This Math Puzzle Given To Fifth Graders In China Has The Internet Confused

A math puzzle given to grade five pupils at a school in Nanchong, China, has left the Internet rather confused after a local news website shared photos of the questions online over the weekend. 

According to The Star, the question asks students to determine the age of a ship’s captain if there were 26 sheep and 10 goats on the vessel. Yes, we were as confused as you are. 

The education bureau confirmed that the question is legitimate and does have a few answers. 

The answer? Sit down for this one. People came up with a few on Chinese social media website Weibo. 

And then there’s this one…

Other Weibo commenters complained that the question made no sense. 

Some came out in support of the question. 

Twitter wasn’t nearly as kind, though…

What do you think of the question? 

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Emotional Support Peacock Denied Boarding By United And People Are Confused

Earlier this month, airline Delta announced that they’d be toughing their rules when it comes to emotional support animals. Delta says that since 2016, there has been an 84% in animal incidents on Delta plains, ranging from urinating to biting

Jessica Rock, an animal welfare attorney, believes that people are abusing current airline rules and passing their animals off as emotional support animals, despite the animals having no training. 

And now United Airlines, who are also reviewing their service animal guidelines, has denied one woman’s request to being her emotional support peacock on a flight leaving Newark Liberty International Airport. 

Live and Let Fly reports that the peacock has its own seat, but was denied boarding. 

Fox News confirmed with a spokesperson for United that the incident did actually take place. 

From March 1, Delta will require that all those flying with an emotional support animal submit a veterinarian health form and immunization record to Delta at least two days before departure. 

A doctor’s note, signed veterinarian health form and proof of animal training will be required at the boarding gate, and  exotic animals will no longer be allowed on planes.  

Unsurprisingly, the peacock stirred up quite a reaction on social media. 

Some sided with the passengers. 

Most thought the whole thing was absurd. 

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