New York Public Library's New Book Train Will Take Your Inner Book Nerd For A Ride

If you were a fan of New York Public Library’s two block long Rose Reading Room, I’ve got some good news for you; the ceiling restoration is complete and the room is scheduled to be reopened on October 5th. 

That’s great news for any bookworm, student, or person that can’t stand sitting at a Starbucks while the Pumpkin Spice craze is still going on. The movie scenes shot in the room do it no justice, and the only real complaints people ever had was how much lugging around they had to do if they wanted to pick up a research book from the other side of the library on one of its 11 floors. 

That is now a thing of the past.

With the recent expansions and book relocations, planners kept the citizens of New York City in mind when they came up with this new delivery system. Each of the 24 ‘carts’ can hold up to 30 pounds of materials, can travel vertically or horizontally,  and take only 5 minutes to work through all 11 levels of the library thanks to their 75 feet per minute speed. The carts also have built in sensors so you can track your delivery when it’s on route to you.

The $ 2.6 million dollar was part of an initiative to help make the Rose Reading Room an even more pleasant experience for those that would be spending countless hours there going through however many of their 4 million volumes of research material they had to.

Matt Knutzen, the director of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Divisions within the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, said in a statement, “Our priorities include preserving our materials and making them increasingly accessible to the public in an inspiring space for research. Our recent storage expansion, our restoration of the Reading Room, and the installation of this system are all elements of that work.”

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You Can Channel Your Inner Khaleesi With This 'Game Of Thrones' Jewelry Line

There are few people, either fictional or real, who even approach the level of badass reached by Daenerys Targaryen. She has dragons (which she flies around on gracefully without getting third degree burns) and an army. Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, you probably know all about her, thanks to the Internet’s obsession with The Breaker Of Chains and Mother Of Dragons. And even the slightest glance at an HBO promotional picture tells you she’s fierce AF. 

So, if you feel like channeling your inner Queen / Mother of Dragons, you can order a new line of jewelry from the Game of Thrones costume designer. 

Michele Claption, who’s responsible for the looks from the first five seasons of the show, decided to bestow upon us some Westeros – style jewelry. She worked with famed jewelry designers Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom to launch MEY Designs— with a specific GoT line. 

Dressing like Khaleesi doesn’t come cheap. 

Turns out, you’ll have to shell out over $ 2,000 to have a dragon wrapped around your neck, but smaller items cost significantly less (meaning, somewhere in the low hundreds…) Hey, no one said being that fierce came for free. 

The line includes dragon-themed cuffs and arm wraps…

mey designs

You can expect a fourteen-week wait for the pieces after ordering, but you’ll have dragon jewelry and bragging rights for all eternity. 

You can rock pendants or “neck sculptures” (because that’s a thing). 

mey designs

It’s also worth mentioning that the line is called “Game of Thrones 2016.” Perhaps there will be more GoT lines in years to come?

And, for those of you who want to give a subtle shoutout to your favorite HBO drma, there are some delicate earrings


mey designs

Hopefully, with the help of her dragon jewelry, we’ll be able to make an entrance just like our girl. 

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