Man Drops His iPhone In Lake While Ice Fishing, Finds Out It Still Works Over A Year Later

It’s ice fishing season again, so strap on your boots, make sure your auger is working, and try to find a secure place for your phone so it doesn’t fall into the lake. That last part happened to Michael Guntrum last year while he was out ice fishing with a few friends.

ice fishing status

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Guntrum relived the moments that led up to him becoming iPhoneless. “We were having negative-25-degree weather, so me and two buddies went ice fishing. We were sitting in our portable shanty, and I got a bite on my rod. I laid the phone on my lap, and it slipped off. Instead of landing flat in the snow, it hit its edge and rolled into the hole. I caught the fish — it was a blue gill — but it wasn’t worth it.”

And that was that. The lake was later drained due to a structural deficiency in its dam, and that’s when things took an interesting turn. Daniel Kalgren, a mechanical engineer by profession and part-time treasure hunter based solely on the fact that he owns a metal detector, took a ride to the area that used to be the lake and went for a walk in hopes of finding things that people tossed overboard.

When his metal detector started going off, he dug, and soon found Guntrum’s old iPhone 4 under 6 inches of mud. Not expecting much, he took it home, cleaned it, placed it in rice to dry, then charged the phone. After 2 days, it was alive.

iphone works
Daniel Kalgren

Kalgren then looked up Guntrum’s number and sent him a picture of the phone. “I had just been talking about that lake early that day. It was eerie,” Guntram recollected. “He sent me a picture and asked, ‘Does this look familiar?’ and I recognized the screensaver.”

The phone’s case, made by Ottorbox, probably had a lot to do with the phone’s survival. Kalgren has an iPhone 6 himself, though in a LifeProof case, and seeing the screen of this old phone light up again has further indoctrinated strengthened his allegiance to Apple products.

Currently, the phone is in the hands of the United States Postal Service, making its way to Guntrum. When asked what he planned on doing with the phone, he simply replied, “My mom needs a smartphone, so I’ll give it to her.”

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Lake Alice and Lake Rutundu-Mt Kenya

Lake Rutundu & Lake Alice-Mt. Kenya

Kenya offers a wealth of opportunity for the experienced (and aspiring) fisherman. Kenya’s diverse countryside provides areas of scenic beauty that offer fly fishing for trout or trolling for Nile Perch. All this combined with world-class game viewing and first class accommodation makes for a luxury holiday for which Kenya has become so famous.

Endowed with a range of exceptional fishing locations ranging from the cool highland trout streams of the Aberdare Mountains and the mountain tarns of Mount Kenya; to Lake Turkana in the far north and Lake Victoria to the west; where Nile perch offer excellent sport fishing.

Lake Rutundu:

L. Rutundu is located on the tranquil slopes of Mount Kenya just outside the National Park and north east of the main peaks. The walk from Lake Rutundu is tiring but the spectacular views and knowledge that an elusive large trout possibly awaits you keeps your mind preoccupied. This is a most stunning mountain tarn with crystal clear water, which provides excellent opportunities for trout fishing. Fishing from the shore is difficult, but the three casting platforms ease the problem. A small rowing boat is also available. The lake is very deep which allows fish of well over two pounds to be caught on a regular basis. This, coupled with superb scenery and extensive views across endless African landscape, creates nothing less than a fisherman’s haven.


Any of you planning a trip to Kenya, should take the opportunity to catch trout 12,500‚ high on the Equator. Not only is the fishing good, but it is an area of outstanding beauty and there is a good chance that you will see many wild animals in the vicinity that you are fishing. Elephants have often been seen up there – sometimes as high as 11,000ft. I can only think that these mountaineering elephants must be descendants of Hannibal’s elephants. Also to have been seen are Buffalo, Zebra and Kudu up there as well as a range of small animals and some rarer species of birds. It is quite easy to arrange and accommodation is very comfortable at the log cabins at Rutundu.

