Ludacris Proves the Importance of Kindness by Making A Stranger's Day

As a freelance writer, I’m well-versed in the struggles of trying to make ends meet. Some clients take ages to pay, and you have to chase them down with invoices while simultaneously lining up other work to support yourself and your canine dependents. This gig economy can honestly be a hassle.

Therra Jaramillo has been struggling with finances ever since her husband died of brain cancer. She’s a freelance writer in Atlanta who was left with almost nothing in her checking account after a client was late in paying her. Therra and her rescue dogs were living off rice and vegetables, until a friend gave her a gift card to Whole Foods one day.

She got to the checkout line excited as ever, and distractedly placed her items on the conveyor belt without separating them from the groceries of the person in line ahead of her. As she went to correct her mistake, the guy in front of her said the woman’s groceries were on him. All of them.

That altruistic hero was none other than rap star and actor Ludacris.


Therra took to Facebook to share her serendipitous encounter in a post that has since gone viral. Like any good copywriter, she knows how to hook her reader — here’s how she begins:

Facebookies. Listen up my beauties because I’m about to share a story even I’m having trouble believing.

One of y’all sharpies a while back noticed and commented about my repeatedly having interesting/bizarre/funny experiences while in line at the grocery store and I thought, you know…you are right. I seem to always unwittingly get in the line where something is about to go down. Well, a few hours ago I had another one. One that stunned me into the stratosphere. But it happened for real and I want you to know about it, for a number of reasons.

First let me say that I dropped off of social media last week when a crisis point came into my life because I was feeling so badly and didn’t want to have a meltdown on Facebook. (You know things are bad when Tell-It-All-Therra isn’t willing to melt on social media.) Suffice it to say things were worse than bad. Hard. Grinding. I ran into a financial hit of almost $ 4,000 within one month when I had to get a new water heater ($ 2,000) and I didn’t get a freelance writing check I was owed. I got a delay and then another and a bit of a runaround from the company as to why I wasn’t getting paid. Thankfully an ultra-savvy editor had my back and championed me and is trying to fix it, but my budget simply will not hold under that huge a hit.

It’s just me who is responsible for taking care of everything now — the house, the property, four rescued dogs, two rescued cats, an elderly, blind chicken named Dixie Licklighter, my disabled brother…and myself. There is no one else to do it. It’s all on me. I was too embarrassed to say out loud I was having financial difficulty but it was a solid problem. I was making rice for me and the dogs to eat. I was losing sleep. I was crying daily. I rationed gas in my car.

I felt like sh-t. Like a loser. It was breaking me in pieces.

I was scared of the future, immediate and long-term. If I can’t take care of myself, I reasoned, I am majestically f–ked. I crashed under the pressure and it got r-r-r-rough.

I almost gave up completely and have rarely felt so alone.

Anyway, my friend (Miracle Mary I call her) very kindly sent me a gift card to Whole Foods today. It unexpectedly popped up in my text box. I was so grateful I sat down and wept. I knew why she did it. I hated that she felt the need to. I love her pure soul and her kindness. She’s beautiful and smart, gentle – so many things that I’m not – and I love her.

I went to a Whole Foods across town with a dream of hummus and fresh food. Real dog food for the pups. Maybe a pizza with roasted exotic toppings. Holy shit, Facebookies I wanted to eat like a piranha dropped into a pool party in Vegas. The Tom Petty song “Swingin’” kept playing on a loop in my head. As I walked through the door to the store I whispered to myself, “I may go down, but I’m going down swinging.” I set my jaw and started shopping with a relief I haven’t felt all month.

While in line, I was so tired and the food for my pets kind of ended up in with the stuff of the guy ahead of me on the conveyor belt.

This is where Therra’s story takes a miraculous turn:

“Whoa,” I said to the very pretty cashier, “Oh no, sorry, that’s mine. So sorry.”

The guy in front of me said, “I might as well get it.”

Wait. What.

He wanted to buy food for my pets. I even clumsily tried to stop the cashier at a certain amount, because the gift card was for $ 250 and I had gone way over, which at Whole Foods is far too easy to do. I was out of a lot of things at home and I hadn’t added things in my head correctly. My head hasn’t worked all month due to stress. Nothing has worked all month.

He stopped me, “I said I got this,” he said.

All of this, he told me. All of my groceries.

I stared wide-eyed at this handsome young African-American man, this stranger, as if he’d just dropped through the ceiling like a black James Bond, like a Batman, like the Black Panther. Then I started to cry.

I asked his name. “Chris,” he said.

We shook hands. Then I hugged him, shedding tears on the tattoo on his shoulder. I thanked him but I was so stunned that even as we made small talk (he asked me about my four dogs) I tripped over my words, all the while thinking, “I’m talking to an angel. Should I tell him? Should I tell him he’s an angel?”

“Who ARE you?” I asked at one point, in true wonder.

