These Slippers Made From Goat Hair Are The Hottest New Trend And They Only Cost $1,800

Some people have more money than sense. Just look at the people willing to pay Apple $ 159 for their new wireless headphones that will go missing within 10 minutes of use.

If you’ve ever bought anything from Gucci, you know just how expensive they are too. And now, they’re trying to get people to pay $ 1,800 for these slippers than can only be compared to Donald Trump’s hair.

The worst thing? They’re actually sold out. 


The Net-A-Porter describes these monstrosities as “one of the most talked-about designs from Alessandro Michele’s debut runway collection.” And suggests that you “wear them with floaty skirts and dresses, or keep it casual in jeans.”

Users on social media had a different interpretation, making the obvious comparisons. 

Others were just too shocked to believe that these were even a thing.

Fashion has offically gone too far, i’m calling it.

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