Woman Orders 'Puffer' Jacket Online And It Wasn't What She Expected

You don’t always get what you want when you order something online. Just ask these people. And Twitter user Becky Latham from the United Kingdom may be the latest victim of inaccurate photos, after she decided to order an Urban Outfitters jacket. 

Here’s the jacket in question, which looked like a bargain considering it was on sale for £55 ($ 77). 

Actually, maybe not. Here’s what she got…

Though some people saw it as an investment. 

Others thought it was pretty retro. 

This isn’t the first time someone has regretted buying something online. This woman fell into the same trap as Latham. 

While others didn’t seem to take much notice of the dimensions. 

At least it fits the cat. 

This is just not accurate at all. 

Always read before you buy. 

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Ann Coulter Got A Grilling No One Expected From The Hosts Of 'The View'

Ann Coulter Got A Grilling No One Expected From The Hosts Of ‘The View’

Yes, most of the time the hosts of The View just like to chat without much interest in any big “scoop.” Every once in a while, however, the five co-hosts decide to BRING THE HEAT. Ann Coulter, who visited the show this past Monday, May 2nd, could definitely feel it.

The Daily Buzz

Ann tells the story of having her recent speaking engagement at UC Berkeley cancelled. Though The View team picks up on some small discrepancies, they decide to fight that battle another day, making a point about the importance of free speech even when you don’t like a person’s message.

The Daily Buzz

Whoopi goes so far as to compare Ann’s cancelled speech to her recently cancelled stand-up engagement in Clearwater, Florida. Goldberg continued:

Berkeley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.

The Daily Buzz

Things heat up as The View asks Coulter about The President. Coulter claims she refers to Trump as “The Emperor God.” At one point, host Joy Behar says “She’s kidding, she’s a comedian,” to which Coulter replies, “No, I totally do,” before bemoaning Republicans in Congress.

The Daily Buzz

The View then begins to go after Coulter with a journalistic tenacity no one was expecting, grilling her on Trump’s dishonesty with the media. When confronted with the fact that President Trump repeatedly lies to the press, Coulter responds:

He doesn’t lie — he’s a B.S.-er

The Daily Buzz

The hosts then ask Coulter whether she thought Trump was lying when he claimed President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Coulter responded that she doesn’t count anything he said before he started running for President. This caused one very vocal audience member to shout what we were all thinking:


The Daily Buzz

When asked about Trump’s lack of action on the border wall, Coulter aims the blame at congressional Republicans who didn’t begin working on the wall right away when they found out Donald Trump would be president.

The Daily Buzz

Wow! The next time we need hypocrisy taken down a notch, let’s put them on with Whoopi and Joy! These ladies know how to get stuff done.

Here’s the full video:

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