer. 


ColourPop’s Cult Favorite Liquid Lipstick Is Slashing Their Price 

Since the beginning of the liquid lipstick craze, ColourPop has — rightfully — earned its title as a beloved product. The lipstick performs amazingly well, and at $ 6.50 a bottle, it’s easy to experiment and try every shade your heart desires. 

And if the price wasn’t impressive enough as is, life is about to be even sweeter come Sunday, since ColourPop will be marking down all their liquid lipsticks by 30 percent to celebrate the beauty community’s important holiday. You won’t even need a code! Beginning Sunday, all Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, and Ultra Glossy liquid lips will be marked down 30 percent off. 

Lime Crime Is Marking Down Your Faves

Lime Crime has become a cult favorite because of their insanely broad range of colors and finishes. Whether you want something traditional or out there, simple or sparkly, matte or glossy — Lime Crime has a lip product for you! And now’s your chance to snag all your favorites thanks to a coupon code, “LipstickDay,” which will give you 25 percent all lip products. 


Palladio Beauty Is Letting Everyone Get in on the Fun 

Why should our lips get all the attention on National Lipstick Day?! Palladio Beauty is making sure that everything on the site gets in on the action! On Sunday, the code “Summer30” will get you 30 percent off everything on the site — and you’ll be able to nab a free lipgloss! 

Forget Christmas — National Lipstick Day is officially our favorite day of the year! 

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20 Relatable Moments To Celebrate 20 Years Of Sex And The City

It’s been twenty years since Sex and the City, the seminal TV show about sex, female friendship, and the hustle and bustle of New York, aired for the very first time. 1998 was a time devoid of a thriving meme culture in which the writers of the show were certainly not thinking that a certain choice caption would get screenshotted and circulated widely out of context.

And definitely no one could have predicted that a Donald Trump cameo would be plastered all over the web two decades later when he’d become president… Or that BFF Miranda would be launching her own political campaign to run for New York governor. 

Yet here we are in 2018, a totally different bizarro time that could never have been predicted in the more innocent-seeming days of the late 90s.

Even though the show’s 100% white cast was neither delicate nor woke in the face of racial discrimination or gender issues, they did pave the way for a lot of the fashion and female openness around sexuality that we see in the world today. 

The girls also single-handedly began the cupcake trend with their Season 3 visit to Magnolia Bakery, and we have them to thank for killing the sugary cocktail formerly known as the Cosmo. 

The internet recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Sex and the City’s pilot and in its honor, here are 20 of the most relatable moments of the show that withstood the test of time.

1. When a friend asks the group for advice.

2. When your eighth friend this year gets engaged.

3. When someone thinks they burned you but you know yourself too well.

4. When you force yourself to go out and “be social.”

5. When you still can’t let go of the fact you weren’t invited to the royal wedding.

6. When you’re trying super hard but nothing goes your way.

7. When you start to describe your culinary abilities.

8. When you set foot outside.

9. When you and your partner have nothing to fight about.

10. When someone asks about your fitness routine.

11. When your friends and you discuss your pastimes.

12. When you accidentally overreact.

13. When you’re absolutely over everything.

14. When someone asks after your friends.

15. When you’re almost 30 and make the mistake of Facebook-stalking your high school friends.

16. When you sit down for a date with a mansplainer.

17. When you live and breathe on this planet.

18. When you’re just trying for a chill weekend with the crew.

19. When someone thinks you’re so lucky to be living in New York.

20. When you always dress your cutest in the hopes of bumping into your crush.

Happy 20th, SATC! You gave us so much.

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Beyonce Releases Powerful Video To Celebrate International Day Of The Girl

Wednesday was the International Day of the Girl and to celebrate, Beyoncé released a music video in conjunction with Chime for Change and Global Goals for her song “Freedom.” The video features some very awesome little girls from all over the world dancing and lip-syncing and though they’re both cute and inspiring, they’re conveying a very important message that’s breaking our hearts:

Captions explain that girls all over the world experience violence, in the form of murder, human trafficking, FGM, and even the every day oppression of keeping girls from getting an education. Global Goals wants to see these forms of suppression against women and girls ended by 2030. It’s a staggering goal, with so much in the way, but watching these girls and their fierceness is giving everyone hope that change is possible:

You’re not just fighting for yourself, but for the young women in your life that need you. 

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