21 Perfect Gifts For The Whiskey Drinker In Your Life

As the temperature continues to drop this winter, why not keep warm with America’s greatest beverage — whiskey?

This holiday season, avoid discussing politics or getting trampled in Black Friday stampedes for Apple products… Go with the classic gifts that any whiskey drinker will love. 

Needing some inspiration? Behold:

  1. Whiskey-Infused Coffee

    etsy: socozycreations

    Why not combine your two favorite things?

  2. Helpful Socks

    etsy: hbrcreativedesigns

    Who wouldn’t want socks that can verbalize what we struggle to say out loud?

  3. A Mini Whiskey Making Kit


    If you want something done right, do it yourself. Surely, this applies to alcohol?

  4. Irish Whiskey Barrel Wooden Cufflinks

    etsy: whiskeywoodcraft

    Wear your heart (and your interests) on your sleeve.

  5. Whiskey-Scented Candles

    etsy: ettaarlene

    Your kitchen never smelled better (or more like a bar).

  6. Whiskey Stones

    etsy: lonepinesupply

    Real whiskey drinkers skip don’t do ice cubes.

  7. Whiskey Candy

    etsy: sugarbakersbakery

    Just keep them away from the kids.

  8. Scotch Lip Balm

    etsy: sweetsnthings

    Soothing and… hydrating?

  9. Whiskey-Flavored Toothpicks

    etsy: joyfulnesting

    If you’re going to indulge in the disgusting habit of tooth-picking, might as well make it taste good. 

  10. Fireball LED Bar Lamps

    etsy: bodaciousbottles

    The ultimate college throwback.

  11. A Whiskey Advent Calendar


    What better way to ring in the Christmas season?

  12. Bourbon Marshmallows


  13. Whiskey Aftershave


    So you can smell delicious (and drunk) all day. 

  14. Whiskey Perfume


    Because whiskey scent is not reserved for men. 

  15. A Whiskey Necklace

    etsy: poppykittendesigns

    For chemistry nerds and people with drinking problems.

  16. Barrel Stave Whiskey Flights

    etsy: barrelartllc

    For all kinds of family fun over the holidays.

  17. A Jack Daniel’s Nightlight

    etsy: lastcallcollectibles

    Whiskey does help you sleep at night, so it seems like appropriate night light material. 

  18. A Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table


    …If you’re looking to shell out some serious cash this holiday season.

  19. The Book Of “101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die”


    We all need life goals. 

  20. An Honest Sign

    etsy: countryworkshop

    You know it’s true.

  21. A Political Tote

    etsy: whiskeyisland

    It’s important for your family to know where you stand this holiday season. Avoid conflict this way!

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15 Gifts For The 'Stranger Things' Fan In Your Life

We all have that friend. The friend who rocked the Eleven Halloween costume. The friend who can’t leggo their Eggos. The friend who watched all of Stranger Things in one (very long) sitting. The friend who still isn’t over the sick injustice that was Barb’s fate. 

This holiday season, it’s time to think of our loved ones who dedicated so much time to obsessing over Stranger Things. Thankfully, the Internet has plenty of gift ideas: 

  1. This Christmas lights pint glass.

    etsy: fandomglassware912

    So you can pour one out for anyone trapped in the upside down

  2. A sweatshirt to prove your solidarity.

    etsy: daintydirtbags

    Barb deserved better. Never forget. 

  3. An Eleven’s waffles-scented candle.

    etsy: ruudeandreckless

    No better way to stimulate your super powers. 

  4. A ‘Stranger Things’ coloring book.

    etsy: estellemorrisshop

    Because childhood activities are the best mechanisms for fending off adulthood stresses like.. holiday shopping. 

  5. A ‘Justice For Barb’ pin.

    etsy: odd lentil

    There will never be enough pro-Barb paraphernalia. 

  6. The ultimate coffee mug.

    etsy: shop803

    Especially if anyone in your squad has superpowers.

  7. A sweatshirt with the greatest of waffle puns.


  8. An ~upside down~ cap.

    etsy: impurethoughts 

  9. A ‘Stranger Things’- themed charm bracelet.

    etsy: giftrocket

    Christmas lights, cassette tape, and all. 

  10. This inspirational embroidery hoop.

    etsy: thepeculiarthread

  11. Your own communication Christmas lights.

    etsy: myvinylvariations

    You know, just in case your friends get stuck in the upside down. 

  12. Barb’s glasses.

    etsy: fairestinthelandoll

    What better way to pay homage to our fallen heroine? 

  13. A sweatshirt to show some school spirit.


  14. Buttons for every occasion.

    etsy: starstruckmetal

    …Whether you’re telling off school bullies or defending your waffles. 

  15. Finally, in case your fandom wasn’t evident enough, a phone case that will make your passion clear.


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