Chrissy Teigen Just Found Out It's Now 'Illegal' For Donald Trump To Block Twitter Users

Chrissy Teigen Just Found Out It's Now 'Illegal' For Donald Trump To Block Twitter Users

A huge reason why the constitution exists along with our rights in that constitution is to prevent the government from having too much power over the people.

Our ability to criticize the government and political figures however and whenever we want, and making sure they hear those criticisms and complaints is what makes America what it is.

An ever-growing popular form of communication is social media, a platform that Donald Trump used to his great advantage, basically trolling people online to get into the White House.

The thing about the internet is that you’re basically connected to the rest of the world, so if you have active profiles in your name, that means people can find you on those mediums and say pretty much anything you want to them. If you don’t like what they have to say though, you can block them and create a safe space for yourself.

But because he’s the President and all, and a public figure in a civil service position, the Supreme Court has ruled that he can’t block people from tweeting at him online without violating the First Amendment. 

Federal District Court Judge Naomi Reice ruled that because Trump’s @realdonaldtrump account has been given access to Dan Scavino, White House social media director, and they “exert governmental control over certain aspects” of the account, that Trump cannot block anyone from following the account.

“The viewpoint-based exclusion of the individual plaintiffs from that designated public forum is proscribed by the First Amendment and cannot be justified by the president’s personal First Amendment interests,” Buchwald wrote

Although Judge Buchwald hasn’t expressly ordered Donald Trump from unblocking the accounts he has already banned from following him and viewing his tweets, Jameel Jaffer, the Knight First Amendment Institute’s executive director says that it goes without saying that Trump should do the “right thing” and unblock everyone from his account.

“The position the Trump administration is taking is that the president is entitled to block people, and that the court lacks the ability to order him to do otherwise. The right thing for the president and his social media director to do would be to log into the president’s account and unblock everyone who has been blocked on the basis of viewpoint,” Jaffer said.

A spokeswoman for the Justice department has said that they “disagree” with the court’s decision and are contemplating their next move.

She has a long and storied Twitter career of calling Trump out on the social media platform.

Which, after 9 years, finally came to a head when Teigen sent out this tweet.

Apparently all of her other insults, clapbacks, and shutdowns didn’t hurt Trump as much as this tweet. Because it’s the one that finally caused him to block her.

Teigen found the entire situation hilarious, because Trump used a staunchly anti-Liberal platform to help get him elected, and, as we all know, liberals are often ridiculed for wanting “safe spaces”.

Teigen, like everyone else, saw the news that Trump’s blocking of people on Twitter was directly ruled as a violation of the First Amendment, so she offered up this Tweet in response.

Looks like she’s going to go back to her trolling ways, and there really isn’t anything the President can do about it, unless he wants to violate the very constitution he made an oath to uphold to the American people.

And people are very excited.

Even if Teigen reshot and re-uploaded the video for unbeknownst reasons (aka John being the in background and not wanting to be embroiled in any messy politic stuff).

Looks like the Teigen-Trump Twitter drama is back on, people. (source: nytimes)

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This Woman Found A Snake Wrapped Around Her Christmas Tree Decorations

Although I never grew up decorating Christmas trees, there’s nothing like gazing upon a well-decorated one to put me in the Holiday spirit.

Every time I walk through a Target or Michael’s I look at all the ornaments and start planning an imaginary tree in my head. How would I decorate it? Would I go all avant-garde and make a black and white tree with white decorations? Or would I go classic and cut down my own to bring it inside and do it up in red and gold?

Or would I just put a highly venomous snake on it, just for kicks?

That’s what happened to Cheryl, a woman from Frankston, Australia, who found a slithering surprise in her Christmas tree.

The photo was posted by Barry Goldsmith on his Snake Catcher Victoria Australia Facebook Page.

In an interview with Mashable, Goldsmith said it was the first time he’s ever seen a snake in a Christmas tree and a Tiger Snake, no less.


The snake catcher went on to say that people panic when they see a snake and even try to kill it by cutting their heads off, which is super dangerous:

“I’m all about stopping people from trying to hurt themselves. Usually people cut the head off the snake, and don’t realise it that its head is actually still alive for about 15 minutes … lots of people get bitten while trying to pick up the severed head of the snake.”

You read that right, these things can live for 15 minutes after getting their heads cut off. People on Goldsmith’s FB page were shocked at the find.


The snake was unharmed and successfully transported out of the woman’s home. Looks like folks in Australia who celebrate Christmas with real trees have more to worry about than just bugs. (h/t mashable)

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A Stray Pup Tagged Along A 155-Mile Race Until She Found Her Forever Home

Any dog owner knows just how loyal pups can be— they’ll trot alongside you to the ends of the Earth. But this usually happens once a dog joins your family, not before. 

One little dog, however, found her person and was determined to get adopted. The pup spotted extreme marathon runner Dion Leonard at the beginning of the  4 Deserts Gobi March 2016, a 6-day, 155-mile race through China’s largest desert. 

On the first day of the race, a stray dog joined in, running alongside the human participants.


The little pup committed to the cause, keeping up with the runners for the first 22-mile stretch. Leonard had noticed her at the runner’s camp, but assumed she’d wander off eventually. 

But she showed up again ready for day two.


“On Day 2, I was at the start line for the race stage and she was standing next to me looking up at me,” Leonard told The Dodo. “I thought to myself this little dog isn’t going to last very long at my side as we raced off, but she ended up running the whole day and 23 miles distance.” Once the two finished the second stretch, they were inseparable, and Leonard named his new running Buddy Gobi. 

Gobi accompanied her new BFF for day three of the race.


She happily trotted along for 26-miles.”For a little dog Gobi certainly has a big heart and some pace to match,” Leonard said.

Unfortunately, Gobi had to sit out for the next two days because of extreme weather. However, organizers gave her a ride Instead to the ending point so she could be wait for Leonards arrival. 

Gobi joined in for the sixth and final day— and she and Leonard crossed the finish together. She ran over half of the 155-mile race.


But the two buddies couldn’t just go their separate ways after the experience. Leonard is hoping to bring Gobi home to Scotland so they can be a family (are you overwhelmed by the cuteness yet?)

The process won’t be easy. Getting a dog cleared to enter the UK is a long process, involving money, medical checks, and even a four-mouth quarantine. But Leonard is determined to bring his pup home. Gobi is currently staying with a friend in China until she can reunite with her dad.

In the meantime, they’ve set up a CrowdFunder page where supporters can donate to cover Gobi’s moving costs.

“Gobi picked me to be her pal for life” Leonard said. “So I am doing what I can with some great support from around the word to make this happen.” 

We can barely handle the cuteness. Here’s to hoping they can reunite soon! (h/t the dodo)

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