People Are Sharing Ideas for Tattoos They Would Have Gotten in Seventh Grade and The Results Are Painfully Hilarious

People Are Sharing Ideas for Tattoos They Would Have Gotten in Seventh Grade and The Results Are Painfully Hilarious

Honestly, the bummer about tattoos is that good ones frequently get overlooked while bad tattoos can be spotted a mile away. Whether it’s because they’re cheesy, misspelled, or just an all-around ridiculous idea, a tattoo gone wrong is hilarious and absolutely tragic at the same time.

Whatever the story behind them, tattoos are certainly more popular now than they were decades ago — what with them becoming more and more culturally acceptable. And, as we all know, the more tattoos there are out there, the more chances for terrible inks there shall be.

Often these regrettable permanent body arts are the result of a drunken night around St. Marks, or a teenage indiscretion.

Carly Aquilino, who many of you surely remember used to date Pete Davidson, recently asked her Twitter followers what tattoos they would have gotten, had they had permission, in the prime of their green-ness, aka, seventh grade.

I, for one, know my parents would have straight-up disowned me if I had gotten a tattoo at the ripe age of 12, though as a creative individual, I obviously had several ideas.

Carly’s Twitter followers are no different. Scroll down for our favorite would-be tween tattoos.

The actress/comedian started everyone off by sharing her own seventh-grade master plan. “Mine would probably have been a portrait of Freddie Prinz [sic] Jr. that took up my whole back,” Carly tweeted.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the internet chimed in, adding their heartthrobs and pre-teen mood boards into the mix.

The late-nineties boyband sensation known as *NSYNC featured prominently in the thread, with Twitter user @vanessa_2715 tweeting “NSYNC logo, no contest ;)” and @RaeRayoSunshine adding, “It would have been something NSYNC or Britney Spears.” 

Classic choice. One for the ages.

Some people got really creative with their *NSYNC responses. One user debated lyrics or DMX’s face — but I say, why pick one when a mashup of both would definitely be the better option?


@Rachel_nerdlover had an *NSYNC idea that was so inspired, I’m printing it out for my next tattoo consultation.

Behold this greatness:


Another popular choice was the all-around tween favorite, artist Lisa Frank. I remember being obsessed with all things Lisa Frank: stationary, pencils, stickers, binders, you name it. So I feel like I definitely could have gotten down with @bmillahkillah’s idea of “Lisa Frank sleeves.”

In fact, the more I think about them, the more hilarious the idea gets. These guys are on that trippy tip:


This woman definitely gave her idea a lot of thought. I don’t know where to get glitter tattoos either, Faith, but I’m willing to hunt them down for us both.


Then, come other classics. I’ve never read Harry Potter (I know, I know), but my girlfriend is a huge HP fan and she assures me she completely gets this woman — both as a 12-year-old AND as a full-grown adult. 

Having said that, I should probably keep an eye on her over the next few days…


This person was likely incredibly wise for her years, because at 28 I still don’t want no scrub, also known as a busta! A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me.


Lipgloss Lesbian Dee went for a classier message, inspired by an equally classy brand. And with its almost-comeback late last year, she could have been channeling her inner-Regina George, while being completely on trend.


I actually think that with the right crowd (I’m looking at you, Marc Jacobs), this one would still hold up today.


Ahhh, Nick and Jessica… They started out as Newlyweds and for a while, it was even romantic. But then they became the poster children for divorce and for why you shouldn’t sign on to a reality show as a couple. 

Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but thank GOODNESS Caitlyn had the foresight (oh, yeah, and age restriction) not to go through with this one.


I realize that I outed myself earlier in this piece, but I have to say @aprilbrucker’s tattoo idea is one that deeply resonates with me on a personal level:


Although if it’s time to be painfully honest, these drawings would be all over my arms if I’d been able to get my parents’ consent:


Actually, it’s a tough call between these and those S’s we all used to draw in our notebooks. The ones where you start out with six sticks and then connect them to make the most epic bubble-letter creation ever.


Yes, girl. For ABSOLUTE sure.

I believe the first line of the title song here is, “Don’t want to be an American Idiot,” which seems like exactly what you would become if you went through with this ink.


This next idea gets 10/10 from me for originality, but it also demands the question: WHY???


Unless this tattoo doubles as a quadratic equation calculator (and when does that come in handy, again?), this piece is going to be a big NOPE for me.


