These Photos From A Clergy Fashion Catalog Are The Best Thing On The Internet Today

I’m Catholic, so I must beg, Father, for you to please forgive me for what I am about to do—namely, show you stills from a clergy fashion catalog that bring all new meaning to the phrase “dad bods.”

British Twitter user Abi Bleach found these stills from the Wippell’s catalog, which has been outfitting clergymen since, literally, the 18th century (Europe is SO OLD, y’all).

And all I’ll say is that the blonde priest in these pictures is inspiring more than one deadly sin in me. 

Perhaps even more delightful than these pictures is the response from some actual clerics. 

A BREASTFEEDING CASSOCK. Plus, there is this crushable cleric selfie.

*Gives self the sign of the cross.*

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This Fashion Company Makes Awesome Prosthetic Covers For Amputees

Prosthetic limbs are usually designed more for function than style, which makes sense, obviously—but it can be a bummer for people who also, you know, wanna look fresh. That’s where the Canadian company Alleles comes in. 

“[When] we started the Alleles studio, we were trying to solve a style problem,” said the company’s founders, McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda on their website. “Not a limb one. In an industry saturated with robotic aesthetics and clunky contours, our prosthetic covers endeavour to transform something mechanical into something mechani-chic.”

The made-to-measure designs start at C$ 325, though the artists at Alleles will also create pieces with custom designs starting at C$ 1500. In some cases, these relatively affordable covers have been life-changing for their customers.

And they’re quite pretty to look at, too.

“I get to prove every day that fashion is life changing — not frivolous,” Wanner said. What’s more stylish than that?

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What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes

What's Really Fun About Ranveer Singh's Fashion? The Trolling, the Memes
Turns out, his family and friends are as guilty of it as the rest of us. Yes, especially when it comes to what he considers appropriate airport attire. "I swear I do not put or apply as much thought into what I'm going to wear, as much as it gets …
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Anonymous Celebrates ISIS Trolling Day
If you've been looking for your chance to make fun of ISIS, now's the time. Social media sites are abuzz on Friday with users targeting the Islamic State, better known as ISIS or … Earlier this week, Anonymous, which has claimed to have taken down …
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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of MTV's 'Shannara Chronicles'
The land itself is called the Four Lands, and is divided along compass lines: Northland where trolls and gnomes live; Eastland where dwarves and gnomes vie for power; Southland where humans do their thing; and Westland, the seat of the elves. Magic …
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Mens Fashion: How To Choose T-shirts

The credit crunch has meant that many of us have had to pull in the purse strings of late, and one area that seems to suffer from our lack of money is our fashion. The economy has meant that clothing has taken a back seat, particularly for men. The consequences of this is that we actually have to take greater care when choosing our clothes, as a fashion faux pas cannot be rectified until the following pay day. With less money, we must consider our fashion choices much more carefully. Here, we will consider mens t-shirts, as these tend to form the focal part of any outfit and can make or break our overall look.

With reference to t-shirts, size is very important, an ill-fitting shirt will look awful, but a well-fitted shirt should have you turning heads wherever you go.

One of the problems we have regarding sizing with mens t-shirts is that many men emulate their fathers, and in previous generations, men were less concerned with fashion, but more so with comfort, they tended to wear baggy because it felt comfy. Avoid this trap.

A t-shirt fits well when if it skims the body gently, there should be a gap of between 3mm and 7mm between the skin and material, and no more and no less.

It is vitally important that a little extra money be paid to ensure that the t-shirt is of a high quality, this way, shrinkage does not occur, which would clearly damage the fit, and always follow the washing instructions on the label.

There are many popular mens t-shirt designs, but in order to be truly fashionable, you should own at least one retro style t-shirt. These t-shirts are fantastically versatile, suiting many styles of clothing although you should only wear such t-shirts in a casual setting.

Try to select a retro design that reflects your personality, for instance, if you love rock music, then the Rolling Stone motive style tees would be perfect.

Colour tends to be a big problem for men, particularly concerning fashion. In part, this is because a large proportion of men far more than women are actually colour-blind. If you are such a person, then seek the help of others to help you decide upon colour, as colours that appear harmonious to you, may appear to clash to people who can see the whole colour spectrum.

In terms of colours that match, the neutral colours tend to go with everything. Neutral colours are white, grey, black, brown, and cream.

Colour combintations to avoid at all costs are; yellow with purple; red with green; and anything fluorescent.

T-shirts should form the basis of your wardrobe, and you should work the rest of your outfit around the t-shirt, this is why it is fundamentally important to choose wisely, but if in doubt, seek the help of those around you, either a girlfriend, friend, or a shop assistant.

If you are interested in purchasing mens t-shirts, then visit, which has a fantastic collection of, fashion t-shirts.

