This Family's Living In The Arctic Thanks To A Cool Geo-Dome

I remember learning about the seven continents in school and always remembered Antarctica as the place no one lived in. Seriously, I can’t name a single city on that whole icy mass of land. As far as I know, only penguins, polar bears, and scientific research outposts exist out there.

But apparently people do live in the Arctic Circle. Like real-life, actual, honest-to-goodness families.

The Hjertefølgers are one such clan. The family of six live in a house that is surrounded by a Solar Geodesic dome.


Inhabitat first wrote about the Hjertefølgers a while ago and revisited the family of six to see how living life on the island of Sandhornøya in the northern part of Norway is like in their unique, energy-trapping house.

The dome allows the family to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables inside, regardless of the harsh weather conditions of their natural surroundings.


The house inside the dome is a traditional Cob home, which, on top of being very sustainable, can “last forever if you keep it dry” Ingrid told Inhabitat.


It took the family a good three years to finish the home and for the most part, are happy with how it turned out, despite a few concerns.


According to Ingrid, the glass “drips” in the winter time, so a double glass design, although pricey, would solve that problem and allow them to have a tropical garden. Aside from re-arranging plant beds for optimal placement, the Hjertefølgers couldn’t be happier with their home. 

If you want to see more photos and learn more about the Hjertefølgers arctic living, check Inhabitat for more.

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