@TheJeffroLee went HARD as a 12-year-old. But full disclosure, I too wanted a scorpion tattoo at 14, after watching Natural Born Killers and becoming obsessed with Juliette Lewis.

Not the worst obsession, but probably not the best inspiration, either.


As enjoyable as this thread was, and as nostalgic as it made me for the very early aughts (#TBT Snake II), the real gem for me was guessing people’s ages based on their seventh grade desires. 

These tweeters, on opposite ends of that spectrum, really made my day.


I’m not sure about you all, but I definitely don’t regret waiting until 18 for my first ink.

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This Fourth Grade Homework Assignment About Slavery Has People Furious

There are a lot of great, hardworking teachers out there. There are also a bunch of teachers who seem to see the classroom as a place to work out their own issues. Teachers are people, and a lot of people are racist. A woman named Trameka Brown-Berry shared a homework assignment her son, Jerome, brought home from school illustrating exactly that.

Brown-Berry posted a photo the assignment questions Jerome was asked to answer. For context, he’s only in the fourth grade. The worksheet demands that he give three “good” reasons for slavery and three bad ones. Good is in quotes, I guess to indicate that they wouldn’t really be good reasons? Which is a red flag the teacher should have paid attention to. If you already think your question is stupid enough to need qualifiers, don’t ask it.

Young Jerome responded by saying there was no good reason for enslaving people, and in the bad category listed a number of potential abuses suffered by men, women, and children under American slavery, including being beaten and separated from their families. His second answer clearly shows why his first answer is correct; there was nothing good about it.

BuzzFeed Newsreports that the teacher works in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and the worksheet was part of a social studies assignment. Brown-Berry isn’t mad that he was asked to discuss slavery, but how Jerome was asked to talk about it.

“It was the fact that she wanted my African-American son to name three good things for slavery. That’s insulting,” Brown-Berry told local news affiliate WESH 2.

The school attempted to explain the question as a misunderstanding, offering this statement:

“We understand that, as presented, the words used showed a lack of sensitivity and were offensive. The purpose of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that ANY slavery is acceptable — a concept that goes against our core values and beliefs about the equality and worth of people of all races.”

But folks on Facebook are not having it. Some seem to think that it was just a  poor choice of words on the teacher’s part, and she actually meant what advantages slaveowners might have seen to owning slaves, making them defend such a brutal and horrendous system. But that’s a pretty complicated idea to boil down and describe as “good” reasons for slavery. People were mad:

Brown-Berry’s Facebook post attracted a lot of attention, and she recently posted a follow up saying that the teacher and school’s principal had offered a formal apology. They’re also going to be making some changes:

According to Brown-Berry, the assignment will be removed from the curriculum, and any future homework on sensitive topics will be sent home to parents first. 

Teachers will also be “trained in a cultural diversity/ cultural competency inservice” in an effort to prevent this sort of thing from occurring again, at least at this school.

“The moral of the story is, the only way to teach our kids to stand up for their rights and respect is to model it. With all of your support I was able to give my child a personal life lesson about how change starts with you,” she concluded.

And Jerome seems to be doing fine. At the end of the original assignment, he finished by writing, “I am proud to be black because we are strong and brave.” A strong, brave kid, with a strong, brave mother.

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5th Grade Girl Wrote A Hilarious Warning Note To A Boy Who Had A Crush On Her

Growing up is amazing. It’s a wonderful time in a person’s life when your mind is opening up and you’re making your transition from childhood to grown-up land. It’s intense, weird, and strangely beautiful.

And one of the best things about being a child is not having a filter — you feel compelled to say and do whatever you need to do in any situation. There’s an honesty in childhood that kind of gets lost on most people when they become adults.

But with that honesty comes a lot of brutal/hilarious situations.

Like this note a 5th grade teacher found one of her students, Zoe, wrote to a boy who likes her, Noah. And it’s a doozy.

It’s amazing to see that a child is capable of so much shade. Here are her full rules below:

  1. Do not touch my shoulder.

  2. Do not get behind me with all that playing + foolishness. (Don’t get behind me at all.)

  3. Do not speak to me unless it is a greeting, which will be never.

  4. Stop playing with me on the bus.

  5. I have a short temper with people and you ruin my day because you play 2 much. 

  6. Reread 500 times 

  7. You like me (as a gf) but I don’t like you (as a bf) I’m 2 young!

If you break any of these rules I’m calling my dad, my mom’s friend, my fake mom, and a janitor I know!

Shade level: infinity.

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