Men’ Apparel 101: V-Necks

After three decades of dormancy, V-necks are back in style. This type of shirt is not only worn by women. Men chose to do away with tight necklines, traditional ties, and button-up shirts.  V-necks for men are made with different materials, and come in different colors and styles.

Materials used in making V-necks depend on the style. Sweater V-necks can be made with wool which offers warmth during winter. Cashmere and merino wool provide much needed warmth like wool, but they are some of the most expensive fabrics in the world. For warmer weather, V-necks made with cotton fabric are mostly recommended.

Like any other type of shirts, V-neck shirts come in colors that range from light to dark. Most men prefer wearing white V-neck shirts. Other V-neck shirts are printed with stripes and patterns. Printed V-neck shirts are usually worn during casual occasions while V-neck shirts in neutral colors such as gray and muted blue are worn during formal or corporate events.

People would mostly think about sweaters when asked about V-necks. In reality, V-necks are not only limited to sweaters. There are also high and deep V-neck T-shirts and cardigans.

Shirts with high and deep V neck men wear are very common as they can be purchased at any fashion boutique or department store. Men with chest hair usually prefer wearing high v-necks. Men who like to flaunt their chest prefer wearing deep V-neck shirts. This kind of V-neck is usually paired with jeans or pants and is worn by both men and women on casual occasions.

Unlike high and deep V neck T shirts, cardigans can be worn during formal occasions, especially if you need sufficient warmth. Cardigans can offer more flexibility in style as they comes in long sleeves, quarter sleeves, and even short sleeves. Cardigans for men are simpler when it comes to their designs than cardigans made for women.

Whether you are wearing a high, deep V neck T shirt, cardigan, or sweater, what matters most is how you wear them. V-necks can be worn with a dress shirt underneath, adding extra class to your look. To pull off an impressive casual look, V-necks can be worn with a plain white undershirt, combined with jeans or khakis. Solid colored sweaters can also be worn with sports jackets, which can help give any getup a touch of class.

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