A helicopter is available (at additional expense) for those who do not like walking!


Lake Alice:

Lake Alice was named after the Duchess of Gloucester, who visited Kenya just after the lake was discovered. Slightly higher up the mountain, just inside the National Park, we find Lake Alice. Another beautiful mountain tarn stocked with trout and recognised as the one of the best places for trout fishing in Kenya. Surrounded by exotic vegetation, such as the enormous senecio and giant lobelia, this is an ideal location to enjoy a perfect days fishing. The lake has neither a casting platform nor a boat. It is a place that has an almost mythical status amongst fly fishermen in Kenya.


The walk to Lake Alice is a true test of stamina, the final haul to the crater rim is steep, but in no time the pain melts away as the extraordinary blue of Lake Alice unfolds beneath you. Batian, Nelion and Lenana form a dramatic back drop. Casting is a challenge at the northern end of the lake because of the steep bank behind. At the southern end of the lake there is a shingle beach and casting is very much easier. One has to watch out for the weather and once the sun disappears over the ridge the temperature drops sharply. It is so high up (12,500 feet) on Mount Kenya.

Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice are both found in the Mount Kenya National Park on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya, at 12,200 feet, just above the forest line surrounded by alpine country. The striking alpine is world away from the next-door jagged moorlands. Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice are both stocked with rainbow trout which gives an exceptional chance for fishing. a residence for rare bird life and vegetation. Rutundu is not only a nature lover’s bliss, but is also an idea spot for fisherman and hikers.

Lake Rutundu is much smaller and deeper, the water is not so clear and the trout, for which there is no shortage, are more difficult. The attraction of this lake is the punt that can be paddled around, and there are also 3 casting platforms. The average catch is 2 to 3lbs, with larger fish reaching up to 6lbs.  (It is not everyone who can claim to have caught a trout within 5km of the equator.)  Previous experience in fly-fishing is not necessary. Bag limit is two trout per group, so most fish are released.

There is a beautiful walk around Lake Alice, through Giant Groundsel and Heather forests. In contrast to this moorland terrain, the Cedar and Podo forest, a half hour drive below Rutundu, provides lovely walks and picnic sites. Nearby, in the Kizita River Gorge is a crystal clear river, with small brown trout to catch.

Tropic Air Helicopter Adventures

4WD Trucks and dirt tracks are not a pre-requisite! If you really want to experience the magical environment of Mt Kenya and fish the lakes in total comfort then Tropic Air Helicopter Adventures are the answer. Apparently, using a Eurocopter EC 130 Squirrel, ‘the quietest helicopter in the world’ you can soar in between the crags of Mt Kenya, catch a brace of Trout in Lake Alice and be back at your safari lodge for breakfast.

Best Times to go

Mount Kenya has its own climate on account of its height. Rain clouds can appear without warning and be gone hours later. An early morning frost is possible at any time of the year and guests should bring a fleece and light rain jacket, although during the heat of the day shorts and T-shirts should suffice.

Getting there

Guests typically drive to the lodge using a 4WD safari truck although for those who would prefer a lighter day trip there is the option of arranging a helicopter direct from one of the safari lodges or indeed using the mountain air strip in between Lake Alice & Lake Rutundu.

Recreational activities
Trout fishing,Horse riding and Nature walks Birdwatching, Boating, Fishing river,Fishing lake,Fishing-trout,Walking.

Accommodation consists
Two log cabins, with open fires, en-suite bathrooms and flush toilets. One room is attached to the sitting/dining area, veranda and kitchen. The other is separate from the main building. Rutundu can accommodate four people comfortably, but has a sleeping capacity of eight.

Optional Extras
Scenic flights and riding. The facility is open all year round

Alphaxad is Tours and Travel Consultant with LetsGokenya, an online hotel reservations company that allows guests to book and pay for hotels, lodges and camps in kenya, Uganda and Tanzania online and in real time. Find us on

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