Are you starting a career in Internet Marketing PHP developer?


My half of the decade, plus an online marketer, I’ve seen its share of problems. DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), viruses, forums are full of trolls, software that does not work as advertised, tools that come without documents, and even less real support. What is a stationary weapons that are driving me through it all My rock? It was my PHP developer.
“What is a PHP programmer, and why I need one?” freshly minted Internet marketers can ask. PHP is an acronym that describes the type of coding language used almost exclusively for the Web server environment, known as Hypertext Preprocessor. Do not ask me why this is not a HE … can Hewlett-Packard had something to do with it? sound better or PHP … FUN in Santa Monica, CA – POP (Pacific Ocean Park), as the old amusement park …
PHP is a rival of Microsoft’s server scripting languages such as ASP and. NET Framework. Since PHP is open source development cycle is global, and going crazy pace. It is not only relatively easy to learn. It is cheap (free) and teaching tools, textbooks and development libraries installed base is as broad as the worldwide developer community.
Unless you really want to walk down the road less traveled, and with object-oriented programming OOPL language), for example, ROR: Ruby on Rails, just find yourself a great PHP developer can effectively communicate and settle a long and profitable ride.
Two awards of my own, I discovered the creator of the creator’s way of thinking, often lack: Graphics Marketing skills and understanding of the logic and tactics. If your builder “stick figures fall, you might want to keep looking. If you mention the phrase 2TAS, a short two-tier affiliate system), and they look at you that you’re from some other planet, it might be time to move on.
Another critical skill really know how to have your way with MySQL databases. PHP is just a set of instructions to manipulate data within the database. Both databases are funny animals. Get someone who is not afraid of them. Someone who can make them DANCE. When these skills are your marketing team gets a reliable member of the roadblocks to success simply melt away. Internet morphs into infinite possibilities, rather than a nightmare, just waiting to happen. Your web sites, their weapons, their tactics: to collect all the steps … often size.
Last warning: you get what you pay for! Get someone who speaks their native language. If your project is back with all the database tables, prepared by the Greek or Russian, to keep them in-house or with a new developer would be impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive.
Here are a few things that I would like to share:
First Use PHP core functions and classes
During a routine task, chances are that it is in PHP function or class that can be used in your job. Check the PHP manual before coding it manually. You can just use the trim () function to remove the frame, rather than build from scratch “option!
Second Create a configuration file
Instead, the dissemination of your database connection settings are scattered everywhere, creating one master file that contains common settings and use them in PHP. Using the config file also noticed that many use and which makes your code modular and easy to maintain.
Third Always Clear data that will go into the database
Sanitizing your database inputs are very important. One has to have a good understanding of SQL injection actually is, and learn more about SQL injection attacks and SQL injection cheat sheet.
There is a PHP function that can clean up the database for you: mysql_real_escape_string. mysql_real_escape_string
The feature will be a regular line and sanitize it for you. If you use this function with htmlspecialchars, it makes some, HTML characters, and thus protect your database and your app from a cross-site scripting attacks.
4th Leave Error Reporting is on enlargement
When designing your application, it is necessary to leave the PHP developer error_reporting and display_errors is on, which can facilitate his or her run-time errors and to identify them.
The reason is simple, you know, mistakes crop up faster than expected, and chances are that you can fix them quickly. After the construction of turn this feature off and then set their values as it is ready for production.
5th Do not over-comment your code
Proper documentation of observations to support the code is good, but not comment on how good the code is of course most of the times. Blog commenting your code and make a unstructured search for error fixing the task daunting.
6th Keep your Key Code Snippets Handy
Sometimes you need some code snippets that can come in handy more than once during his career. Keep it always saves a lot of time. Most of the IDE such as Eclipse and Dreamweaver has the ability to store code snippets. Using a program like Dropbox will do the needful!


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