Here's How Today's Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Mood

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A total lunar eclipse will be taking place on Friday, July 27 accompanied by a blood moon. This happens about twice a year — and occurs when the moon is completely overtaken by the Earth’s shadow. It’s no surprise that people are convinced that the natural phenomenon has an effect on people’s mood and personality. 

According to ABC Science, 40 percent of the general population believes that “the phase of the moon affects human behavior.” It’s also something most astrologers agree with too,  going as far as to differentiate how each zodiac sign is affected by the lunar eclipse. For Aries, expect those buried resentments and frustrations to come pouring out. If you’re a Cancer, a sexual attraction can turn into a full-blown relationship thanks to the eclipse landing in Aquarius (duh!). 

However, for the most part, the effects of the lunar eclipse are universal. 

But first things first. 

Will you be able to see the lunar eclipse?  

Unfortunately, if you live in North America, chances are you will not be catching a glimpse of the blood moon. Unless you live in Newfoundland, Canada. Everyone else on the planet will get 103 minutes of lunar eclipse glory — the longest of the 21st century — on Friday. However, just because you can’t see the lunar eclipse doesn’t mean you won’t feel its effects.

So, how does the lunar eclipse affect your mood?

According to astrologer Chani Nicholas, eclipses signal a time when our “shadow or unconscious habits” are exposed — making it a perfect time to make important shifts or changes in your life. “This eclipse calls on our ability to witness the difficulties that we come up against. It calls out the aggressive, disruptive, and derailing aspects of life. It is a passionate plea to work through the conflicts of our human experience,” she wrote on her blog. “There may not be much that stays consistent right now, but we can work with this eclipse to become more conscious of the changes we need to make and the fear that comes up for us when we attempt to do so.” 

Astrologer Jamie Partridge also described the lunar eclipse as “emotionally challenging” due to the planet Mars. “Remaining calm in a crisis is the key to dealing with this overly emotional lunar eclipse,” he explained on Astrology King before adding, “With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.” 

Even NASA agrees that lunar eclipses have an effect on people — even if it might be all in their head. 

“There is no evidence that eclipses have any physical effect on humans. However, eclipses have always been capable of producing profound psychological effects. For millennia, solar eclipses have been interpreted as portents of doom by virtually every known civilization,” the organization wrote on its website. “These have stimulated responses that run the gamut from human sacrifices to feelings of awe and bewilderment. Although there are no direct physical effects involving known forces, the consequences of the induced human psychological states have indeed led to physical effects.” 

When is the next total lunar eclipse? 

If you’re one of the unlucky millions in North America, you’ll have to wait until January 21, 2019 for the next total lunar eclipse to be visible. However, if you’re still curious, today’s full eclipse begins at 19:30 UTC for Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America and will last over an hour. 

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