This Man Thinks He's Being Haunted By A Ghost Child With A Dented Head

Illustrator Adam Ellis thinks he is being haunted by a murderous ghost. And after reading his Twitter thread about it, you might end up agreeing with him.

One where Ellis was able to see his vision clearly enough that he could draw it later.

But the vision was INTENSE.

And it wasn’t the last dream on the subject, either.

Holy moly. Okay, this is all terrifying, but just as long as he doesn’t ask Dear David three questions, he should be fi—


Of course, he goes down a rabbit hole looking up information about Dear David.

Oh, like you were going to get off THAT easy. David’s a ghost, dude!


Um, RIP, and thank you for the very spooky Twitter thread.

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Walter White Was Trump's Head Of DEA In This SNL Sketch And It Was Too Real

Trump’s cabinet choices are under tough scrutiny after it was first announced a few weeks back that he was planning on putting Myron Ebell, a climate change denier and employee of Exxon Mobile as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since then many of his other choices were slammed for being the same kind of “swamp workers” he’d promised to have removed from government, as many of them are bogged down with either clear corporate interests or are advocates of controversial and regressive social policies.

And although the news of his cabinet picks become more and more alarming each day (like Ben Carson and Sarah Palin…  at least Giuliani is no longer in the running for the Secretary of State pick) you can’t help but poke fun at just how quickly the President Elect is breaking his campaign promises before even taking office.

And no one lampoons politicians, especially Trump, better than Saturday Night Live.

Like when they made Walter White from Breaking Bad Trump’s pick as head of DEA, and got Bryan Cranston to reprise his legendary role.

The worst part is, this probably isn’t a stretch. By Trump’s logic, El Chapo would probably be an awesome head of the DEA because, like the Donald, he knows how to abuse the current laws and systems in place. It’s like he’s making an actual Suicide Squad.

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This Aunt Caught Her Niece Sleeping On Her Head And People Are Freaking Out

Halloween is fast approaching, and people are pretty easily spooked this time of year. Twitter user Mikaela Long recently babysat her niece and was understandably concerned for her own safety when she looked at the monitor to see the baby sleeping on her head. 

Remind you of anything?

People were pretty terrified by the whole thing.

While others saw an opportunity.

The child’s mother told Buzzfeed that the girl has been doing this a lot lately, so there’s probably nothing to be worried about. “She’s been quite acrobatic lately,” she said. But said that like us, she has no idea why she actually sleeps on her head. “I think it’s just her settling down and getting comfortable,” she said.

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