“Just a guy,” he said.

No. Not “just a guy.” I thought. No.

After he paid my for ALL my stuff ($ 375 total) he said, “They’ll make sure you get all this out to your car, okay? Do you need any help?”

“No,”  I said, tears still streaming down my face, “But I do need to thank you again.”

“You’re sweet,” he said softly, looking at me with real kindness in his eyes, “You’re nice to rescue dogs.”

“I’m lucky,” I said, “You, my friend, are sweet. You’re special. I want to be like you.” We hugged again.

He left.

The cashier came around to put the last of my treasures into my cart and said casually to me, “You know that’s Ludacris, right?”

“WHAT” I screamed.

Everyone behind me in line that had watched his drama unfold started talking to me at once.

“I love him!” I yelled and in my hysteria launched into the worst possible white-woman rendition of his hit “Rollout (My Business)” thus probably undoing all goodwill any person of color in that line felt for me while watching me sob so gratefully on the Grammy-winner’s shoulder.

I grabbed the cashier and hugged her hard. She said, “Awww, this is all so nice.”

Therra reflects on Ludacris’ kindness, and urges others to do whatever we can for others, because we never know what they’re going through.

What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that my husband died of brain cancer and climbing out of that hole, emotionally, physically, and financially, has devastated me for most of four years. I won’t lie. I’ve struggled in ways I didn’t know a human could struggle and still survive.

What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that I’m Hurricane Katrina survivor and I lost my mother because of that unnatural disaster.

What Ludacris had no way of knowing is that his quiet kindness and generous gesture came at a moment when my candle was out.

He used his personal light to fire up my own. Isn’t that what we should be doing for each other?


It definitely is. Be like Ludacris — do something selfless for a stranger without a vested interest or anything in it for you. You never know when you’ll be able to make someone’s day, or month, like this rapper did for Therra.

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Young Olympians Are Making People Question What They Did With Their Youth

The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are giving people a brief respite from bad news. We get to see people at the top of their game, living life to the fullest, while dancing on ice or flying over a snow hill. It’s beautiful.

People have become particularly obsessed with the young’ns.

At the top of the list are 17-year-olds Chloe Kim and Red Gerard, who both won the gold medal for snowboarding, and whose wholesome teen-ness has been on full display throughout the competition.

They’re very cute and relatable. But that relatable quality ends for the vast majority of people when their Olympic accomplishments come up.

SB Nation tweeted that Kim and Gerard are the two youngest snowboarding gold medalists in Olympic history, then asked followers, “What were you doing when you were 17?”

And everyone’s responses show why they weren’t getting awarded the highest honor in athletics:

Aside from being a nerd and touching themselves, many former teens were enjoying the drugs and alcohol:

Though some had more innocent pastimes:

Though some are pretty pissed that they’re being asked about their accomplishments when they didn’t have the leg up Kim and Gerard supposedly did:

It’s true, we would all be Olympic gold medalists if all things were equal. Except me, because as a teen I hated sports.

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Sarah Sanders Live Tweeted Herself Making A Pie To Put An End To 'Pie Gate'

Back in November, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared a photo of the Thanksgiving pie she made on Twitter. The problem? It looked a lot like a generic stock photo of a pie…

And social media users, including CNN reporter April Ryan, were quick to call her out on it. Pie Gate was born. 

Fast forward a month, and Sarah Sanders is adamant to prove critics wrong. How? Last night, she live tweeted herself making a pie…

Is that the end of Pie Gate? It appears so. 

Ryan ended up keeping one the pies. 

Though some people still weren’t convinced. 

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Rand Paul Caught Making Faces When Trump Entered Room–And We Can't Even

Though they share the same political party, it’s no secret that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and President Donald Trump have a bit of a complicated history, and an at times contentious relationship.

So when President Trump walked into a press conference on Thursday and greeted seemingly everyone around Senator Paul but ignored him, the awkward close-up of Paul’s reaction was priceless. 

Watch for yourself:

Well that’s uncomfortable.

While the cameras were rolling to capture the press conference, Senator Paul inadvertently stole the spotlight and Twitter was LIVING for it!

There were gifs…

It’s kind of like…

Take deep breaths Rand, and call Oprah. She can soothe the soul.

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This Mom Has An Ingenious Trick For Making Sure Her Daughter Isn't Lying To Her

I’m glad that smartphones weren’t around when I was a teen. I’d probably be like Kaelyn Demmon, 18, whose mom Heather Steinkopf has figured out a brilliant way to keep tabs on her.

Steinkopf told BuzzFeed that she requests selfies only some of the time, so Demmon never knows when she’s going to get a request for one. She also requests specific poses (like thumbs up) so her daughter can’t give her an old photo.

And yes, sometimes it has resulted in Demmon being caught in a lie. “There’ve been times when I’ve said I’m at Stevie’s when I’m at a bonfire or something,” she told BuzzFeed.

