National Lipstick Day Is Coming — And MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick to Celebrate

National Lipstick Day Is Coming — And MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick to Celebrate

Any beauty enthusiast will tell you that makeup — while an exciting and creative hobby — is undoubtedly an expensive one. With constant new releases, and endless options, there’s a lot of money to be spent in the beauty industry. Which is why we could not be more excited about news that MAC is giving away makeup for free. 

Yes… You read that right! 

As you may or may not know, July 29 happens to be National Lipstick Day — an important holiday if we’ve ever heard of one! And MAC is celebrating by giving away free lipstick — and for what it’s worth, they’re not the only ones! Keep reading to find out how to get free lipstick at MAC this weekend and learn about some other brands celebrating this oh-so-holy day. 

MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick — And You Don’t Have to Buy Anything

To get in on the action at MAC, pretty much all you have to do is show up. No purchase necessary! 

Before you ask what the catch is, we should warn you that there is one (though it’s minor). On National Lipstick Day, they are only giving away certain shades — more specifically, they are giving away nine colors from the Artists Favorites collection. The available shades include Aloof, Delish, Dare You, Moxie, Florabundi, Epic, Mixed Media, Chintz, and Tararama. 

We suggest you get there early, as the promotion only runs while supplies last and — as you can imagine — things tend to go quickly! If waiting in line with rabid beauty fans isn’t exactly your thing, you can also take advantage of the offer online, though they do require you make a $ 25 purchase in order to get the free shade. 

It’s worth mentioning, this isn’t the only day you can get free makeup at the cult favorite brand! The company runs their Back-to-MAC recycling program year-round, and all you have to do is bring in your used-up makeup in exchange for something new.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Is Going BOGO 

Anastasia Beverly Hills — the makeup brand founded by eyebrow wizard Anastasia Soare — has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas on the market. And this year, you’ll be able to get your hands on many different shades, as they’re doing buy one, get one free on their website

To sweeten the deal, you’ll be able to mix and match their lip products (which includes liquid lipstick, bullet lipstick, and lipgloss) so you can get your hands on every formula the brand has to offer. 


ColourPop’s Cult Favorite Liquid Lipstick Is Slashing Their Price 

Since the beginning of the liquid lipstick craze, ColourPop has — rightfully — earned its title as a beloved product. The lipstick performs amazingly well, and at $ 6.50 a bottle, it’s easy to experiment and try every shade your heart desires. 

And if the price wasn’t impressive enough as is, life is about to be even sweeter come Sunday, since ColourPop will be marking down all their liquid lipsticks by 30 percent to celebrate the beauty community’s important holiday. You won’t even need a code! Beginning Sunday, all Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, and Ultra Glossy liquid lips will be marked down 30 percent off. 

Lime Crime Is Marking Down Your Faves

Lime Crime has become a cult favorite because of their insanely broad range of colors and finishes. Whether you want something traditional or out there, simple or sparkly, matte or glossy — Lime Crime has a lip product for you! And now’s your chance to snag all your favorites thanks to a coupon code, “LipstickDay,” which will give you 25 percent all lip products. 


Palladio Beauty Is Letting Everyone Get in on the Fun 

Why should our lips get all the attention on National Lipstick Day?! Palladio Beauty is making sure that everything on the site gets in on the action! On Sunday, the code “Summer30” will get you 30 percent off everything on the site — and you’ll be able to nab a free lipgloss! 

Forget Christmas — National Lipstick Day is officially our favorite day of the year! 

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Joel Embiid's Out Of The NBA Finals But His Social Media Presence Keeps on Giving

Joel Embiid's Out Of The NBA Finals But His Social Media Presence Keeps on Giving

Joel Embiid has emerged as one of the hottest social media commodities in all of athletics. He is funny, engages with pop culture, active on his own social media, and it doesn’t hurt that his team—the Philadelphia 76ers—was one of the hottest teams in the NBA this season after years of “tanking” for high draft picks. Even though he missed 2+ seasons because of an injury, his talent and charisma kept him front and center.

