Grandma Discovers Something About The 'USA' Shirt She's Been Wearing For 25 July 4th Celebrations

Grandma Discovers Something About The 'USA' Shirt She's Been Wearing For 25 July 4th Celebrations

Dressing up for special occasions is pretty great, and nothing says PATRIOTIC GET-UP better than rocking your red white and blue everything on the 4th of july.

T-shirts brandishing the old stars and stripes, cheap wayfarer knock-off sunglasses, blue shorts, red sneakers and a white top bedazzled with stars, everyone can rep the US flag. Heck, even if you’re from New York my guy, there’s a special USA item of clothing for you.


The iconic symbol of America’s flag is immediately recognizable, and no July 4th celebration would be complete without drowning in a glorious sea of red, white, and blue, accompanied by whatever cold cheap beer your friends managed to toss into a cooler.

The thing is, however, that the colors red, white, and blue are pretty common. There are tons of countries that have them on their flags. Look at France. Look at Britain. Stars, while not exactly a rarity, are a bit less common. So if you see stars, red, white, and blue on something, your mind automatically thinks ‘Murica.

That’s what Dale Cheesman’s grandma thought. She’s been repping the same fourth of July shirt for more than 25 years. Look at how adorable she is in it.


However, thanks to the 2018 World Cup and the participation of one team, Panama, Dale and his family discovered something about Grandma’s shirt.

She wasn’t repping Old Glory at all. Take a look at the Panamanian flag below, then back at Granny’s shirt.

That’s right, every July 4th for 25+ years, Grandma was actually proudly rocking Panama’s flag.

Something that Dale calls “25 years of treason.”

People loved Dale’s post.

And immediately replied by giving some Panama-approved Grandma nickname puns. 

Now here’s where it gets crazy, a proud citizen of Panama pointed out that he should tell his grandmother to rock the shirt on November 3rd, which is Panama’s Independence Day.

Dale’s birthday? November 3rd. BOOM.

Others wanted to know just how in the heck Grandma managed to keep a 25+ year shirt looking so darn nice.

People just wanted his grandma to come and visit Panama, probably on account of how well she wore that shirt.

Others didn’t find it so funny. This is July 4th after all, and Granny was sporting the wrong flag.

On the plus side, however, she at least was wearing a shirt for a country that qualified for the World Cup and even won it!

It was the World Cup of Flags on Twitter, but still, so what they lost 6-1 to England? They’ve got that distinction and an awesome Grandma who will hopefully uphold  the tradition come this July 4th.

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4 Clever And Easy Do-It-Yourself 4th Of July Projects To Impress Your Guests With

July 4th weekend means friends, families, loved ones, all getting together to celebrate America’s independence from the British (dare I say we forced the Brexit in 1776?).

All jokes aside, Independence Day weekend is about celebrating our freedom and there aren’t many better at celebrating it than the Hometalk team. As the largest DIY community, boasting roughly 100,000 projects with over three million members and hundreds of thousands of contributors, Hometalk has four incredibly easy and cool projects for you to add a little pizzazz to your Fourth of July party.

1. Stars And Stripes Wine Glasses

You’re going to need painter’s tape, paintbrushes, multi-surface acrylic pants, and of course, wine glasses for this little project.



Think of how awesome you’re going to look sipping wine from a super-decked out patriotic glass. Cool, isn’t it?

Click here for the full instructions!

2. Star Lanterns From Dollar Store Glasses

Add a bit of class to your deck, or kitchen table, or somewhere on the patio (just make sure it’s not within reach of children!) with these beautiful stars and stripes lanterns. All you need are painter’s tape, Dollar Store glasses, frosted glass spray paint, star stickers, and if you’re feeling especially crafty, acrylic paint.

Follow the steps outlined here and you’ll end up with this!




3. Light-Up Patriotic Garland

Perfect for inside or outside, this super patriotic garland is really simple to make — it’s made from Christmas lights intertwined with mesh, tablecloth, and some fake flowers. Check out the instructions to make your own!



4. Mini Campfire S’mores Kit

You can have a mini campfire and have your s’mores too. Yeah, that’s right. This mini “campfire” can be lit indoors (if you like to live on the edge) or outdoors — just make sure to watch the little ones if you’re cooking up s’mores with kids! You can grab all of the necessary supplies at your local dollar store, so this is a cheap and fun project for the family. For the full instructions, check it out here, or check out Our Peaceful Planet for the original!

Our Peaceful Planet

Check out our interview with Hometalk here.

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