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Colorful And Trendy Fashion Ornaments With Beads

Jewelry can work to significantly enhance a womans beauty and the most important ingredient in making jewelry pieces is considered to be beads. They have been used for ages in creating jewelry pieces and ornaments. Colorful, sparkling beads matching with the apparel can definitely augment the overall look of a person.
A large range of semi-precious and precious beads are in fashion nowadays; peridot beads and pink opal beads are the latest ones. They wonderfully blend with the attire giving the wearer a sophisticated and elegant look. There is something about beads which makes it more fashionable and creative than wearing silver or gold. One can opt for a plethora of colors when choosing a beaded jewelry.

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are worn much for style; they in fact work magnificently to augment the overall appearance. Your choice of semi-precious or precious beads such as peridot beads and pink opal beads indicates a lot about your fashion sense as well as creativity.

One can also create simple jewelry items using attractive beads and simple things; you can give designs to them as per your likings.

Here are some simple steps if you want to create a bead necklace- first you can look for or create a design suitable for your necklace. Thereafter cut a piece of tigertail wire by adding extra 5 inches, insert crimp bead as well as one half of clasp into wire. You can then slide wire into the crimp bead flattens the bead.

After this you can continue to string in the beads through the wires open end. After stringing the beads you can insert another crimp bed. Thereafter you can tight fit the beads. Insert its end to the crimp bead and flatten it. Your necklace is ready t use after joining the two clasps.

One can also make a bead bracelet by organizing various beads of different color within a row. There are plenty of semi precious beads available in the market. These beads look extremely beautiful when used as an accessory and are also available at affordable prices.

Beaded Earrings are much simpler to make, you can insert beads into head pin to get the desired earring length.

Thereafter you can string in the beads, cut excess wire and with the help of pliers, twist wire into a circle. You can then take the ear wire and use the pliers to open the end. Thereafter you can slip the head pin circle through it and close the ear wire opening using the earring head pin. Your bead earring is ready for use.

These jewelries are very simple to make and are increasingly becoming popular among the younger generation. Peridot beads and pink opal beads are the ones very famous for their unique soft color and glow. They are not very expensive and are used popularly in creating special jewelry items. Furthermore there are plenty of beads exporters out there facilitating the best quality beads at affordable prices, you can easily check out the web for such service providers.

John Hudson has always find reasons good enough to share his expertise on Lapis Beads and Peridot Beads. John is presently writing for the provider of the best quality of
lemon quartz, Rhodochrosite Beads Jewelry.

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Trollbeads have become the fashion accessory of the moment

Trollbeads have become the fashion accessory of the moment, adorning the wrists of women everywhere, and with many celebrity fans such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Emma Watson jumping on the Trollbead train, they have never been more popular.

Originally invented by Copenhagen family the Aagaards in 1976, the Trollbead system is based on a silver or gold chain onto which individual beads can be threaded using a mechanism which stops the troll beads falling off once the chain is removed.

But just what makes these bracelets so special?  Well, for a start “individual” is a key word here.  It seems that everything, from adventof social network pages to the bars we choose to go to on a Saturday night, to what music we listen to all puts emphasis on individuality these days, and with Trollbeads each bead can be made from an almost limitless number of different materials, including glass and metal, so you can make up your own unique design to wear with pride on your wrist.  Trollbeads are also great because there are just so many ways you can wear them –wear colours to accent your outfit or mood, or choose beads which, like a traditional charm bracelet, celebrate particular aspects of your life in each troll bead.  Or take them all off and start all over again!

Original Troll beads were made from silver, glass and stone and each trollbead has it’s own story depicting mythology, flowers, animals and every day objects, and to this day many different varieties of trollbead are available, so you can build a bracelet of your very own choosing.

And with Christmas coming, what better gift to give your mum, grandma, auntie, niece, friend (You get the general idea!) than by buying them a gorgeous Trollbead bracelet?  Whether it’s a starter bracelet with just one or two beads symbolizing the things you love best about them or a couple of new trollbeads to add to an existing bracelet, troll beads make the perfect festive gift, or for that matter a gift for birthdays, anniversaries… here are a few ideas. Retired Trollbeads are beads which have become rare as they are no longer made, so get your mitts on one of these and you could have a very precious addition to a bracelet. Troll beads really do come in all different shapes, colours and sizes too, so make sure you know whether your trollbead wearer prefers gold to silver; purple to green, and so on. If it’s a special occasion such as a birthday or celebrating a new arrival, why not use a themed Trollbead bracelet?  One or two charms amongst a few Italian glassTrollbeads is a great way to show your friend or relative that you think that they are of course, simply charming too –in their own special way.