I’m just surprised she never went as far as to ask her daughter to hold up a copy of the day’s newspaper or something.

In just a few months, however, Demmon is going to college—and her mother won’t be able to keep tabs on her so easily anymore. “She’s awesome, so I’m not worried about her,” her mom said. If my mom is any guide, I don’t believe it for a second.

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Mom Calls Out Designer For Making Her Daughter This Nightmare Prom Dress

Taking a risk on a local designer can have an amazing payoff. You get a handmade gown to your specifications at a cut-rate price. In Malexa Maeweather’s case, she got a cut-rate dress instead. 

Malexa’s mother, Dee Lewis, called out the maker of her daughter’s terrifying prom dress on Facebook because she was so upset by the final product. According to Yahoo News, the pair live in Rochester, New York, and a small designer named Kia Wagner said she would make a dress for Malexa using some cloth she already had on hand. She asked for a $ 100 deposit. This is what Malexa received the night before prom:

In her post, Lewis called out Wagner by name, and asked, “R u serious.. was i wrong for wanting my DEPOSIT BACK [sic].”

You can see that it is a nightmare cloud from the front, the side, and the back:

Lewis told Yahoo News that Malexa had seen a dress she liked on Instagram, but it wasn’t available, so they decided to trust the local designer. 

“For a $ 100 deposit, Kia told my daughter that she would make her something nice with material she already owned and that she wanted to ‘play around with the design,’” said Lewis. “Malexa didn’t know anything about what the dress would look like.”

When it finally arrived, with only one day to replace it, Malexa was extremely upset, as any of us would be.

 “My daughter was devastated and crying when she saw this dress,” said Lewis.

Luckily, a family friend stepped in when they saw the pics, and offered up the dress her daughter had worn the year before. Malexa’s mom gave her a few dollars to have the top redesigned by a different dressmaker, so she’d be wearing a new look. And she it turned out great:

Wagner has not commented on this very public embarrassment (the Facebook post has been shared almost 4,000 times!), and Lewis has said she hasn’t heard from her either.  “She didn’t offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy,” said Lewis. Maybe she considers her end of the bargain complete and is waiting for the other $ 200?

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Adele Scolds Security During Her Own Concert, Making Fans Love Her Even More

When you’re at a concert and you’re really into the music, sitting down isn’t really an option. Adele understands this fully.

And although security has a job to do, like making sure fans don’t mob the stage and disrupt the performance, telling people to sit down who are clearly digging the show isn’t cool. Which is why Adele went off on the guards, urging fans to stand up by telling security to stop making them stay in their seats.

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Woman Shares The Savage Note She Received From Neighbors For Making Too Much Noise

Twitter user morgxmarie recently shared her exchange with downstair neighbors when they recently complained about the noise her and her roommates were making after 9pm.


The letter reads:

“Dear assholes,”

“Why are you so loud after 9pm everyday? Are you fucking sumo wrestlers, or do you possibly have lead fucking feet. Ya’ll are really wild as hell. It was funny @ first, but now you’re just snnoying. Please, calm the fuck down.

“Have an axcellent night.”

“p.s. if you’re selling tickets to the 2 a.m. basketball games let us know.”

As it turns out, they are selling tickets. This is what was attached to the back of the letter…



Twitter was pretty entertained by the savagery on the display.

And apparently, there’s no end in sight.

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These Siblings Are Making A Baby Together But It's Not What You Think

There’s really no “normal” way to parent anymore— at this point, we’ve heard it all… From celebrities spitting pre-chewed food into their toddlers’ mouths to families forgoing “the system” to rear “free-range” children who don’t wear shoes and eat every plant they see. However, one taboo remains: having a kid with your sibling. Except in a few cases— like the case of Samuel Leighton-Dore and his sister.

It’s not weird— we promise. Although, we admit his blog post about the scenario starts off rather oddly: “I’m going to have a baby with my sister, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Leighton-Dore, who is gay, plans to have a child with his partner— but wants the child to actually be a genetic combination of the two of them. “The only possible chance my partner and I have of waving our respective biological flags in our future kid’s DNA is if my sister donates an egg for my partner’s sperm,” he wrote in a post on parenting blog Mamamia. “No, she won’t be carrying the baby—just offering up the bun for another yet-to-be-determined woman’s oven.”

This hypothetical baby may not happen for a while, though. 

Leighton-Dore said he and his partner won’t be starting a family for quite some time, but they are planning ahead.

So, he asked his sister while they were both “a little drunk at a family function,” (the best time to ask for anything). And it seemed to work: he wrote that she “squealed in delight at the prospect.”

Whatever happens, this will be one lucky kid. 

Just read the last line of the blogpost.

And yeah, our family story might have a few extra narrative beats, a few extra laughs, and a few extra challenges. But one thing’s for sure, when the time comes – it’ll always be told with unconditional love.

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