17 Dastardly Confessions From Taco Bell Employees That Ruin It For Everyone

Taco Bell. You either love it, or you’re wrong. No other chain in the history of chains has ever been able to feed you well when you were down to your last three dollars on a Thursday night when you were hungry, dare I say starving, and your direct deposit wouldn’t hit for another 7 hours on Friday morning. Do you know what you get from Chipotle for $ 3? Chips and Salsa or a fountain drink.

Now before you read these, please keep in mind that anything negative is due to Taco Bell’s good natured attitude towards humanity being taken advantage of by someone undeserving, and anything good is due to Taco Bell’s ability to bring out the best version of a person.

While I may be slightly biased in my views of the restaurant itself, we can all appreciate these confessions for what they are; funny, infuriating, weird, and one that’s actually kind of sweet.

  • 5 second rule

  • Served with a side of pettiness

  • Noble, but secret’s out now

  • Persistence is a good thing to have in that industry

  • The strategic burning of bridges, I see

  • Who knows how many lives this person has saved

  • That isn’t the Taco Bell way

  • Might have to get the NSA to trace this one

  • Wait until you work a sales job

  • They should pay a fine for such heresy

  • I don’t speak Spanish and even I can pronounce ‘Crunchwrap Supreme’ fluently

  • It gets more complicated than hard or soft shell?

  • You’re just a terrible human being

  • You’ll be the first of us to turn into a zombie

  • Does that mean they’re better?

  • I know people that eat mustard packets while they run. Same thing I guess.

  • I hope you hooked him up with a double order for the trouble.

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