The Best Part Of The Olympics Is Leslie Jones Tweeting About Figure Skating

Back in 2016, Leslie Jones enlivened the Summer Olympics on Seoul with her live-tweeting and wild passion for Team USA. She was so good, she ended up getting invited to work as a commentary contributor for NBC.

She has been gearing up for the games in South Korea since January, which have just commenced:

No. Her current passion is fashion. 

Jones is watching men’s figure skating and rating their outfits. Some are not great:

But a few got the Jones seal of approval:

She especially liked the work of Christian Siriano, who famously designed a dress for Leslie Jones when she couldn’t find one for the premiere of Ghostbusters. They’re friends, but this is also a good outfit:

But she was impartial on other matters:

And if you’re tired of outfit talk, there’s also just her general fear of ever ice skating to be amused by:

This is the Olympics coverage we crave. 

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Mom Calls Gay Bar To Figure Out What To Do When Her Son Came Out And Got Perfect Advice

Kara Coley works in a bar in Mississippi called Sipps that isn’t officially a gay bar, but is known around the area as being “gay friendly.” Coley’s been tending bar for 17 years. She’s probably answered a lot of questions and talked a lot of customers through their problems. We treat the people who give us alcohol as therapists working for tips, especially after having a few.

Then one Friday night, Coley got a call she’d been training for her whole life! Her post about the sweet exchange went viral on Facebook. Coley told the Huffington Post that it was a woman with a Northern accent, looking for answers for her gay son.

“So I got the most random phone call at the bar tonight!” writes Coley, turning it into a little script in case you want to read along at home:

Me: Good evening Thank you for calling Sipps! 

Lady on phone: Is this a gay bar?

 Me: well we are a everybody bar but yes mostly gay. 

Lady: What was the one thing you wanted from your parents when you a came out? 

Lady: My son just came out to me and I don’t want to say anything that may mess him up in the head. 

Me: well I think that you should just make sure he knows that you love and accept, wait do you accept it? 

Lady: well Umm yes if that’s what he wants. 

Me: You should definitely let him know that you love and accept him! I think everything will be ok from there! 

Lady: okay well thank you. 

Me: you are very welcome and good luck!

“17 years of bartending in gay bars on the coast! That’s definitely a first for me!” Coley concluded.

Coley’s little story has been shared hundreds of time, much to her surprise.

“I’m shocked and excited,” she told HuffPost. “Although I still don’t get it because I was just being honest and compassionate.”

People love the idea that Coley was able to help a woman trying to figure out how to love her son the best possible way:

Coley has not figured out who the mom that called was, but says if she and her son ever came to Sipps, “I would hug their necks!”

A great story about what can happen when the right person answers the phone.

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People Are Trying To Figure Out Why Sean Spicer Hates Dippin' Dots And Daft Punk

Sean Spicer is making headlines yet again. The newly appointed White House Press Secretary was the subject of ridicule over the weekend when he lashed out at both the media and reality itself when he said that Trump’s inauguration had the most inaugural attendees ever — a flat out lie.

People started digging into his past tweets, hoping to uncover a reason as to why he would go on stage and make a buffoon out of himself in his first public address to the nation. They didn’t find anything related to that, but what they did find was much, much stranger.

If you’ve been to a movie theater or theme park over the past decade or two, you’ve probably seen Dippin’ Dots ice cream. The tiny spherical frozen treats are encased in a pretty sophisticated machine that’ll trade you several dozen dots for a couple of bucks. They generally taste good, but are somewhat overpriced, though what vending machine treat isn’t?

Why am I bringing up Dippin’ Dots in an article discussing Sean Spicer? Well…

OK, so that’s not really a big deal. It’s not like he’s going to bring it up again 17 months later or anything.

He then tweeted a story about the company filing for bankruptcy, and was smug about it.

I know it isn’t a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but good grief, man, control yourself. The thing is — he clearly buys the stuff regularly because a few years later, he shot this bad boy out into the Twittersphere.

Dippin’ Dots, which is an American company that employs hundreds of American workers, made a peace offering.

Scott Fischer, the CEO of Dippin’ Dots, even wrote an open letter to Sean Spicer, inviting him and his White House cronies to an ice cream social to bury the hatchet.

dippin dots letter
Dippin’ Dots

No response has been made by Spicer and his team, but you can damn well bet that this is probably going to be the first question that pops out of a reporter’s mouth during the next White House press release.

The thing is…it doesn’t end there. Maybe anything that alludes to the future just isn’t his thing, because aside from Dippin’ Dots, which are the ice cream of the future, Spicer hates Daft Punk.

When someone pointed out that they’ve been pretty big for more than a decade, he backpedalled, claiming to be an early fan of Daft “Funk,” but that their old stuff was better.

Daft Punk hasn’t released a statement, and it’s highly unlikely that they will care. At all. While we’re only a few days into the new presidency, it’s pretty easy to see that Spicer is going to be one of our favorite recurring characters over the next four years.

(h/t A.V. Club)

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