This History Buff Defends Millennials After Someone Says They're the Worst Generation of Students

When I moved across the country a couple of months ago, I was trying to find a short-term place to stay while I looked around for an apartment to make my home. I’ve gone through my share of shady sublets, and was so worried I wouldn’t land a spot that I started looking for one to book months in advance. On my first day of browsing, I came across a gorgeous and affordable one-bedroom in a really convenient location, but was super skeptical of the post because of how traumatized I am from my previous experiences. 

I’ve dealt with creeps who ask for a cash deposit then claim they’re in the hospital on the exact same day they’re supposed to meet me for the keys. I’ve had people cancel my reservation once I’ve already landed in their city… Needless to say, I’m a seasoned subletter. When I found this lovely one-bedroom on Craigslist, I was sure the listing was too good to be true. So I took a proactively defensive stance when I reached out via email. I asked for boring specifications on the apartment and went over payment details with exhaustive thoroughness. I even asked if a friend could stop by to make sure there were no secret squatter tenants, or anything sketchy like that. Then, I got an email back. 

TWIST: I recognized the address from the gushing fan mail I had sent it years ago. The apartment belonged to my favorite living writer and here I was, casually emailing with her directly. Flash forward a few months and we’re friendly and occasionally email each other or meet for coffee to catch up. And that’s how my nightmare sublet search turned into a friendship with one of the best and most famous writers of our time.

I live for real-life plot twists like this. They keep us on our toes while we cruise through this journey of life. Which is why when u/whytho37 asked Reddit to share their most insane plot twists, the results were incredible. 

Scroll down for twists so good, you wouldn’t believe they actually happened if you saw them in a film.

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Best Man Trolls Groom By Reading His PornHub Search History During Wedding Speech

Best Man Trolls Groom By Reading His PornHub Search History During Wedding Speech

When one sits down to write a best man or maid of honor speech, the task can be a little intimidating. 

These speeches tend to be an important part of the wedding reception, so the speakers want to make sure that they are heartfelt, and memorable. Usually the speeches tell embarrassing stories or fond memories of days gone by. 

Thom, the best man at Danny Hodgetts’s wedding, decided to take his speech to a whole new level. 


In fact Thom partnered with porn site Pornhub, to create a hilarious trip down memory lane of his Pornhub experience. 

Watch the video below: 

The video starts with a message from Aria, a representative of Pornhub.


She starts by reminiscing of days gone by. “We’ve been with you for years now,” she says. “Witnessing all your varying phases.” 

Here were two of her favorites: 


“Danny, your stamina and loyalty is very much appreciated,” Aria says. She confesses that all of the girls are “gutted” to hear he is getting married. 


She also goes on to prove his loyalty by saying that through his travels he has enjoyed their website “in the most countries worldwide.”


Aria makes sure to ease his worry by saying that Pornhub has saved all of his personal favorites from their website. 


Aria congratulates the bride and groom and lets them know that Pornhub has a gift for them as well. Pornhub knows his wife can’t travel everywhere with him, so they have offered him a premium membership whenever he travels. 

She responded to the groom’s tweet with a word of congratulations and a link to the original video:

As you might expect, Thom’s speech was a hit with the wedding party and guests. 

He told Refinery29:

“Everyone at the wedding loved it. My friend’s face as it was being introduced and played was priceless. They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humour at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful.”

Congrats to the show-stealing best man, Thom, for the most memorable speech the Internet has seen in awhile. 

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22 Funniest History Facts You Never Learned In School

I will preface this by saying our sources from the time are sketchy at best, so this may not have happened, but I digress:

We all know Charlemagne yes? King of the Franks and all that. Well, while he did a great deal for the Frankish legacy, he wasn’t the first independent Frankish king. That honour went to a guy named Childeric, and this dude must have been fine as fuck because his sexual escapades are insane.

So Childeric was actually king twice, but he never got usurped – nope, he was instead exiled, not for killing anyone or shit like that, just because he fucked so many of the Frankish noble’s wives. Genuinely, the sources tell us he was banished because all the lords realised that their wives were all cheating on them with the same dude, and so told the king to fuck off. So he duly did, and ended up in the court of another barbarian king as an ally to him. During this time, he got into the royal court, got chatting with the king’s wife, and you guessed it, diddled the lass. Following this, rather than keeping it a thing on the down-low, Childeric straight up declared that he was marrying the wife, ran off with her, and brought her back to the nobles that thought they were finally rid of the horny bastard.

Fortunately for women everywhere, this queen seems to have had a bit of mettle, because nothing else is written about him running off with any other important women. Instead he had a son, a lad named Clovis, and thus began the rise of the Frankish Empire that spawned modern day Germany and France.

So two modern European nations have a grandfather who was just a massive horny fuck.

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Artistic deeds with beads: a brief history of bead craft

Beads are such versatile and varied objects. They can be made from materials such as glass, metal or wood and look great when added to jewellery, purses, coasters and other crafts.

Ingenious artistic people can also add beads to decorations, cards and collages.
Craft Supplies company Yellow Moon has a range of fantastic bead craft which can keep budding young artists happily entertained for hours on end. They are great resources for teachers and families with young children who are looking to encourage kids to make great art to display.

Beads are so commonly used in children’s art today. So it is easy to forget just how long beads have been around – helping artists of many generations to put the finishing touches to fantastic pieces of art.

Bead craft can involve attaching one bead to another. It can also involve the art of attaching beads to cloth. A needle and thread – or soft bendy wire – is an essential part of the expert bead artist’s bag of tricks.

There is much evidence – in the form of archaeological records – that beads were made and used as long as 5,000 years ago.

Rosary beads

Beads haven’t just been valued on the grounds of their aesthetic merit; they have also been used for religious purposes. The most famous example of ‘religious’ beads are rosary beads.

Rosary beads provide a physical method for Catholics to count how many Hail Marys have been said during prayers – the fingers are moved along the beads as the prayers are said.

Today, the vast majority of rosary beads are made from glass, plastic or wood. However, rosary beads have also been made from materials such as bone, crushed flowers, coral, crystal, silver and gold.

Early rosary beads were strung together using silk – quite an indulgence!

Native American bead craft

Native Americans are considered the masters of bead art so it might seem strange that they import most of their beads from Europe before transforming them into magnificent items, jewellery and art.

Glass beads have been in use for almost 500 years in the Americas and the title of one of the world’s best-selling bead books – 1930s’ Hiawatha presents Beaded Bags – is proof of why Native America is seen as the home of bead art.#
Next time you take a look at a beaded bag on the high street, bear in mind that the Great Lakes’ tribes’ crafts people take a year to make a bandolier bag.

Today, Native American artists such as Rhonda Holy Bear, Charlene Holy Bear and Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty are keeping alive the tradition of making beautiful dolls from beads.

Marcus Amerman of the Choctaw tribe is another celebrated Native American bead artist. His beaded depictions of Janet Jackson and Brooke Shields are the perfect examples of how the ancient art of beading has a place in modern art culture.

3D beads

So, what is the next big thing in the beading world? It could well be 3D beads – beads which can be put together to form 3D models of things like teddy bears. These 3D beads differ from normal beads in that art can be made by the beads alone (rather than attaching beads to cloth or other surfaces or by stringing them together).

The fact that most 3D bead instructions are written in Oriental languages has prevented them catching on in Europe so far, but they are sure to be a big hit when they are introduced to British shores!

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