Man's Russian Doll Proposal Steals The Internet And Our Hearts

Everyone loves a good proposal story, and it usually takes a lot of planning to get one started. For Logan Rondi’s mom, it seemed as though everyone was in on it but her, and you can see that in the video she posted to Twitter below.

The Russian doll approach was a good strategy. It catches people off guard because you don’t know what direction the final box is going to go into. It wasn’t until she pulled this letter out that Logan’s mom realized what was coming.


The reactions to a 2016 win like this were what you’d hope they would be.

Too cute.

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This Video Of A Home-Wrecking Penguin Just Broke The Internet And Our Hearts

In this cold, harsh, and unreliable world, there are so few things we can count on. But there are a few constants: Beyoncé is flawless, dogs are too good for this world, Donald Trump’s hair is made of roadkill, and penguins are pure and adorable creatures. They’re always wearing mini TUXEDOS, for f*ck’s sake. How could they do wrong?

Well, leave it to one of the world’s most respected nature publications to ruin even that for us. 

National Geographic, in a hilarious but completely SOULLESS move, tweeted a video of a penguin love triangle gone awry. It involved infidelity, betrayal, violence, gore, and defeat. 

Yes, the story is about as tragic as it gets in the animal kingdom. 

…Not to mention that SAVAGE narration. 

The cheating penguin drama captivated the Internet — the video was retweeted well over 200,00 times and sparked a firestorm of comments. 

The video of nature in action DID NOT go over well with the general public. People took to Twitter to share their devastation over the scorned penguin. 

A few brave souls came to the defense of the female penguin. There are two sides to every story, after all. 

But mostly, people had advice for the defeated husband penguin. #TeamSkipper.

But the most disturbing part of the whole penguin saga was the National Geographic narrator’s ruthless narration, mocking a penguin who was clearly already down. 

As if the narration wasn’t devastating enough, National Geographic left us hanging. What happened next?!

At least we all learned something from this tragic event. 

TRUST NO ONE. Even penguins are lying assholes. PENGUINS. Love is dead. 

Seriously, it might take us a long time to heal from this one. 

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