Anna Kendrick Came To Gigi Hadid's Defense On Twitter In The Most Anna Kendrick Way

Far too often in Hollywood, we witness celebrities tearing one another down, which is a pretty bad strategy, given that fellow stars are the only ones who can actually understand each other’s lives of luxury (and endless harassment and violation of privacy). 

We mere mortals (and the media) have no problem judging them and their life choices, as we’ve never lived in the public eye. Frankly, we even enjoy feasting on their drama. But, in the face of our endless judgment, Hollywood needs to stick together. That’s why we’re loving how Anna Kendrick supported Gigi Hadid’s spurt of #GirlPower this week. 

Disturbing footage surfaced yesterday of model / Instagram phenom Gigi Hadid being harassed and lifted off the ground by a man in Milan. 

When security somehow failed to get involved, Hadid put her elbow (and boxing skills) to good use.  

Creeps don’t get away with touching this model badass. 

Headlines covering the footage, however, slammed Hadid for the incident rather than the man involved. 

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Several tabloids described her “lashing out” and described her attacked as a “serial prankster” — as if randomly man-handling a woman on the street is an acceptable ‘prank.’ SMH, world. 

However, Twitter was quick to come to her defense, as, you know, she was completely justified in defending herself from physical street harassment. 

And Queen of Twitter Anna Kendrick even got involved to her support for Hadid. 

As always, she knows exactly how we feel. Resentful of naturally gorgeous women, but totally proud of Gigi and her quick reflexes. 

You tell ’em, Anna. 

And Gigi just empowered the hell out of us with her tweet addressing the incident. 

Yaas, Gigi. Props to you and your elbow. 

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