“Steve From Virginia” Was Climbing Trump Tower In The Middle Of Manhattan And No One Knows Why

Traffic around Trump Tower came to a halt today when a man later identified as “Steve from Virginia” was seen scaling the side of the building using nothing but four oversized suction cups and a backpack.

People spotted him on the wrong side of the 5th floor a little after 4 PM today

By 4:45 PM, police had cut a hole through an air vent in an attempt to grab him as he scaled the tower

Which prompted him to move to a side of a building with no vents, forcing the police to smash a window open instead

Which is when he exchanged words with police and identified himself 

Clear shots of his face made their way to social media

And shortly before 6 PM, this video was uncovered and began circulating on YouTube, where Steve cites that his sole reason for climbing is to meet Donald Trump

Around 6:30 PM, police were able to yank Steve from Virginia indoors

Videos and pictures are still being posted all over social media of the daring stunt

#LetSteveClimb began trending on Twitter before he was taken in

Everyone is still confused, but that didn’t stop the memes from popping up

And they’re pretty decent off the bat

In the end, he was wheeled out on a stretcher

We’ll fill you in as soon as news is released.

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An Olympic Swimming Pool Turned Green And No One Knows Why

You’ve probably heard about how Rio’s sea water is so polluted that only three teaspoons is enough to make an athlete seriously ill. Well, it’s spreading to the pools too. Athletes and tourists have been flocking to social media to ask why this pool seems to have turned green overnight…

And apparently it’s not just this pool…

For reference, here’s a picture of the pool a few days ago.

Olympics - Previews - Day - 6

And here’s the underwater camera from yesterday and again from today.

The reason for the swamp-like color? No one seems to know. No one that should know why, anyway. BBC commentator Bob Ballard asked an organizer and got a less than reassuring “I don’t know.” 

Regardless of the fact, the women’s 10m synchronized diving finals still took place in the pool. With viewers and athletes taking to Twitter to joke about the situation.

And everyone who thinks they know their science has been offering explanations. Aimee Lewis of the BBC explains:

“An American photographer in the press room suggests that perhaps organisers did not “shock” the water overnight.”

“‘You know, it’s like back home, if you don’t shock the pool water it turns green. It doesn’t look nice, but it isn’t dangerous,’ he says.”

“If chlorine levels drop, even for one day, it can turn green because of an algae outbreak. Having never owned a pool let alone needed to clean one, I just nod sagely.”

While this Twitter user blames someone forgetting to put the chlorine in:


Whatever the reason, it doesn’t look very inviting. 

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