A reputable company that offers troll beads One of the leading online trollbead in the UK. Experts in trollbeads and industry for over 5 years and has thousands of satisfied customers


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Links Of London Bracelets “?” Meets Your Desire On Fashion On This Christmas

OK, so the holiday season is almost over, but that does not mean that buying jewelry decreased in any way. Buy from someone who sounds perfect, or a bracelet or necklace is a great gift for many occasions that occur throughout the year, including birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

There are many known causes jewelry to choose from, depending on what type of jewelry you’re buying. For example, if you want a string of high quality, then as Pandora, Thomas Sabo, and Stephen Webster are to choose from. For the rings, try to name as Pianegonda, Hot Diamonds and Monica Vinader, and bracelets, good brand include Links of London, Swarovski and Shaun Leane. One of the most popular manufacturers of Links Of London( associated, however, is Troll Beads.

Troll Beads have existed since 1976, and the range has grown enormously in that time. Troll beads bracelets are charm bracelets, which has interchangeable charms come in a variety of designs, colors and shapes. With this variety, you can purchase Troll beads bracelets and the charms of pretty much anyone for any occasion possible.

For example, glass beads Troll charms are very popular, and these come in many colors and styles. From simple designs such as two colors mixed with funky beads with dots and swirls in many colors, glass beads are definitely Troll sold.

Besides glass beads, stone beads are very popular joint. These have a wide range of styles, from the baby trolls black onyx designs, and the stars birthstone butterflies. Many people like to have either stone, glass, gold or silver beads on their bracelets, but you can also buy silver and gold beads mixed which are designs, such as planets, sea lions and fish.

You can also buy kits Troll bead, which are sets of pooled accounts that match the same design. Styles such as amber, is watercolor and black are very popular as well as the ever popular black and white.

Troll Beads are so popular that even retired styles are selling well, so much so that some retailers are actually values. View Troll beads include blue dot, green dot, the polar bear and shawl designs outbreak, although the list is of course much larger than the four mentioned and is growing as new designs are released into the market and the old suspended by the company.

Who wants to buy a bracelet Troll beads and / or charms needed to ensure that you buy at jewelry store names such as counterfeit goods sold on all days under false pretenses, sometimes more than the genuine products. This of course is not acceptable, and should take care to ensure that the products people are buying are real. A reputable jeweler will have established a history and a good reputation in the place (s) in which they are based. Also be willing to offer help and guidance in selecting the ideal Links Of London Bracelets( for someone, so be sure to take this into account.


Do not hesitate any more, save your time, place an order on Links London and enjoy your shopping at!

Troll Beads Are A True Fashion Favourite

If you love collecting or know someone that does, Troll beads are ideal because once you start buying them, you will want to go on and collect many more. The beauty of having fashion products available in such a small quantity and an affordable price is that people can add to their collection as and when they are able to. Buying jewellery can be expensive and a major purchase for many people, so buying items like this make it much more fun for everyone involved. It also helps keep your jewellery collection fresh with the ability to update every so often with a new style or colour.

The variety of Troll beads and charms ensures that everyone will be able to find the perfect addition for their jewellery. If you are interested in the zodiac then it is possible to have your zodiac sign attached to your favourite piece of jewellery. People like to indicate what they believe in and what interest they have and what better way is there than to have it attached to your favourite bracelet or necklace. It can act as a wonderful conversation starter, perfect for those parties and events when you have to network or meet new people.

The glass beads and charms in the Troll beads collection are positively divine and will stand out at any occasion. Again, the choice of beads can be perfectly matched to your disposition or outlook on life. If you are a cheery and upbeat person, summer shades and designs will fit perfectly with your demeanour. If however, you are a more reclusive and quiet personality, more restrained designs and patterns could match your viewpoint on life. It can be good to have a variety of products so that no matter what mood you are in, you will be able to accessorise perfectly.

The power of accessorising properly can be overlooked but there is a lot to be said for being able to transform a look or outfit with the right bracelet or charm. Given the current economic climate, people are having to reconsider their shopping habits and products like Troll beads are offering fantastic value for money. The ability to mix and match styles and colours can help keep your wardrobe looking fresh and innovative, paying for itself in no time at all. You can’t always judge a person by their fashion style but having the confidence and ability to transform your look in an instant definitely marks you out as someone who understands fashion.

Something that never goes out of style is silver and there are plenty of silver Troll beads to choose from. Whether you like the range that is inspired by the Cubism art movement, the cherubs, animals or flowers, the attention to detail on these products will surprise and amaze you. Attaching one of these beads to your bracelet or necklace will have everyone requesting a closer look so if you like attention, these are the accessories to buy. Whether you want elegant and timeless or bold and brassy, these beads have everything you could require from a piece of jewellery.

We sell a range of jewellery, including troll beads and other brands. Please visit our website at