Trump Threw A Hannukkah Party Last Night–And The Guest List Left People Enraged

Rarely one to take the high road, President Donald Trump decided to use this year’s White House Hannukah party to send a very partisan message by not inviting the majority of Jewish House members — Democrats — to the festivities.

A mere 300 guests attended, instead of the traditional 1,700 bipartisan attendees.

Fresh on the heels of Trump’s controversial declaration that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition and America First Action (Trump allies) hosted the White House’s version of the “Festival of Lights” in a room flanked by Christmas trees and evergreen garlands. The event featured the lighting of a small menorah by Trump’s young grandchildren, who are being raised in the Jewish faith by his daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. 

As you can imagine, this did not sit well with liberals:

Some Twitter users tried to help us envision the intimatefête:

The two Jewish members of Congress who were invited, out of 30 Jewish congressional leaders, were Republican Representatives Lee Zeldin (NY) and David Kustoff (Tenn). Trump also left Reform Jewish leadership and progressive Jewish activists, many of whom have been critical of him or his policies, off this year’s guest list.

Jewish organizations in attendance included those with far-right leanings, like Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein who, according to the New York Times, had himself been excluded from the annual White House shindig during Obama’s presidency. 

The NYT reported:

“He did not invite people who have been hostile to him,” Mr. Klein said in an interview. He should know. After being invited to the 2009 White House Hanukkah party during President Barack Obama’s first year in office, Mr. Klein was later cut from the guest list after condemning the former president in scathing terms. (Last year, Mr. Klein referred to Mr. Obama as a “Jew-hating anti-Semite.”)

Hold up! Speaking of Obama, let’s not forget this gem:

Twitter users remembered — and they had the receipts:

Actor and comedian Roseanne Barr tweeted in fawning support of Trump:

And was treated to an immediate smackdown:

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A Woman Left Her Purse In An Uber On New Year's Eve And The Driver Took It On An Adventure

Like many of us on New Year’s Eve, Imgur user  and his friend were flat out drunk. His friend was so drunk that she accidentally left her purse in an Uber. And the good thing about Uber is that you actually know who has your purse. 

She contacted Uber, and they arranged to have the purse dropped off the next day. But when she got it back, she discovered that the purse had been on a bit of an adventure since she last saw it. 

The post reads: “Friend left her purse in an Uber on NYE. Found some interesting pictures on her phone when she retrieved it the following day.”


Commenters were pretty impressed:

“To whomever did this: if you are female, will you marry me. If you are male, can we grab a beer sometime. It’s on me, you glorious bastard,” one commenter wrote.

“I would be simultaneously amused and angered,” another joked. 

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Hero Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After A Dog Was Left In A Boiling Hot Car

It’s getting warm out, and it happens to be getting even warmer if you’re wearing fur. One man in Ontario, Canada, decided to take matters into his own hands when he saw a dog locked inside a car when temperatures were more than 90 degrees.

Wilson Costa, who shot a video of the scene and posted it on Facebook, told Today the owners hadn’t been seen for about 50 minutes despite an announcement asking them to get their dog out of the car.

One unidentified man evidently couldn’t wait any longer, smashing the back window with a rock and unlocking the door. The dog was soaking wet as the man pulled him to safety, “you’re so gross,” one bystander jokingly remarks as the dog celebrates. “Yeah I know, your owner is an asshole,” she adds. 

It’s legal to break into a car if an animal is in imminent danger in a couple of states. These include Arizona, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Tennessee, California, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Massachusetts. 

So if you live in one of those states and don’t want your BMW trashed, don’t leave your dog in there. 

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