Johnny Depp Just Crashed The Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride At Disneyland

The fifth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales, is set to release worldwide next monthand as with any major movie franchise, the stars are in promo mode. Actor Johnny Depp, who plays Captain Jack Sparrow, was filming at the Pirates ride in Disneyland, and decided to treat some lucky park-goers to a show. 

Just look at these acrobatics… 

As you can imagine, people loved the impromptu performance.

People were kind of jealous… 

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Canada's Immigration Site Crashed Once Trump Started Leading In The Polls

Americans are seriously freaking out as what they thought was a sick joke is looking more and more like a reality: Donald Trump may just become President of the United States of America.

When Trump was nominated as the Republican Candidate for the Presidency, tons of people started threatening to leave the US and move to Canada if he won out of sheer embarrassment.

There have already been an insane amount of queries in the past few months about US immigration to Canada.

And now with Trump leading in the polls, there’s been such an increase in searches for immigrating to Canada, that our Great Northern neighbor’s site has crashed.

Multiple sources have reported that it’s off and on due to the insane increase in traffic.

Lots of Americans are saying that moving to Canada is a silly option and are encouraging others to stay behind and fight for next election if Trump wins.


What a farce of an election.

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