This Chef Bragged That She 'Spiked' A Vegan's Meal And Ended Up Resigning

Everyone loves making fun of vegans. I am a hundred percent sure the comments on this post will have the classic vegan joke somewhere: “How do you know someone’s a vegan? They tell you!” 

Yep, heard that one. And yes, vegans can be very holier than thou about their lifestyle choices, but also why do you care? It for sure doesn’t matter at all if someone in your life doesn’t eat meat, or dairy or eggs or honey. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. But it’s still none of your business! Unless you’re their chef.

According toMetro UK, a chef at Shropshire restaurant Carlini named Laura Goodman is in hot water after posting to Facebook that she “spiked” a vegan’s meal. According to Goodman’s Facebook posts, which have since been deleted, one of her vegan clients was rude to her. So she violated their belief system and put something they didn’t want to eat in their food. That’s messed up!



Goodman’s comments were in a secret chef’s Facebook group where people go to blow off steam. Customers can be rude, and it’s probably good to have a place where you can complain about stuff; but people weren’t pleased with Goodman’s “crime.” 

Metro UK reports that the responses were all pretty disgusted with Goodman, with one commenter writing, “You feed vegans (who have trusted you and presumably paid for their meals) non-vegan food, boast about it on social media in a group that represents quite a broad cross-section of society, and get roundly chastised. You then decide that the problem must be with all the people in the group, rather than your own reprehensible behavior?”

The group’s admin, Debbie Ireland, told reporters that she wasn’t surprised to see the backlash.

“To eat at any restaurant, you are placing your trust and health in them,” she said. “A lot of damage can come from food not being prepared properly, or in this case, contamination.”

Since the story escaped the confines of the secret group, Goodman and her erstaurant have been put on blast, with terrible one star reviews appearing on all platforms:



Goodman never said exactly what she allegedly put in this vegan’s meal, but most folks are jumping right to the meat conclusion. Since her story blew up, she’s even walked back her claims, saying it was all a joke. Too late.

The BBCreports that Goodman’s restaurant is being investigated by the Shropshire Council. Her partner Michael Gale says the word “spiked” was “poorly chosen.”

“In no way does this excuse the comment and we totally understand the anger it has subsequently caused. No meat was used in any of the dishes,” he added. What about dairy, dude? What about dairy??

While the vegan in question perhaps had no harm come to them from this debacle, except maybe psychologically if they found out, it is still extremely bad for business. Grubstreetreports that Goodman has resigned at Carlini and taking “some time away from the business to clear her head and think about what happened.”

Though I firmly believe the chef was wrong to mess with someone’s food—consider how you would feel if someone rubbed your bagel on their butt before serving it to you—things have also gotten extremely out of hand. 

She was supposedly receiving death threats, which is an irrational response from people who cherish the Earth’s creatures, great and small. Can’t we just respect each other’s beliefs and not try to kill each other? That’s far less radical than veganism.

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