One of the first things that endeared Embiid to commentators, fans, and non-fans alike was his crush on pop star Rihanna. Embiid famously asked Rihanna out for a date repeatedly beginning in 2014 and the pop star responded she’d say yes when he made an NBA All Star team. It has since become the stuff of legend. The entire “affair” has been documented at length. It wasn’t long before the media bit on the story as well.

He wasn’t shy about taking matters into his own hands either. Here he is professing his love for her to TMZ Sports.

TNT even approached him about on the court this season when he actually did make an All Star team. Turns out that Embiid has his pride.

Still that hasn’t dampened Embiid’s fans from creating and contributing to some memorable memes. They even use them to pitch Hollywood. 

But Embiid’s impact would have been diminished if his team hadn’t succeeded on the court. The 76ers—with the help of Embiid finally playing the majority of a season and new red-shirt rookie Ben Simmons—took the league by storm this year and propelled themselves into the 3-seed in the Eastern Conference. They then dispatched with the Miami Heat in a brief 5 game series, earning the enthusiastic praise of first-ballot Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.

However, superstar veterans’ adulation isn’t going to keep you trending on social media. Embiid’s talent, for one, keeps him in the spotlight. But also the sheer force of his personality. 

On March 28th, Embiid collided with rookie Markelle Fultz as they both chased down a loose ball. The result of which was that Embiid missed about the last month of the season and had to be treated—including surgery—for a fracture orbital bone and concussion. As a result, he’s had to wear the above mask to protect his health as he continues to heal as he plays in these playoffs. Embiid, of course, found a way to capitalize on it. And remain in good spirits. The pain meds led to some hilarity on his Twitter, including re-visiting his “lost love.”

He attempted to Tweet through the pain during the Kansas (his alma mater) vs. Villanova (the eventual national champions) during the NCAA tournament shortly after his surgery, but his Jayhawks were run out of the gym, leading to this hilarious Tweet comparing Embiid’s feeling at this moment of recovery to Batman villain Two-Face/harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight).

Joel figured the intense visual provided by the mask was a nice hook and decided to use the image to strike fear into the hearts of opposing fans and opponents in much the same way another Phantom (of the Opera) struck fear into the hearts of the performers and audiences of a fictional theater in French literature and modern musicals.

The Sixers followed suit, and figured Embiid’s media savvy would be marketable for the team’s brand as a whole. 

Embiid clearly learned to be himself and trust himself just as much as he trusts the process (“trust the process” became a mantra for the Sixers rebuild when former GM Sam Hinkie coined the phrase in an interview—Embiid embraced the notion and capitalized on it. “The Process” is his nickname, as you can see on the banner of his own Twitter page.

Embiid’s sense of humor and charisma has made him a source of ire for opposing fans. 

However, I doubt he’d be the source of much attention if he weren’t performing up to his All-Star standards. And even though the Sixers lost Game 1 of their series with Boston (in Boston) on Monday night, Embiid showed up. 

I wonder if his pre-game routine contributed at all. 

But this is precisely why Embiid is such a great follow, regardless of your interest in basketball or sports in general. He is a larger-than-life figure that doesn’t hide his humanity, his exuberance, or his youth. He exudes charisma and talent, and thus he is promo gold. 

And he has some celebrity admirers of his own, including Philly’s own Will Smith:

Rapper Meek Mill (who attended the Sixers series-clinching win in Game 5 against the Heat, fresh off his release from prison in an Embiid jersey):

And Kevin Hart:

Which led to some hilarious send ups elsewhere on social media:

Embiid’s unique blend of other-worldly talent and infectious personality helps him fit in uniquely well with today’s youth culture and Internet/meme culture, which is why—good health provided—he will likely remain an influential figure throughout the entirety of his career. He can ball and he can brand. 

He may not like wearing the mask much…

…but his fans are buying in to the image he’s projecting with it.

And so are Philly businesses, like Evil Genius Brewery.

And because of his personality and social media savvy, he provides fodder for all kinds of creative/hilarious material, both on and off the court.

And his skill and likeability have certainly helped him gain stature within the game of basketball, and helps him maintain his authentically humorous, super-hero status—even in the eyes of the most recent (and the most popular) recent Philly basketball legend.

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