Armpit Tattoos Are The Latest Ink Trend To Flood Instagram

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Don’t just dip your toe in the water; jump in pits deep with a trendy armpit tattoo. People everywhere are inking themselves up on one of the most sensitive areas of the human body that is not NSFW. It looks pretty cool, but it does make me wonder—who gets to see these?

The pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #armpittattoo are a beautiful museum of all the secret pictures people want to carry in their pits. Though some are very intriguing, it only seems worthwhile to do if you either need to desperately hide that you have a tattoo or you have a job where people are always looking there. Maybe as a professional basketball player? But check them out for yourself and decide if you’d let someone stick a needle into your tickle zone:

The real secret here is that armpit tattoos aren’t a brand new thing. Like all trends, they’re a repeat of something an older generation already covered:

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Freckle Tattoos Are The Latest Trend That's Puzzling The Internet

Yeah, so this is really something people are really doing: getting freckles tattooed on their face, in the same vein of cosmetic tattooing as eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow tattoos seemed to really catch on, so this could genuinely sweep the country. Get used to the thought: the freckles you’re seeing on that stylish girl in front of you might be an expensive facade!

The tattooed freckles usually look very cute, which is good, because they’re semi-permanent—meaning they can last three years (some of the tattoos are, in fact, completely permanent, BuzzFeed warns).

Warning, however, if you’re thinking of getting tattooed freckles—when they’re first applied, they’re extremely dark, which can look weird until the ink fades.

Many people are really skeptical about the trend, of course, and I totally include myself in that group.

Like many of these people, I’ve had freckles all my life, and I haven’t always enjoyed them. But then I remembered that as I’ve gotten older, my freckles have faded a lot, to the point where they’re not even noticeable if it isn’t summer. I do genuinely wish they were darker again!

Enough to get them tattooed back on? Well, maybe not.

I might not have consistent freckles, but at least no one is poking my face with a needle.

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Merriam-Webster Got Super Petty About Donald Trump's Latest Spelling Mistake

Merriam-Webster Got Super Petty About Donald Trump’s Latest Spelling Mistake

It emerged this morning that President Obama warned then President-elect Donald Trump about hiring the now disgraced Michael Flynn during a meeting after the election. This claim was acknowledged by a senior Trump administration official, according to NBC News

Flynn was the director of the National Intelligence, and later the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, under Obama. In 2014, he retired from the military after openly criticizing the Obama administration’s stance on radical Islam. Flynn claimed that he was pushed into retirement. 

Trump named Flynn as his national security adviser. But he was fired less than three weeks into the administration after it emerged that he had private conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States before he was in office, and for misleading Vice President Pence about the nature of those discussions. 

This week, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who also warned the Trump administration about Flynn and was promptly fired for doing so, is set to testify that Flynn misled the White House.

And as usual, President Trump took to Twitter to defend his administration from the revelations. But see if you can spot something wrong with his tweet…

Yes. In his now deleted tweet, President Trump incorrectly used the word “council” instead of “counsel.” The tweet was deleted several hours later, and the misuse corrected…  

But not before Merriam-Website decided to tear him to shreds about it.

And then got incredibly petty.

As you can imagine, people gathered to warm themselves by the heat of this burn. 

Merriam-Webster continues to be our favorite dictionary. Step up your game, Oxford. 

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68-Year-Old Hardcore Singer Known As 'The Grindmother' Is The Internet's Latest Crush

Grindcore is a pretty extreme genre of music that surfaced in the mid-1980s. If you took hardcore punk, thrash metal, crust punk, industrial, and noise rock, and threw them all in the oldest, rattly blender you had, you’d get grindcore. It’s definitely an acquired taste, and not one that you would think a 68-year-old grandma would not only rock out to, but thrive in.

When you take age gap into consideration, music is one of the first major differences that come to mind. If I turn the radio on nowadays, I often catch myself turning the steering wheel into the opposing lane at the same time just to make it stop. Grindmother has definitely bridged that gap and then some.

It all started when she went to her son’s recording studio to provide backup vocals (read: screams) for his band, Corrupt Leaders. It became clear that she had a knack for it, which led to her starting her own band with her son and releasing the single History Repeats that has been seen millions of times worldwide, earning her fans all over the world, which includes a huge following in Japan.

Check out their live rehearsal video below:

She caught the attention of many celebrities, one of which was Ozzy Osbourne, who tweeted her video last year.

Her popularity has risen steadily, and she and her band are now preparing to go on tour. Her friends don’t quite appreciate the music as much as she does, but it sounds like they’re supportive of her rise to fame.

She even did an interview recently on Canadian television. When she’s not screaming her lungs out, she sounds like any other grandma does. Who knows what hidden talents they’re all hiding from us.

The appreciation isn’t one way, either. She’s very thankful that her fans have accepted and encouraged her music.

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